What the heart wants.

"Leave me alone mark, I don’t want to be seen with you lying, cheating asshole” I said trying to get out of his firm grip, my arms were beginning to hurt from struggling with him

“babe, am sorry, it wouldn’t repeat itself again, I promise” his tone was neither sorry nor remorseful, why do I always end up with bad guys, where did the good ones go?

“you heard the young lady, leave her this minute or so help me God, I’d punch your teeth down your throat” the voice was familiar, that was Elliot, I was relieved and at the same time tensed, I had been crushing on him since high school and he was always protecting me, he looked yummy in his three piece suit which was awkward because he was always in jeans, his eyes were still as blue and dreamy the same way I remember them, I jolted out of my thoughts when mark released me hesitantly

“well young man, I only did this because we happen to be in a public place, you might not be lucky next time” mark said and walked to his car, each step with so much grace and confidence, it took all my pride not to call him back, he was handsome and successful, my definition of prince charming. I felt Elliot’s gaze on my arm, which I was rubbing absent minded

“are you hurt?” he asked with so much concern in his voice, I wanted to scream yes and tell him how much I hate the way guys treat me, tell him how much he means to  me and how much I’d like to be his and his alone but instead I said “I am very fine thank you”

“well get into the car” he said nudging  me to the direction of his car.

“you cannot just come from nowhere and order me around, I haven’t seen you in like two months and you think I’d gullibly enter into your car, no freaking way!” I was beginning to raise my voice and just when I was gaining my composure, he held me on my shoulders and pinned me to the closest wall, I could feel his breath, he was so close, I wanted to reach up and kiss him but this case was different “ let me go Elliot, you are hurting me” I said trying to wriggle out of his arms, he was dangerously close

“I am tired of letting you go every time, I know I may not have been saying this but I want you, I love you, and heavens know, if you don’t get in my car this minute, I might just rip those clothes off you and take you right here” he was panting heavily now, I could hear his rapid heartbeat, was I hearing right? he loved me too, I glanced into his eyes and they had fire and passion in them, what else were we waiting for, I pitched a little higher and I kissed him, I lost myself in his arms when he wrapped them round me and I collapsed in the warmth of his love just then my eyes flicked open, oh what a dream.

©Promise Adebayo