Uncle Soji finally settled on one station to watch. It's a Christian station and what really caught his attention was the message being preached presently by a man of God. The Speaker was preaching about various obstacles to success in which he mentioned family background\ancestral curses and curses by an individual to someone else as parts of the obstacles.

Uncle Soji readjusted himself in order to pay full attention to the man of God. Some minutes into the message, the man of God started calling out people with various sicknesses to lay hands on them and some of them started getting healed instantly. Uncle Soji, on seeing this and without being in the auditorium of the recorded message, got down on his knees and started praying unto God for mercy and healing.

After praying for like 15mins, he felt something move in his body. He jumped up, held his manhood and started dancing around the house. He couldn't first believe he has been healed, he was so full of excitement and in that atmosphere of unspeakable joy, he picked up his phone but then he got foolishly confused on who to call first, whether Dare or Jide, his cousin or Monica, the white lady he's in love with. Still in the excitement of the moment, he suddenly remembered he wasn't the only one in the house. Immediately he started calling Damade so she'd be the first person he will break the news to, even though he doubt's if she could ever understand the magnitude of his joy.

"Damade! Damade!" He called at the top of his voice, still jumping around the sitting room while his eyes are partly fixed on the staircase expecting Damade to come down with an expected surprised look, but alas, she was nowhere to be found.

"What is this girl doing upstairs? Can't she hear me calling her? Damade!" He called again after wondering why she's not yet downstairs, asking him what the good news is. After waiting impatiently and in order not to kill the vibe of joy in him, he hurried upstairs into her room. He dashed into her room and saw her sleeping with her jean bum shorts and a silver crop top. He never usually dash into her room that way without a knock but today was way out of league. "Ooh, no wonder she couldn't hear me" he thought and went back. He was at the brink of the staircase going back downstairs to call either of his 1st 3 options when a nasty thought flashed through his mind. He went back like a possessed man into Damade's room and forced himself on her. Damade woke up only to find Uncle Soji on top of her. The drug she took was sedative and by the time she woke up, the deed had been done. She screamed at the top of her voice after founding out what had happened. It was just like a dream to her.

"Uncle Soji, what have you done to me?" She barked like an insane dog.

Uncle Soji, upon realizing what he had done fell down on his knees. He was in tears and in deep pain of the havoc he has caused to Damade.

"Damade, please I'm so sorry. I don't know what came over me. It happened so fast" he apologized in tears.

The last time he cried that much was when his father died over two decades ago. Damade, in pain, frustration, anger and shame started crying and wailing and at the same time raining blows on Uncle Soji.



The doorbell had been ringing for a while now, and everyone is starting to get wonder where Damade could have gone to. Her dad has tried calling her but it isn't going through. She had switched off her phone when she wanted to sleep according to her dad's instructions. Damade had pushed Soji out of her room and locked the door on herself. She felt like killing herself. She had vowed to stay intact for her future husband and now this??. Uncle Soji, on the other hand continued apologizing to Damade outside the door and after a while, went to his room (the visitor's room) and locked the door on himself. He had sinned against God, his best friend and most of all Damade. A suicide thought went through his mind. How will he ever be able to face his friend again? How will he be able to live with the guilt of defiling Damade, whom he had loved and taken as a daughter from birth? All these were going through his mind with tears in his eyes.

"Have you tried calling Soji?" Damade's mum asked "Yes I have but he's not picking the call" Dare replied, with his phone still in his ears after fruitless efforts of calling Damade.

"Wait Daddy, it's like I'm hearing a phone ring from inside" Philip suddenly interrupted, as he put his ear closer to the sitting room window.

"Ehn ehn" his mum replied with this 'are you sure' look.

"It's Soji's phone, I can hear his ringing tone" Dare replied, also moving closer to the house.

"That means he's back from Ikoyi, but where could he and Damade be?" Damade's mum pondered "Damade! Soji!" Dare put his mouth into the house through the window, calling them both.

"Mummy!" Ayoola called " I thought you use to have a spare key those times when you get home before me from school"

"Ooooh yes, that's true but I'm not sure if it's in this bag with me, let me just check" his mum replied. She started searching her bag relentlessly for the spare key.

"I found it" she said, victoriously Everyone is in suspense now. They are all having an hidden thought that something is wrong but with the fear of being hushed down by another, everyone kept quiet and expected the worse. Damade's mum gave the key to Dare and he sprang into action immediately. With some difficulties due to the key inside the keyhole from inside, Dare managed to push the inside key out with the spare key and opened the door. This took them for like 15mins. The sitting room was intact as they left it the day before, except for the fact that the T.V was on, the bottle of water Soji drank with the cup was still on the stool and his phone together with the T.V's remote control was on the chair. Otherwise, everything was intact and organized which re-assured them that thieves didn't break into the house.

"But where could they have been inside this house that we've been calling them without a reply since" Damade's mum retorted.

"Damade! Damade!" Her mum called again "My dear!" She turned to her husband, "please go and check Soji's room and see if he's there, I'd go to Damade's room. Oya Philip, follow me and Ayoola, follow your father" she instructed, giving orders as they all sprang into action. They all entered Damade and Soji's room simultaneously.


Author: Toluwanimi Odeniyi

Email: tioluwanih@gmail.com