TWISTED Chapter 11( a true life story)


Damade was so heartbroken with the words that came out of Kayode's mouth. She managed to take her bag and get out of the restaurant while the eyes of everyone there followed her as she goes out. All eyes have been on her since she slapped Kayode. She got out of the restaurant, stood still, put her hands on her head and managed to walk to where she parked her Mum's car. She entered the car and weeped bitterly before starting the car and zoomed off. 


Uncle Soji, on the other hand gave his sincere apology to Dare and his wife and also thanked them for not agreeing to abort the baby. 

"hmmmmm, so what's the way forward now" Dare asked 

"way forward to where?" asked Damade rudely as she barged into the house. It was so evident that she has been crying. "Dad, Mum listen, i don't care if you don't agree for me to abort this baby because this baby won't spend another night inside my stomach" she charged at them

"Damade, please i beg you in the name of God. Don't abort this baby" pleaded Soji on his knees. 

"says who? Aaaah, Uncle Soji i don't even know what to say to you. At least, you've done your worst now abi. Now Kayode refers to me as a slut just because of you" blotted Damade, with tears. "Uncle Soji, just kill me please because i don't know what else is left for me in this world. You took away my pride, my dignity, my innocence and now you have taken away the man i love with all my heart. Aaaaah Uncle Soji, you just have to kill me oo" cried Damade, she was so full of hatred for Uncle Soji. Suddenly she rushed into the kitchen and took a knife. Dare and his wife was just there, he couldn't even stop his daughter from insulting his friend, he himself was hurt. His wife on the other hand sat down, weeping while Soji was still on his knees, with his head bowed, he had never seen Damade spoken in such a way but there was nothing he could do anymore.

Immediately they saw her come out of the kitchen with a knife, they all got up. Her Mum charged towards her while Dare blocked her way from getting to where Soji is. 

"Damade please, you can't do this" her mother pleaded. 

"Mum, you know i should have done this a long time ago. You and Dad should just leave my way and let me kill this man myself so i will have peace" Damade said, raising the knife up.

"you can't have peace by killing a man. Remember you are carrying his child" Dare said

"ehn, which child. The child I'm going to abort immediately i finish him" Damade blotted out angrily 

"This was not the way we raised you up Oladamade" her Mum pleaded as Damade was forcing her way to get to where Soji is. Suddenly Dare charged at her and struggled to take the knife from her. 

Soji has started weeping at this time.

Dare successfully took the knife from Damade. She sat down and started weeping, her Mum sat with and tried to console her. Dare returned the knife into the kitchen and came back to the sitting room. Nobody said anything for the next 5mins but Damade never stopped crying for once.

"Now i ask again, what is the way forward?" Asked Dare, directing the question to Soji. 

"well, i have vowed to compensate you and your family with whatever you ask me to do and moreover i will want Damade to go back with me to the States. I promise to take care of her with everything i have and also ensure that she finishes her education over there immediately after she gives birth" Soji explained

"Hmmmmm" sighed Dare, then he faced his daughter and asked "Damade, you heard what Soji said. Now are you still on aborting that innocent baby?"

Damade raised up her head and shook her head. Her Mum held her tight and hugged her. 




Few months later, Damade was ready to go with Soji to the States. Soji didn't go back but rather started working on Damade's papers that will enable her to go with him. 


The day finally came when Damade will go with Soji. Everyone was filled with mixed feelings. They will all miss her, no doubt about that. Damade's friend Sade was also present with Philip and Ayoola. 



Soji got married to Monica, the white woman he was in love with. He also explained all that happened between him and Damade. Monica is a very nice woman and she welcomed her with open arms. 

Damade gave birth to a bouncing baby girl exactly 9 months after the incident. Soji called Dare to tell him about the good news. Throughout Damade's period of pregnancy, a day never passed without her calling her Mum, they will talk and pray about the pregnancy. Soji named the baby Omotomilayo. 


Soji didn't go back on his promise. He enrolled Damade in one of the best Universities in the States. Monica became Tomi's god-mother. Damade would leave her with Monica and go to school. 




It's been 5years since Damade left Nigeria. She graduated with a first-class and she came back to Nigeria with Tomi. Monica didn't want her to take Tomi along but Damade insisted with a promise that she will always come to visit her.


It was a day of joy the day Damade came back to her father's house. Everyone was so happy to see her and Tomi. 

Soji took full responsibility of Tomi. He sends money to her through Damade every month for feeding, clothing, schooling and other expenses. Damade too got a good job in one of the best companies in the country. 

Presently, she's engaged to a young promising man. Their wedding is in few months time. 


AUTHOR: Peace Toluwanimi Odeniyi