Allen kept his fingers away from his lips and he spat out his window. The traffic was tight and he was just close to a side walk ready for a loose in the traffic. He could hear drivers play with the horn and he was getting really pissed, not enjoying his drive. 

It had been a bad day. He pulled beads of sweat off his forehead head and he held his wheel, hitting his fingers gently against it. 

He checked his wrist watch after a while and the time made him glower. He checked his drawer and he picked some cash. He bought a pack of sausage roll and a bottle of Pepsi then he began to drill the sausage roll down his throat. 

He was angry he wasn't going to see his beautiful wife again tonight, and he was mad at himself for closing late. 

He went in thought and he began to wonder what she could up to. The noise and the collision in the traffic made it impossible for him. He picked his phone after a while and he declared to his wife that he wouldn't make it home that day. The traffic was what he called the reason to be, and the way she murmured made him break. She ended the call angrily and he tried calling back. It was a dead line. 

The bitterness was eating him up and he could not trek home. 

Soon it was some minutes to 11 and the whole traffic was getting reduced that he was chanced to hit the sidewalk again. He found a place he could pack his car and he removed everything valuable away from his car. He was ready to risk his property to be home with her. He waved down a bike and he climbed on after agreeing to pay the outrageous bill. He was with a brown bag that contained the important documents he had moved away from his car.  

The ride wasn't that bad. But the cut and cross in the traffic made it nothing he would want to try again. His friends had told him about those rides that could make anyone almost skip traffic. 

He was home faster than he thought, but he was late if anyone was to access him.  He had the bike stopped  yards away from his house and when he was done paying the bike man. He was to face his fences compound, then he thought about running a fence and the likes. It was his budget choking him.  He reached his door and he tried to reach the bell when he noticed it was faulty. He did the knock expecting it to take time, but he got heart broken when his only son opened up.  

"Ayo!"  He said slowly as raised the boy to make his eyes. He carried him further into the house and he slammed the door close with the back of his feet. He dropped the boy and he grazed through his hair. 

"No late T.V. I told you that already." He said but the innocent look in his eyes made him shake his head and Grant him permission to go on with the T. V

"Where is your mom?" He asked and his son pointed to his room. 

He walked away from the living room, glad he could make his mistress happy. 

Allen paused close to the door and he tilted his ear like he was trying to eavesdrop. He moved closer and he fed his doubt with more fact. He could hear his wife moaning slightly as reflex off a great sex. 

His mind came up with a lot of thought and he broke into the room with a staggering feet and he stood up in surprise. 

A dim light came off the white energy saver bulb hanging down the roof and his junior brother and girl friend were struggling to get them self covered. 

"It's not what you think bro!" Allen's brother confessed as he watched his brother cross his hands against his chest.  

"Next time call me when you would sleep over with a random girl."

"She is my girl!"

"Well I take sex before marriage as coffee to soothe random girls. Where is my wife?" 

"She left to the visitor's room since it was a single bed and she wanted me to enjoy my stay." 

"Jesus on my matrimonial bed!" Allen yelled, as facts settled in his head. Then he stomped out of the room in search of his wife. He was going to scream out her ear drums and scold her for letting someone else have sex on their bed. Not even a useful brother. 

But he was bit glad it wasn't his wife and some other man. If that had happened he would have been dead from a severe heart attack.  

┬ęGodwin Okhuoya