Zahra was at a tender age when her virgin territory was tampered with. Zahra was the last born of her mother, yet carelessly treated even after her siblings were taken, married. She was a young beautiful girl, living life happily the way she saw it until she turned five. 

 She was into a little argument with her parents. This led to being punished with food, and paved way for a  neighbour to take charge of her life. It was like a lifetime opportunity for their neighbour when Zahra's dad sent her to get a hammer from him.  Before she knew it, her clothes were taken off her body. As a young girl who knew nothing about what was about to happen to her, she stayed mute. She could feel the pain of being deflowered, but had no idea of what was happening to her. 

When he was done hurting her, he reminded her of her misunderstanding with her parents, then promised to give a a dime's worth to eat; a note of twenty naira if she kept it a secret. Back then, twenty naira was like a million to her, but she refused the money due to the training she was given not to receive money from anyone. She left the place, weak and depressed. Was she really deflowered in the guy's room? What about the other tenants? It happened in an uncompleted building on her way to get the hammer, when the little girl was cunningly forced into the building. 

He was able to beat the time and get the hammer for Zahra before she got home. She knew something was wrong with her, but was short of ideas on how to express what had really happened. Moreover, she thought her parents, especially her mum were too careless to notice or care for her. They actually caused it by punishing her with food and giving room to the devil. Her misunderstanding with her parents was caused by her refusal to go out of the house to deliver a message in the first place. 'I hate my parents now,' was all she could think of. 

Her silence turned her into a rape victim, if not a sex machine, by the same guy for three consecutive years, before she could help herself out. Her hatred for guys led her into a lot of things beyond her understanding.