I got admitted into Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba Ondo state the following year to study Business Administration. Tinu was so full of joy. She jumped and screamed when i broke the news to her. She took me out to one of the student canteen in school to spoil me. Few months later, i prepared to leave Ife.

Tinu couldn't hide the tears when i was leaving. She had taken me as a sister she couldn't do without. We spend her pocket money together most times even though i try to contribute to certain things in the room but she'd always make sure I was comfortable.

I packed my few belongings and headed to Akungba. I had been saving for school for 2years so i had enough to pay for my tuition fees and other things. Tinu also gave me some money. I tried so hard to reject it but she insisted.

"I will really miss you Gina, so much" she said, in tears.

"But i promise to always come visiting at least every weekend" she continued

"Aha! Tiiiiiinu!" i laughed. "Every weekend ke. From Ife to Akungba"

"Yes na. You don't know how much I'd miss you ni. In fact i'd work out my posting to Ondo state for my service" she added

Tinu was already in her final year by the time i got admitted into AAUA.

She saw me off to the park and waited till my bus got full before she went back.


I got into AAUA having a strong and determined mind. I didn't have friends, i was mostly on my own. I was able to get an accommodation off campus where i stayed alone in a room. Few weeks later, i found a Bible believing fellowship and started attending. I lived a triangle life throughout my first 2years at Akungba, I was either in school, at home or in church.

Different guys tried making friends with me, i tried to be social but the moment i discovered they wanted more, i backed off. This made them call me different names in class but i didn't mind. I had a goal and i was going to reach it no matter what.

Tinu was always coming to visit almost every weekend and she was the only one i could call a friend for years. I joined the fellowship choir and became a devoted member. Apart from Tinu, the only people i mingled with were my fellowship members. Tinu was posted to Edo state for her youth service, even though she'd have preferred Ondo State but that didn't stop her from visiting me almost every weekend.


It was rainy that particular Sunday morning. I was in my 3rd year. I had packed the dress i intend wearing and put on another one in order to change once i get to church. The moment i got to the entrance of our fellowship hall, i removed my slippers and tried removing the dirt under it so as not to stain the mopped floor. As i put up my head, my eyes met that of a gentleman, he had probably been watching me all along, i didn't know who he was but he smiled at me and i smiled back. I greeted him and walked pass him into the toilet to get changed and get prepared for the service which was starting in few minutes time.Before we took the benediction for the service, our fellowship leader announced to us that we'd be having a new choir director and that he was around for the service that day, apparently he was a member of the fellowship and had been out of town doing a project. We've been without a director for months because Brother Segun, our former choir director was done in school and had gone for his youth service. We the choir gave a shout to express our joy. Then our leader called out our new director and it happened to be the guy i saw earlier in the morning. I obviously didn't know him because he wasn't around by the time i joined the fellowship and i could hear some of the choir members expressing their joy and testifying to how good he was in directing music. He came out and gave a speech about how glad he was to be welcomed back into the gathering. Already i could see some of the ladies in the congregation and also in the choir smiling and blushing excessively at him. He was good looking, tall, dark and well dressed with a neatly cut moustache.

We ended the service and we all went back to our different locations.

Few days later, i was on my way back from class. I had craved for some egusi few days back and felt so lazy and tired to cook some so i branched at a food vendor to buy some. I bought eba with it and started walking to my house.

"Who would have guessed that you of all people also buy food to eat"

I heard an husky voice say right behind me. I looked back and saw our choir director, Tosin but we mostly call him Brother Tosin.

"Ah, Bro Tosin! What are you doing here?" i tried to cover my embarrassment. It's quite a shameful thing when a brother from fellowship sees you buying food. It will seem like you are lazy or you can't cook which isn't a very good weakness especially when you are hoping someone will find you appealing to his eyes. I wasn't really in the league of sisters who hope one brother in the fellowship will talk to them and therefore do everything to be nice and friendly even if they are not naturally but i still pray and hope one day, i'd find a man worth having.

"Well, i was in the neighbourhood. It's Akungba, you can be anywhere at anytime" he replied and smiled. Then he moved closer.

"That's true" i smiled. I didn't know what else to say so i smiled again.

"Anyway, i want to believe this......." he pointed to the nylon bag that contained my food. "..........is because you are tired or you probably don't have enough money to buy your ingredients"

-Wow, this brother's antenna is sensitive, i swear-

I chuckled.

"Yes, you are right. I'm actually quite tired. I'm just going to eat and sleep when i get home"

"Alright. Or else i'd have thought you are in the group of I-Sisters" he chuckled.

"High Sisters?"

"No! I-Sisters" he corrected me.

"What's that?"

He laughed heartily

"No, i won't tell you. It's a boys' code"

"Hmmmm, indeed!" i said, trying to hide my inquisitiveness.

"Anyway, i have to go now" i quickly said

"No problem, i'd see you during rehearsals" he said as he made a turn.

"By the way" he turned back "Are you on the choir whatsapp group?"

"Yes i am. Gina is my group name"

"Alright. I'd chat you up later then"


We parted ways but i couldn't stop wondering what he wants to chat with me about.

His message came in in the evening and he asked how i was doing and if i enjoyed my meal. Then he joked about being a boss to the canteen woman. I laughed and he cracked more jokes.

Few weeks later, Brother Tosin and i became quite close. We walk home together most times after rehearsals and fellowship. He was a final year student of Biochemistry.

Sometimes we meet in school and talk about some things. I told him about my past experiences and how i lost my family. He showed his sympathy and tried to console me.

Few months later, Tosin and i started drifting apart. He got so busy with his project so we couldn't see as often as we used to. At a point, we didn't see for almost 2weeks except in church. Then one evening, he asked me to meet him at a particular spot in school. I was about cooking some rice when his call came in so i had to switch off my kerosene stove and hurry out.

I met him sitting on a pavement under a big tree.

"Brother Tosin!  What is it? You kinda scared me" i said immediately i got to him. He looked pale and exhausted then he smiled at me. I got nervous.