After some minutes of knocking vigorously, Dare and Ayoola got tired and was about turning back when they suddenly saw the door opened by Soji. "Soji! So you've been inside since all this while that we've been knocking. I can't believe this" Dare blotted out angrily as he and Ayoola entered the room. Soji didn't give him a reply but rather went back to his former position with a sulky expression and eyes full of tears. Dare noticed this admist his own version of fury.
"Soji, are you okay?" he asked, immediately erasing his earlier expression of anger. Soji replied with a sigh and bursted into tears.
"Ayoola, please excuse us" said Dare, immediately taking a chair and sat, facing Soji.
"Okay dad" Ayoola replied and went out of the room. He was on his way to the sitting room downstairs when he bumped into Philip.
"you were excused too?" Philip asked with a bewildered look.
"yeah i was" Ayoola replied, then he added in a whisper, "Uncle Soji was weeping"
"Really? I wonder what's going on" Philip said and paused for some seconds, then he continued, "Mum and i met Damade with a knife in her hands, you won't believe she was about stabbing herself" Ayoola, upon hearing this, covered his mouth in disbelief.
"i couldn't believe it myself. Mum and i struggled to take the knife from her. When Mum asked her what was wrong, she bursted into tears then Mum excused me" Philip explained further. "hmmmm"sighed Ayoola, "oh boy, i can smell trouble oo" he added, as he and Philip went downstairs to watch T.V.
"A.y, I'm going upstairs to my room. I'm feeling sleepy" Philip said as he got up after some minutes "okay" Ayoola replied
Philip was on the staircase when suddenly he and Ayoola heard both their parents scream almost at the same time. Philip and Ayoola exchanged glances and Philip came back to where he left Ayoola.
"what could be happening?" Philip asked, looking so surprised
"i also don't have an idea" Ayoola replied.
Suddenly, they heard a door slam and heavy foot thuds upstairs.
"Soji! Soji! Soji!" Damade's Mum called vigorously with tears in her eyes as she headed towards Soji's room. She was also holding the knife collected from Damade earlier.
"aaaaah! You have ruined my life. Is this how you repay us, after everything my family has done for you! Ehn Soji" she continued ranting angrily. She dashed into the room violently with the knife in her hand in an attempt to stab Soji with it.
"What?!!!!" Dare exclaimed in disbelief after Soji told him all that happened.
"Noooooo!!!!" he screamed, "please tell me this is all a joke" he stood up and started pacing about the room, still in shock. He didn't know whether to hug his friend in congratulations of his healing or to beat him up for defiling his only daughter. He was still pacing about the room when his wife dashed into the room with a knife. He immediately rushed towards her in an attempt to take the knife from her. "No! My dear! You can't do this" he pleaded as he was trying to block her way of getting to where Soji is. Soji just remained in one spot, shedding tears and wishing Dare could just get out of the way so his wife can finish what he has been thinking all along.
Philip and Ayoola had rushed upstairs immediately they heard their Mum ranting. They bumped into Damade, who was also on her way to Soji's room. She wasn't so sure she want to stop her Mum from stabbing Soji since all she feels for him now is hatred.
"Damade, what's going on? " Philip asked and all Damade could reply with is tears. The three of them arrived at Soji's room and met their Dad trying so hard to take the knife from their Mum. They joined in the struggle and the house was full of pandemonium.
It took over an hour for the shock to wear off Damade's parents. After successfully taking the knife from Damade's Mum. She bursted into tears and left for her room. Dare later followed her after casting a long hateful look on Soji. They were both in the room for the rest of the day and next. Philip and Ayoola are still in the dark of whatever's happening. Nobody has the spine nor boldness to tell them yet. Damade too left the scene for her room and later Soji was left alone in the room. He locked himself up and the whole house went into a long moment of silence for the rest of the day and the next. Philip and Ayoola were the only ones seen around the house.
Soji later came out of his room in the afternoon of the following day. He looked so unhappy and unkempt. He went out of the house without saying a word to anyone, even ignored Philip and Ayoola's greetings.
"if only you know what i've done to your sister, you wouldn't even bother to greet me" he thought as he entered into his car and drove off to an unknown destination.
Author: Toluwanimi Odeniyi