"Aha! Damade! where are you going with the packed suitcase?" 

"my mum just called me now and she told me Uncle Soji will arrive from the states this evening and my dad is going to pick him up at the airport so I want to go with him" Replied Damade happily 
"ehn ehn, you and this your Uncle Soji sha" Smiled Sade, Damade's roommate in school. "but didn't you know he'd be coming back today?"
 "No, according to my mum. he didn't plan to come at this time of the year, you know he normally comes during easter and christmas period " 
"yeah, that's true" said Sade nodding her head. "ehn ehn Damade, don't forget me when you and your brothers start distributing the goodies he brings oh" 
Damade laughed. "don't worry, I will bring some for you. Let me quickly start going so I wont meet the weekend traffic. I should be back on sunday " 
"Alright, let me escort you" said Sade as they both went out of the room. Sade waited till Damade got a taxi before she went back into the room.
 Oladamade, a 300L mass communication student is the 1st child and the only female of her middle aged parents. She has two brothers, Philip and Ayoola. Uncle Soji, her father's childhood friend took Damade as a god-daughter because he loved her when she was a little, and as a little girl who enjoys receiving various kind of gifts from him, Damade grew up to love him and took him like an uncle. Uncle Soji re-located to the U.S shortly after his university education and has been a close family friend ever since. He was also Damade's dad's best-man during his wedding ceremony. Damade couldnt wait to fly into Uncle Soji's arms. She hasn't seen him since he came for the christmas vacation six months ago. That has been her way of greeting him ever since she was young even though her brothers will prostate and her mum will bend to greet him. "Damade! how many times will I tell you to always kneel down when greeting your uncle?" scolded Damade's mum on one occasion
 "urrrrrr, don't you know she's my princess, she can greet me anyhow she likes. Im not offended at all" replied Uncle Soji with a smile.
 "Hello!"announced Damade as she stepped into her dad's mini duplex. "is anyone home?" 
"ah, Sister Made! you are welcome" greeted A.y the baby of the house. 
"thanks jare A.y" replied Made sitting down. "where is everyone?" "Philip is still in school, he said he will come home tomorrow. Dad n Mum went to pick Uncle Soji at the airport. They tried to wait for you and after waiting for like an hour, they left" explained A.y Damade got up in disappointment "Aaaah, they should have waited more for me nau. its not my fault, I was the first person to enter the bus and you know how this bus drivers are, they wont start the car until the last person comes" said Made with a frowned face 
"well, its been a while since they left, im sure they will be on their way back now because Uncle Soji called to say he has landed before they left the house in the cause of waiting for you" explained A.y "anyway sha" said Made as she picks up her suitcase and heads to her room. She was just dropping her bag when she heard the hooting of her dad's car. she hurriedly changed into her house slippers and ran out of the room happily and shouting "Uncle Soji! Uncle Soji!" She ran out of the house and flew into the arms of Uncle Soji who was just getting out of the car. "That's my girl!" said uncle Soji as he carried her off the ground with all his strength "wow, you are adding weight everyday o" Uncle Soji said, jokingly 
"what else do you expect wen she asks for money every two weeks?" replied Dare, Made's dad.
 Everyone was laughing when Ayo came out to greet Soji "Welcome sir" greeted A.y prostrating 
"how are you dear?" replied Soji as he lifted him up "aha, you are now a big boy oh" "that's my son for you jare" replied Made's mum smiling
 " im so happy to see everyone again and by the way, where is Philip?" 
"hes at school, he said he has an assignment to submit today so he will be home tomorrow " replied Made s dad "oh alright "replied Soji "oya Made, Ayoola take your uncle's bags into the house " 
"Yes ma. Uncle, hope you bought that I asked you to buy for me?" asked Made "oh yes I did. I dare not forget my princess's wish " replied Soji with a smile "hmmm, what is it oh?" asked Made's mum curiously 
"its our little secret!" chorused Made n Uncle Soji as they both laughed 
"ehn ehn ok o. Lets go into the house anyway " replied Made's mum as they all went in.
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