"aha! Who could be knocking this early?" Damade's mum asked curiously. "Philip, please go and see who is at the door" she instructed and Philip got up.

"Or are you expecting someone?" She asked her husband who was also curious to know who it is.

"No, I don't think so" he replied 

"Aha! Uncle Soji!" Philip exclaimed. Nobody was expecting him to be back so soon. He was gone for just an hour.

  Uncle Soji entered and sat down. Everyone's gaze was still set upon him, they were wondering what might have happened. Dare was the most surprised and he was the first to speak. "Soji, why are you back so soon? Hope all is well?" He asked

"Yes, all is well. I changed my mind, just decided not to go again" he replied 

"Did something happened to the person you were going to see?" Damade asked curiously.

It was at this point Dare realized Soji actually lied about where he's going to Damade. Soji exchanged glances with Dare before he replied Damade. "No dear, I just.....just changed my mind" stuttered Soji

"Alright" Damade replied with a countenance still full of questions.

She's not the only one in that situation, Dare wasn't satisfied with Soji's reply too and planned on asking him the real reason why he changed his mind.

"Should I dish out your food now or later" Damade's mum asked Soji. She was kindof satisfied with the reply Soji gave. According to what Dare told her the night before, if he decides not to go to the Surgeon anymore, then he must have decided to continue using his faith.

"Yes you can dish it now" Soji replied






   Dare, as the manager of a popular and industrious bank in the country makes it up to his family by spending quality time with them during weekends since the nature of his job warrants his 100% attention during weekdays. His wife on the other hand is a Principal of a prestigious school and so is often at home.

  After breakfast on Saturdays, Dare whiles away his time by reading newspapers that has been published starting from the previous Sunday to the present Saturday. He does this just to make sure he doesn't miss a bit of any news published during the week. His wife often asks the essence of reading an old newspaper but he ignores her each time she makes that comment.



"So what actually made you come back home?" Asked Dare shortly after Soji came to meet him on the verandah. He dropped the newspaper he was reading just to give him attention

"I was already on my way in the car driving when everything you said yesterday night started ringing In my head suddenly" he replied with seriousness

"Hmmmm" sighed Dare with a faded smile as Soji continued

"I just realized I was making a grave mistake. Where was the baba all these years that I've been looking for a solution and who knows maybe God is even ready to answer my prayers. All these thoughts made me turn back and started coming back home"

"Im glad you could finally reason with me. All will be well, I strongly believe so" said Dare prayerfully.

"Im just so desperate for this miracle to happen now" he paused for a while then continued "I met a lady few months back and she's so nice to me. She's just a perfect example of the lady i'd love to marry but this sickness of mine is the only thing stopping me from approaching her. Her name is Monica, she's a white woman but she thinks and behave like a typical Nigerian woman and I like her alot but getting married to her will be like I'm being wicked since I know my state" he said, looking so sad and depressed.

"Hmmmmm, well i'd advise you to take a step of faith and see what God will do" Dare said

"You mean I should marry her? With no hope of having children?" Soji said with a shocking tone

"C'mon, how can you say there's no hope. Once there's life, there's hope" Dare consoled, then continued "and in fact, most white people dont really take having children seriously like we do here. They only enjoy the pleasure part of it......"

Soji suddenly cuts in

"Exactly my point, what happens when she can't get the pleasure out of the marriage. I can't condone adultery" he snapped

"Well, that's true" agreed Dare nodding his head in the affirmative, then he added "so when are you going back now?"

 Soji looked up, trying to look for the best answer to the question thrown at him but he couldnt find one so he said "well, I think I should go back latest Wednesday. I'm going to Akure to see my Mum" he replied with some sense of doubt then he added "you can't believe I didn't even tell her I was coming"

"But that's not fair enough" dare replied, being judgemental



  Soji and his Mum are not exactly 'best of friends'. After he lost his father, he saw no reason to still be around his careless mother. Even before he re-located, he chose not to live with her due to the fact that she cares. less about him and shows love to her other children. Nobody including Soji understands why his so called mother never behave to him like one. He was supposed to be the most pampered out of them being the last child. Soji's father has always been the most supportive one and when he died shortly after Soji graduated from the University, he permanently moved out of the house and his mother never cared to ask why. It was just as good as saying Soji grew up without a mother and so justifies his not telling her about his coming home. 




  The following day was a Sunday and as a tradition in the family, everyone went to church.

They were all seated on the dinning table eating lunch after the service when Damade announced that she will be returning to school the following morning.

"Oh! Same here!" Philip quickly snapped in, with a spoonful of jollof rice on its way to his mouth. 

"So when again are you coming home?" Their Mum asked, missing them already

"As for me, that will be till after exams in like 2 months time" Damade replied

"Hmmmm, I should be done with exams by that time too, not yet sure though" replied Phillip with some food in his mouth.

"Okay o" Damade's Mum replied as she continued eating

"So Uncle Soji, dad said you are going back latest on Wednesday" Damade asked after some minutes of silence

"Yes, that's after I come back from visiting my mother at Akure" replied Soji

"And when next are you coming to Nigeria?" Ayoola asked

"Well, I'm not yet sure but I will surely inform your dad ahead"

"Like you did about this your coming home abi" Dare said sarcastically

  Uncle Soji just smiled and didn't reply to Dare's statement.


  The following morning, Damade and Philip left home at the same time to their respective schools. Uncle Soji too travelled to Akure. He had just one reason for going to see his mother and that's to ask her if she really is his mother. He has had this question in him for a long time and felt its high time he had a talk with his so called Mother.


AUTHOR: Peace Toluwanimi Odeniyi