Damade, still in shock of what happened like two months ago found it so difficult to forgive Uncle Soji. She went back to school 2 weeks after the incident after a lot of psychological therapy by her Mum. Part of her Mum's words still rings in her head.
"Damade, really I'm so short of words but there is one thing i want you to know. Everything happens but for a reason. Only God knows why everything happens at the time they do, and don't forget unforgiveness is a big obstacle into entering the kingdom of God. It took your Dad and i a long time to come over it too and I'm glad we were able to pray and overcome the shock. We've forgiven him and we want you to forgive him too" her Mum said the day before she went back to school. Uncle Soji didn't come back to the house 3 days after the incident. Dare called him few days after, telling him to come back home since he's still in Nigeria. He apologized again on phone and Dare told him he and his wife has forgiven him. Soji couldn't believe it, he had to ask Dare if he was really sure about what he just said and Dare assured him. Damade's Mum later narrated all that happened to her brothers who have been kept in the dark for quite a while now. They were both in rage upon hearing what Uncle Soji did to their sister but their Mum calmed them down and asked them what they expect their sister to do if they can't forgive him.
Damade got back to school with everything changed about her. She totally kept to herself most times. Not even her bestfriend was able to get the words out of her. She totally became a brand new person who nobody knows.
"Damade, talk to me. What exactly is going on?" Sade questioned when she couldn't take it anymore. "What do you mean" Damade asked, pretending she doesn't know what Sade was talking about.
"oh please, spare me the drama" snapped Sade who was at that point getting infuriated. She later realized pushing Damade to talk isn't really a good idea since she knows how stubborn and adamant she can be. Even with all the action she put in, Damade still didn't take a look at her, she was busy reading a book.
"Damade, please take a look at me" Sade asked, this time around calmly. "you've changed since you came back from the Christmas holiday. This is not the Damade i know" she added.
"Well, nothing happened. I just want to be like this for now" Damade replied, finally looking up to her. "for real?" Sade asked with her eyebrows up, then she added
"well, i don't like this new you. It's so scary and unpredictable" she said with her hands up, quoting and stressing on the word 'you'
"are you trying to say i used to be so predictable? If i spank you ehn" she said with a faint and an awkward smile. She was trying to be funny but her sense of humour is just totally gone.
Sade giggled "actually, that wasn't what i mean" She could notice how Damade struggled to sound that way. She really wish Damade could just open up to her.
"I'm sorry Sade, it just have to........" she was still talking when she suddenly got up and rushed to the toilet to throw up.
"are you okay?" Sade asked inquisitively immediately Damade came back from the bathroom.
"i don't even know. I've been feeling rather awkward since this morning" she replied with a squeezed face. She really hated the way her mouth tastes so she went back to the bathroom to rinse her mouth one more time.
"maybe you need to go see the doctor" suggested Sade looking really concerned about her.
"yeah maybe" she replied 
"Doctor, i think i didn't grab what you just said." Damade asked.
She had dressed up the following day after she went to throw up in the presence of Sade to the hospital. Series of test were conducted on her and she was asked to come back the following week for the results.
"well, according to the result of the test carried out on you a week ago. It shows here that u you are 8 weeks pregnant" the middle aged doctor said with a beautiful smile. "congratulations Mrs...... " she added, offering her a handshake waiting for Damade to complete her name.
"Miss Damade Oludare" she replied, stressing on the 'miss' in order to send a clear message to the doctor that she wasn't married.
"oooh!" exclaimed the doctor, getting the message. "you aren't married yet....uhmm sorry about that" she added, adjusting her glasses.
"Thank you" Damade replied, getting up almost immediately and went out of the doctor's office. She could almost hear her heart beat. Infact, how she got back to her hostel is still a mystery to her because she was almost knocked down by 2 different cars due to her absentmindedness while walking.
"No! This can't be happening to me" she screamed immediately she got back into her room and dropped her bag. She sat on the floor, put one hand on her head and the other one on her stomach and screamed the more. It was actually a good thing she was alone in the room 'cause Sade had gone to class. Damade almost wept her eyes out of it's sockets. She's seen as an upright and a virtuous lady on campus and in her fellowship. No guy dare walk to her in the name of lust and thinks it will as easy as that. But now she's pregnant. The 'almighty' Damade had just gotten pregnant out of wedlock. And to crown it all, the pregnancy isn't even for her well known boyfriend or aspiring fiance. How would she face Kayode? What would she tell Sade and her other friends? What about her fellowship members? How would she be looked upon on campus? Won't she become a subject of ridicule? She felt so worse right now than when the incident happened. At least nobody except her family members will have to know that, but now that she's pregnant. Who wouldn't see this show of shame?
Author: Toluwanimi Odeniyi
Email: tioluwanih@gmail.com