I locked myself up in my room and refused to go downstairs for lunch. I had a feeling nobody went to church that morning. I sat down on the floor and leaned against the wall. Few hours later, i heard a knock on my door and i only opened when I'm sure it's Funsho. He came in and sat on my bed. I went back to my initial position and buried my head in my laps. Funsho and i were silent for few minutes, then he later spoke. 

"I'm leaving this place........" he paused, then continued "I thought about it all through the night and realize i can't sin against God just to please my brother".

I stood up aghast.

"Where will you go?"

Funsho got up and started pacing my room, then he stopped. 

"I don't know yet. My brother has taken sole responsibility of me since i was 10. He's practically my life". Funsho sulked and i could see the tears welling up in his eyes. I moved close to him and held his hands. We were almost in the same shoe. My aunty had threatened to cut all ties with me. 

"I'd leave too......i can't afford to sin against God too" 

He looked at me

"Where will you go?"

I left his hands and sat back on the bed. 

"Funsho, i don't know........but i remember my Dad used to talk about one of his cousins who stays at Akure then. I'm thinking of going to him, maybe he will take me in"

"Hmmmm. Gina! Don't you think that's risky? I mean, you haven't heard from him for years. What if he refuses to take you in after you leave here"

"That's true......but what do i do? I have no place to go Funsho"


My Aunty knocked on my door around 8pm at night. I opened the door and she came in with a tray containing a plate of jollof rice and chicken, beside the plate is a cup of orange juice. 

"I guess you must be hungry by now" she said as she placed the tray on my bedside table, then she sat on the bed. She motioned for me to come sit beside her. I moved close to her but sat a bit far from her. 

"Are you now running away from me now?" 

"No aunty, i'm not. I just do not understand why you are pushing me to do something God is against" i protested. 

" Are you saying God is against me having children?"

"No aunty, that's not what i meant. God is against his children having sex outside marriage and that's exactly what you and Uncle are pushing Funsho and i to do......" i got up "I'm sorry aunty........i.......i......can't do it" i stammered. I could see my Aunty's eyes going up in flames. 

She got up. I thought she was going to hit me so hard, but she refrained herself and started pacing my room. 

"Now i can see how ungrateful you are. After everything I've done for you, this is how you repay me?" 

Tears rolled down my cheeks. 

"I really appreciate all what you've done for me Aunty. God knows i do"

"No!  You don't! because if you really do, you wouldn't think twice before agreeing to this"

I knelt down and held my aunty's leg. 

"Aunty, please!!!! It's not too late for God to do something"

"Will you keep quiet?  I lost hope already" she said as she released the grip i had on her, then my uncle and Funsho came into my room. 

"Jemima, calm down!" Uncle pacified her and he assisted her to sit back on the bed. 

"I think we may have a solution"

'A solution?' my mind echoed. Maybe i wouldn't have to do anything anymore. Maybe my Uncle already got someone else to sleep with Funsho. 

"What solution are you talking about?" my aunty asked 

"Well, maybe Funsho and Gina really don't have to do it physically.....i mean, we can do an IVF since they are rather feeling too timid to perform the real thing"

I exchanged glances with Funsho. He sighed and folded his arms. 

"Or what do you think Funsho......"  my Uncle looked at him and then me ".......Gina"

My aunty was the first to talk. 

"Well, i don't think that should be a problem for either of them"

Funsho and i didn't speak a word. My Aunty and her husband decided to make me a surrogate mother even if i agreed to it or not. They left Funsho and i in my room. For 5mins, there was silence. Different thoughts ran through my head. I didn't know much about surrogacy but I've heard a lot of stories about it which includes introducing a foreign object into the body of the carrier. I got scared all of a sudden. My phone's ringtone of 'Waymaker by Sinach' brought me back. I was so lost in thoughts. I checked the caller's name and realised it's Tinu. I swiped my phone to the right and her voice sounded from the other end. 

"Hello Gina......how are you?"

"I'm fine" i managed to say. I wish i was really fine. 

"You said you were going to return today but you didn't, i hope all is well". She sounded worried and i could feel it. I sighed. 

"Yes Tinu, there is no problem. Something came up, that's why i couldn't make it"

"Oooh alright. Anyway, i'd get the lecture notes for you tomorrow. Hope you'd be able to make it tomorrow sha"

"I will try. Thanks. I will keep you posted" i said and ended the call before she starts suspecting something is wrong. Ever since i lost my family, i kept to myself. Even though a lot of people wanted to be close to me probably because I'm beautiful, i never gave anyone a chance except for the people i have an avoidable relationship with, such as my course mates. 

The following morning, i was able to get out of my room and go downstairs. I met my Aunty in the sitting room. I thought she'd have gone to work. 

"Aunty!  You are still home? I thought you'd have gone to work" i moved close to her.

"I couldn't go. I had to call in sick"

At that moment, i felt what i haven't felt for Aunty Jemima before - Pity! 

I could imagine what she's going through and i know it'd have been worse if her mother-in-law were still alive. 

I sat beside her and placed my head on her laps. She caressed my hair.

"I will do it for you aunty" i said softly. She stopped caressing my hair and i raised my head. I looked into her eyes and smiled. 

"Do you mean what you just said?"

"Yes aunty, i do"

She hugged me tightly till i almost choked. 

Uncle advised i stay out of school immediately i go through the insemination just to avoid prying eyes. He promised to allow me continue my education abroad immediately the child was born. 

Because of the urgency of the issue, my aunty refused to let me go back to school. My Aunty booked an appointment with a gynaecologist the following day and two weeks later, i was ready for the process. 

Maybe i shouldn't have agreed. Maybe i should have been more careful and sensitive. Maybe i wouldn't be where i am today if i had been less sentimental. Anyway, i still believe whatever we go through in life all have a reason.