Egypt vs saudi arabia match preview

Last game for Saudi Arabia and Egypt in World

Cup 2018 is about to be played on Monday.

This game is also good candidate to put our

bets and earn some cash. These two teams

played on regular basis until 2007. Egypt has

clearly better statistics because they

collected four wins, one draw and one defeat.

Last game was close call but Egypt won it 2:1.

The Green Falcons are flying back home after

match against Egypt because in first two

rounds they recorded two defeats. After first

game with Russians and disastrous defeat it

was obvious that Saudi Arabia does not have

what it takes to reach elimination phase.

Next game was against Uruguay and they

entered that match relaxed. In first part of

the match there was only one serious scoring

attempt. In twenty-third minute Uruguay

scored after corner kick 1:0. In rest of the

match we saw no more goals. All in all it was

one boring game and routine victory for

Uruguay. Besides the fact that Saudi Arabia

lost both games so far, they also failed to

score in those matches. Next opponent is

Egypt and objectively they are better than

Saudi Arabia but if their bad luck is still with

them then we may even see surprise.

That’s it. Show’s over for Egyptians. After

two games they have two defeats. First game

they lost unfortunately but in second one

they were destroyed by Russia. First part of

the match was mostly boring. Russians had

one chance to score but nets remained calm.

Two minutes after second half began, Ahmed

Fathy scored own goal and Egypt collapsed.

Twelve minutes later, Russians doubled the

lead 2:0. In sixty-second minute Egypt

conceded third time in the match 3:0.

Consolation goal scored the best Egyptian

player, Mohamed Salah in seventy-third

minute when referee awarded penalty. That

was first goal for Egypt in this World Cup.

The Pharaohs have only one more game to play

and that’s last chance to really show what

they can do. There is no need for calculations

and both teams will play offensively for pride

and glory.both teams will go home today after their final match respectively