TWISTED (a true life story)

Chapter 10
"baba Made! Your daughter just called me now weeping on the phone. I'm so worried. She said she's on her way home presently" Damade's Mum said, looking so restless and worried. 
"Did she tell you what's wrong?" he asked, dropping the newspaper he was reading earlier and looking up to his wife. He obviously looked worried too.
"She wouldn't say" she replied, sitting down on the nearby stool in the verandah.
"hmmmmm" Dare sighed as he continued with his reading even though his mind isn't really there anymore.
"I won't get up from here till she comes"
"well" Dare shrugged.
  Damade arrived few hours later looking so dejected and heart-broken. She bursted into tears immediately she sighted her parents sitting outside. Her Mum rushed out to meet her.
"Damade, what's wrong?" asked her mum as she held her hand, bringing her into the house. Her dad too got up immediately he saw Damade weeping. 
"Mum, Dad my life is ruined" she blotted out i tears. 
"please, let's go inside" her dad announced and they all went in. 
Damade told her parents about the pregnancy. Her father almost collapsed upon hearing that from Damade. He managed to find a chair to sit before his wife and daughter notices how feeble he's looking. Of course, he must be a man. 
"aaaaah, Soji has finally ruined my life" Damade's Mum exclaimed and started wailing. 
Damade was just there on the floor crying her eyes out. Her dad, still sitting on the couch with his head bowed and his hands buried under it. 
After some minutes of silence, he broke the silence and said
"You can't keep that baby" with his head still bowed.
"WHAT?!!!" both his wife and daughter exclaimed in disbelief, as they both raised their heads to look at him. They both understand what he meant. 
"What did you say baba Damade?!" his wife queried. Dare didn't reply immediately, his head is still bowed while his wife and daughter's eyes are still fixed on him. Then he replied after few seconds
"i said Damade can't keep that baby" he said again, this time with a higher pitch.
"i can't believe you just said that" his wife said in disbelief. 
"What do you mean you can't believe what i just said?" he blotted out angrily, now he has raised his head up and his wife and daughter could now see he has actually been crying too silently. 
"This is my only daughter, my pride, my first born, the beginning of my strength. I've got a lot of plans for her" he raged on. 
"Baba Damade! So you think abortion is the next option now?" his wife asked, she has been crying too and now her voice is fading 'cause of her shouting " don't you think this is a very foolish suggestion" she inquired further.
"oooh! So now I'm foolish right?" Dare blotted out angrily.
"No! That's not what i meant. What I'm trying to say is don't you think we will endanger her life by asking her to go for abortion" she said as calmly as possible 'cause she could see Dare is already boiling, then she added emphatically "and we are Christians for God sake, abortion is a sin" this time around, she doesn't care if Dare gets angry with the tone she spoke with.
"Oh! Shut up woman! Are you trying to say you know more than me. Listen, i know a friend who can do it perfectly"
"No way!" Damade's Mum said emphatically. She was already on her feet. "baba Damade, i repeat no way! She is my daughter too and i can't just open my eyes and see her die" 
"but mama Damade...........
"Don't mama damade me oooh" she cuts in. She knows he's ready to persuade her to agree with him. That's the only time he calls her mama damade. 
"You are an elder in church for crying out loud. How can you of all people suggest abortion to your own daughter, YOUR OWN DAUGHTER!" Damade's Mum rants on, then suddenly she bursted into tears. Her husband sat on the chair again with his head bowed. 
All this while, Damade was just there shedding tears profusely. Dare, after some minutes got up suddenly and said
"I'm going upstairs to call Soji"
"and you think Soji will allow you abort his first child in life" his wife queried. 
"nobody is aborting any baby! That child will live" he said and went upstairs. 
"Mummy, you should have agreed with daddy to let me abort this pregnancy" she said admist tears. "or isn't my life ruined already?"
Her mother looked at her with so much pity, she pulled her close and hugged her. 
Dare told Soji all that happened and he arrived in Nigeria the following day. He felt so much pity for Damade but inside of him is an unspeakable joy, he's finally having a child of his own. He vowed to love and cherish the child not minding the circumstances surrounding her birth. 
Kayode, on the other hand has been trying to get reach of Damade, all to no avail. She doesn't pick his calls. She's just so ashamed to talk to him or see him.
"Damade, your phone has been ringing for quite a while now. Who is it and why are you not picking the call?" her mother asked 
"Mum, it's Kayode. He's going to ask why i haven't been in school since all these days and i don't know how to tell him the truth" Damade replied 
"hmmmn, well you must try and tell him. You can't afford to hide the truth from him" her Mum adviced
"but Mum, i don't think he will ever understand" 
" just try and see" said her Mum as she pats her on the back. 
Damade called Kayode and told him she wanted to see him. 
"Damade, how are you? I've missed you" Kayode said, hugging her. Damade couldn't raise up her head to look at his face. 
"Damade, what's wrong? Are you okay?"
"Kayode, there is something i need to tell you"
"okay, I'm all ears"
  Damade told Kayode all that happened, starting from the incident to the pregnancy. 
"Damade! wait! So what you are trying to say now is that you are pregnant for your Uncle Soji"
" Kayode, it's not my fault" Damade said, already weeping. 
"i can't believe this. So you can actually allow Uncle Soji to have what I've been begging you for, for the past 2years"
"Kayode, didn't you hear me? It was a mistake!"
"and yet it resulted into this" he said, pointing to her stomach. 
"so what exactly are you trying to say now Kayode?"
"what i am trying to say is that you and your Uncle Soji have been having an affair" he said undauntedly, not looking at Damade. 
Damade's mouth was wide opened out of shock, she couldn't believe Kayode of all people could say that. 
"and I've known this since when you will leave school and disappoint our date just to go see him because he just arrived from THE STATES" he said emphasizing on his last two letters. 
" shut up!" Damade screamed
"urrrrrr! Now we've seen the results. The most surprising part is why you won't let me touch you while you allow that old bull to"
Damade couldn't take it anymore so she got up out of rage and gave him a slap. Kayode touched his face in disbelief, he couldn't believe Damade just slapped him.
"Damade! You slapped me?"
"yes i did and i won't hesitate to give you another one if you ever speak of Uncle Soji in such a disrespectful way" she blotted in anger. She could take any insults on her personality but not on Uncle Soji, even with what he did, he will always remain her 'Uncle Soji'
"ehn ehn, nice one! You know what Damade, i use to think you are a very upright and reserved girl but now i can see you are nothing but a slut and a cheap brat"
Hot tears ran through Damade's cheeks as this word dropped from Kayode's mouth. She had thought he was the right person for her and that he will understand. 
"and for your information, this relationship is off" he said as he walked out of the restaurant they agreed to meet. 
AUTHOR: Peace Toluwanimi Odeniyi