On getting to the sitting room, i found my parents and brothers in a pool of their own blood. Life, they say is unpredictable. Who would have thought that my whole life will experience this drastic turnaround just few weeks to my final exams.

I screamed, shouted, shook them one by one. Tears flowed down freely down my chubby cheeks. I smashed myself on the ground. I only see these in movies, why was i a victim? 

For 10mins, i was weeping, crying, shaking them all. I thought i was going to run mad. I didn't know what to do or who to call. 

I ran into my room and ran back to where they were lying. Went into my parents' room, ran back again. I scattered my long black hair and smashed myself on the floor again.


I opened one eye after the other. 

"Where am i?"  I thought.

I tried to raise my left hand and realize there was a drip attached to it. I looked beside me and saw Aunty Jemima, holding my right hand. She's my Mum's younger sister. 

"Aunty Jemima?"

She looked up to my face and smiled. I could see how hard she tried to give the smile. 

"How are you my baby?"

She had always referred to me as her baby since the day i knew she's my aunt. She stays in Abuja and rarely visits us especially after she got married almost 10years back. 

"Aunty, Why am i here?"  I felt so weak and i could understand why i was on drip.

"Just relax my baby, while i get the doctor". She got up immediately and came back with an average height nurse who looked liked she had just hit a jackpot. She gave me a smile and i couldn't understand what's making everyone smile. Few seconds later, a short but handsome doctor walked in. He ran some checkups on me and instructed the nurse to put down his results. 

I found out from the doctor that I've been in coma for almost a month. I must have hit my head against something hard that night. 

"Just relax Gina. You should be perfectly fine by tomorrow then you can go home" The doctor said and smiled, showing his perfectly arranged dentition. 

3days later, i followed my Aunty Jemima back to Abuja. My family had been buried a week earlier while i was still in the hospital. Aunty Jemima took me to their graveside. I wept and wept till my eyes almost popped out of their sockets. My aunty consoled me and assured me she will take me as her child since God has not remembered her yet.

I packed all my things and embarked on the journey to Abuja with Aunty Jemima. She lived in Efab estate, Lokogoma, one of the most exquisite places in Abuja. I really loved the environment and saw it as a perfect way to adjust to my new life. Aunty Jemima's husband worked as a Lecturer in the University Of Abuja while my Aunty is a banker. My Aunty's husband's brother, Funsho also lived with them.

Funsho became my adopted brother and i found it difficult at times to miss my Family. He was a first year banking and finance student and he chose not to live on campus, so he goes to school from home everyday. 

I wasn't able to write my final exams so my aunty enrolled me in a private school nearby so i'd be able to write it the following year. 

I started adjusting to my new life at Abuja. I loved my Aunty's family and took them as mine. Once again, i started smiling. 

A year after i got to Abuja, i sat for my final exams. Funsho really stood by me throughout this time. He ensured i wake up every night to study. My Aunty and her husband too did their best in ensuring i passed with distinctions.

Two months later, results came out and i made all my papers. 

My Uncle took everyone out to celebrate it. I felt my Dad would have done the same if he were alive. 

My joy knew no bounds when i got

 admitted into Obafemi Awolowo University, ile-ife to study Accountancy. I had always wanted to be a student of OAU because of the gists Femi tells me about the school and i was happy God granted this wish despite the fact he's no more around to share the joy with me. 

Life started going on smoothly for me once again and i was beginning to adjust, then something happened.

I was in my 2nd year in the university. I had just gotten back from a breath taking lecture and i couldn't wait to get back to my hostel and find something to eat. 

"Ooooooh my God!!!"  i lamented as i opened the last pot. "Tinu has finished this jollof spaghetti sha. This girl just know how to make me vex".

I opened the cupboard located beside my studying table and brought out my box of cornflakes and milk. 

I was about digging into the meal when my phone rang. I checked the screen and realised it was my Aunt calling. The call was strange 'cause i wasn't expecting it. I quickly left the spoon i was holding and picked the call. 

"Good evening Aunty"

"How are you Gina and how's studies?" she sounded from the other end.

"I'm fine Aunty. How is Uncle........and Funsho?  I hope they are fine"

"Yes, everyone is fine". She paused before continuing 

"What's your schedule like this weekend? I'd like you to come home. I have something to discuss with you"

"Really? I hope it's nothing serious". I asked almost immediately. 

"Not really my baby"

"Alright then. I'm not really busy this weekend so i should be able to come"

"Okay dear. I'd be expecting you"

I dropped the call and started wondering why my Aunt wanted to see me so urgently. I had just resumed after a 2weeks break. Nevertheless, i took my cornflakes and lied down on the bed to relax. 

Friday came and i got ready to go to Abuja. 

"So when will you be back" Tinu, my roommate asked. 

"Probably on Sunday because of Monday lectures" i replied as i put on my leather sandals. 

"Alright oo. Greet everyone for me oo" 

"I will"

Tinu saw me off to the park and went back to the hostel. Throughout the journey to Abuja, i kept on thinking why Aunty Jemima wants to say. 

"What could have happened? Or is someone sick?" i wondered on.