Lewis Hamilton became the Formula 1 world champion for the fifth time to cement his place among the sport's all-time legends.

Hamilton wrapped up the 2018 crown with fourth place at the Mexican GP.

Hamilton is just the third driver in history to win five or more Drivers' Championships after Juan Manuel Fangio, the 1950s great, and Michael Schumacher.

Only Schumacher, with seven titles, has now won more F1 championships than Hamilton.

Most F1 world titles

Driver  Number of championships

Michael Schumacher  7

Juan Manuel Fangio  5

Lewis Hamilton  5

Alain Prost  4

Sebastian Vettel  4


Date       Grand PRIX  position 

28/10/2018 Mexico 3rd 

21/10/2018 United States 1st 

07/10/2018 Japan 1st 

30/09/2018 Russia 2nd 

16/09/2018 Singapore 1st 

02/09/2018 Italy 3rd 

26/08/2018 Belgium 1st 

29/07/2018 Hungary 1st 

22/07/2018 Germany 14th 

08/07/2018 Great Britain 1st

01/07/2018 Austria 2nd 

24/06/2018 France 1st 

10/06/2018 Canada 4th 

27/05/2018 Monaco 3rd 

13/05/2018 Spain 1st 

29/04/2018 Azerbaijan 2nd 

15/04/2018 China 4th 

08/04/2018 Bahrain 9th 

25/03/2018 Australia 1st 

"It's a very strange feeling right now. It wasn't won here, it was won through a lot of hard work through many races," said Hamilton.

"I've been with Mercedes since I was 13 so to complete this - Fangio had done it with Mercedes - it's an incredible feeling and very surreal at the moment."

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff said: "Usually, we don't acknowledge greatness until someone's career is over, but we need to take a moment to recognise its presence - Lewis has now equalled Fangio's record and there aren't many like him out there!"

An emotional Lewis Hamilton reflects on winning his fifth world title after finishing fourth at the Mexican GP

At 33 years of age and in his 12th season of F1, Hamilton is at the same stage of his career as Schumacher was when the German great clinched his fifth crown in 2002.

Fangio, who won five of the first eight F1 championships after the series was launched in 1950, was 46 years old when he won his fifth and final title in 1957.

Title rival Sebastian Vettel was among the first to congratulate Hamilton on his triumph before applauding the Englishman's achievement.

"He drove superb all year and was the better one of us two," said Vettel. "Number five is something incredible. I asked him to keep pushing for next year and be at his best to fight him again." 

An emotional Hamilton told Reporters : "I just feel very humbled by the whole experience. It's hard to realise it at the moment, it's something that I dreamed of - but never in a million years did I think I would be standing here today as a five-time world champion. I never knew that was going to happen.

"It's definitely my best year. And that's the goal. When I won the championship last year, I was like, 'how am I going to improve? How can I be fitter? How can I be more focused? How can I be a better all-round driver?'."

Driver Standings

# Driver Pts

1 Hamilton 358

2 Vettel 294

3 Raikkonen 236

4 Bottas 227

5 Verstappen 216

Team Standings

# Team Pts

1 Mercedes 585

2 Ferrari 530

3 Red Bull 362

4 Renault 114

5 Haas 84