Everyone has just finished taking a sumptuous dinner of pounded yam and egusi soup. Damade's mum specially made the delicacy for Uncle Soji because that's his favourite food.

"Wow! Its been quite a while since I ate such a delicious meal" he commented after eating and washing his hands. "thanks so much Iya Damade (Damade's mum)

"You are welcome baba oko mi" she replied with a smile. "Oya Damade, Ayoola pack all the dishes into the kitchen" 

"Yes ma" Damade replied as she and A.y started packing the dishes into the kitchen.

"Ehn ehn Soji, you still haven't told me why you are in Nigeria at this time of the year" asked Dare as he took a toothpick on the table.

"Yeah, something really important brought me jare" he replied

"Really? I hope its not too serious?"

"Well, as the case may be, it is very serious"

  Damade's mum noticed the two friends wanted to discuss something confidential and important so she excused herself into the room

"Excuse me" she said as she went upstairs.


  Damade, after tidying up the kitchen and stuffs went into her mum's room.

"Uhmmm Mummy, I've always wanted to ask you something" she asked with all seriousness

"Whats it?"

"Why is it that Uncle Soji haven't gotten married since all these years" asked Damade curiously

"You've come again with this your endless questions abi Damade" snapped her mum

"Mummy, im really curious to know. Just like what I've known, he is daddy's age-mate, at least his 1st child is supposed to be my age by now.

"Hmmmmm" her mum sighed

"Mummy, is it something that serious?" She asked when she noticed the look on her face

"Yes it is. Well, I believe you are old enough to understand somethings" she paused for a while then continued "you see that Uncle Soji you are looking at, he can't sleep with a woman and have a child, that is why he's still unmarried because every woman wants to have a child of her own"

  Damade was taken aback with what her mum just said,"you mean he's...he's impotent?"

"Yes. He had known this for a long time now. Your father and few of his family members are the only ones who knows about it and of course both of us now. Your father, together with him have sought for different means to get him healed but the doctors kept saying the same thing. That was the major reason he re-located abroad just to avoid prying eyes"

"Hmmmmm, but what about the doctors abroad?"

"Well, according to what your father said he told him the last time he came home, he was placed on drugs. Im sure hes still on drugs as at now. We're all praying for a miracle"

"Hmmmmm, okay. I'd also join you in prayers" 

"That's so sweet of you dear but don't let your father know I told u this" her mum instructed

"Alright ma. I won't let him or anyone know"


  Damade left for her room full of pity for Uncle Soji. She still couldnt believe a man as kind, humble and caring as Uncle Soji can't have a child of his own.

"No wonder he so much loves me and brothers " she thought as she laid on her bed. She prayed for Uncle Soji that night and went to bed.



 "So what did Soji say brought him to Nigeria" asked Damade's mum shortly after Dare entered the room.

"Hmmmm, he came concerning the issue we all know about him. Well, its like he's going to get a solution to it afterall" he replied with a dry smile

"Really?" Her face lit up

"Yeah. He said a friend told him about a surgeon at Abuja"

"And how good is he?"

"Well, according to the friend, he's quite good. He has an appointment with the doctor tomorrow"

"That's good. Lets just pray he comes back with good news"

"Yeah, let's hope so" Dare said as he lied down on the bed

"Im coming. I want to go check the doors downstairs" Damade's mum said as she went out of the room.

"Hmmmmm" sighed Dare as he flashed back to his discussion with Soji.



"So tell me, what is the matter?" Asked Dare

"Do u still remember Jide "

"Yes, your cousin. What about him?"

"He called me about 2weeks ago and told me about one baba at Ogbomoso. He said I should go to him, that he will surely have a solution to my problem"

"Ah! An herbalist?" Dare exclaimed

"See Dare, I don't have much of a choice. Im tired being an old bachelor. You think I'm happy still being called Uncle by your children?"

"Hmmmmmm Soji! I understand your point but don't you think you are going too far by consulting an herbalist? C'mon, theres nothing too difficult for God"

"Dare! So you still believe this God can heal me?"

"Of course I do, why not?"

"Well, I don't. And I'm going to Ogbomoso tomorrow. I have just a week to finalize things and go back"

"Well, since you've made up your mind already" said Dare as he shrugged his shoulder "but there's one thing I want you to know. You've been believing God for a miracle for like 25years now. Don't contaminate it by going to an herbalist" he advised as he stood up and bade him goodnight.


"Hmmmmm, how would I have opened my mouth and told iya Damade he has decided to consult an herbalist...hmmm, I think its better saying he's going to see a doctor"




"Good morning Uncle!" Greeted Damade the following morning. 

"Morning princess" he replied

"Are you going out?" She asked after noticing he's fully dressed

"Yes. I'm going to see someone at Ogbomoso" he replied "I wont be long, please tell your parents when they wake up"

"Alright sir and thanks for the goodies and clothes you brought for me and my brothers"

"You are welcome dear.....let me start going now, bye" he said as he went out of the house

"I wonder where he is going this early" thought Damade

"Who was that?"

  Damade's Mum's voice interrupted her thoughts and startled her.

"Oh! It was Uncle Soji. He said hes going to see someone at Ogbomoso and that he won't take long" she replied

"Ogbomoso? Thought Dare said hes going to Abuja. Anyway sha" thought Damade's mum

"Okay then. Is Ayoola awake?" She asked

"For where? Today is saturday remember" Damade replied and they both laughed.

They both know Ayoola sleeps late on Friday nights therefore contributing to his waking up late on Saturday mornings. According to him, thats the only time he has time to do whatever he likes since he goes to school from Monday to Friday and Sundays are meant for church. So friday/saturday is the only day he can afford to sleep anytime he wants.


"Who is it? The door is opened" replied Damade, hearing a knock on the door

  Philip came in. He is a 200 Level Medicine student and hardly comes home due to his busy schedule at school but he had sacrificed this weekend just to see Uncle Soji and Damade whom he hasn't seen for like 6months

"Hello!" He greeted, smiling and showing off his beautifully arranged set of teeth

"Eeeeh!" Damade exclaimed as she went to hug him. She really has a thing for hugging people.

"How you dey na" she asked

"I dey fine oh" he replied

"Eeya, and Uncle Soji just went out now now oh"

"Yeah, I saw him at the gate and we talked for a while before he went out"

"Oh okay. Mum and the others are upstairs"

"Alright" replied Philip as he went upstairs with his bag.



The whole family was having their weekend breakfast when they suddenly heard a knock on the door.


AUTHOR: Peace Toluwanimi Odeniyi