Virgin Mary…

The noise came up a bit louder and Mary behind the bat felt a bit restless. She held unto the black bat with a flat, round head and she flipped it towards her side. She could sense the egg hit her bat. Her ears picked up distinct sound as she repositioned and she watched the egg cross her table violently towards her opponent. It was a miss from the other end and the crowd went on fire. 

Yuppie- She dropped her bat and she screamed on top of her voice. Now she was two points ahead. If she advances, she wins and if she looses there would be a deuce, leaving them with few points to contend with. She was playing with one of the best players, no tale but she had the winning spirit. 

Mary went against the service and this time she launched the egg forward. It was wide and it went accurately for her net. Then it bounced back. That was another allowance for a draw. They went in and this time her opponent had one more point to win, having the table turned around. 

Mary shut out the rest of the world and she smashed her bat against the egg. She watched it bounced off, slimly missing her net. It was a low shot and she expected her opponent to miss it. Even if her opponent had it caught. Mary never expected it back. 

She dropped the whole world in a box of isolation with the shouting and distraction bouncing off the shield she had around. Her opponent had it picked and it bounced back, way lower than it had left. Mary propelled herself forward, stretching to pick up the egg with the tip of her bat. It was a wonderful save and all she got was the egg smashing back against the other half of the table. She was not done recovering from the posture she took while she got fixed to pick up the previous service. 

Mary loosed the game to Chioma her opponent and it was a wild blow on her. The boy had bets on her and the girls had wanted her to win. But it was great she took second and standing touch was all it. She had given chioma a tough time breaking sweats off her for 2 straight hours was no joke. 

Five boys stood far off amidst the spectator they gave her a different look and they seem to chew gums, judging from the rhymical movement of their jaw. The whole crowd went out in a burst. Rushing out of the court like a broken dam and soon the court had only junior students, trying to catch fun. 

Mary had her medal on and she walked across the block hosting the ss3 classes. She looked afar watching the boys on the basket ball court and she tend to get her view across the thin net holes. She was good at observing and soon she got fed up. 

She had begged the class captain to let her have the keys to the class so she could come pick up her bags. She threw the key directly into the lock hole and she turned it left. She hit the door slightly with her shoulder, forcing it opened. She had already been told the necessary rituals for opening the door. She moved across the room swiftly and she picked up her bag then she pulled open her locker. 

Five boys stood in the door way and their shadow reached her. She looked up, scared and her eyes went for the windows. They were shut close and there was no way she could get her voice out. Running pass the boys was no option then she kept her cool, knowing they only came to rob her medals, maybe her purse or run away with her bag. One of the boys pulled close the door and he locked it up, sliding the key down his pocket. 



24 hours ago

A slim lady slid up her mini skirt to her waist then she turned it around. Opposite her was a long wall and a guy was just sliding into his black trouser. They both were off their school uniform, ready to hit the street. 

The slim girl was done dressing and she moved closer to the boy. 

“When are you guys striking?” She asked. 

“Tomorrow evening. After the game. What did you say she did.” The boy asked as he looked away from the button he was locking up in its hole. 

“She said she is a virgin.” 

The boy chuckled.  

“I mean it.”

“Did she say she is. Or she is. How sure are you.” 

“Very sure.” The girl replied. 

“Well I would be going with four more boys. You know how clean my records are” 

“ Sure, and when you are done with her?”

“We get to enjoy the company of each other.” The boy said, then he beamed. The girl moved closer and they began to kiss again.  

Ps:- Rape is no joke, rape is no form of virginity test, rape is not a proud act to be practised. I Godwin Okhuoya stand for the antirape campaign. 

©Godwin Okhuoya