By Sobowale Oluwafunke

On my way to Alhaji's office, I met James on the roadside, James was happy to see me so he ran up to where I was.

"Ay, you look ill." James said trying to check my temperature, he felt my temple and it was hot. "have you gone to the hospital?" He asked

"I am fine and I need to get somewhere urgently." I walked away

He was stunned, I knew he felt bad but I didn't have his time, and I didn't want to have anything to do with him. 

When I got to Alhaji's office, I waited for 15minutes before he answered me.

I told Alhaji that he was responsible for my pregnancy.

Alhaji stood up from his chair and slapped me, "you this prostitute, go and look for the biological father of that bastard child and get out of my office." He stamped his fist on the table "I don't want to see you again in my office." 

"Alhaji, please I am very sure that you're my baby's father." I wept

"I knew something like this will happen so I'm always careful and that's why I usually use protection, I have a wife and children that are even older than you at home so I'm not ready to have any bastard from a prostitute." Alhaji barked at me

Alhaji Malik called his security to throw me out of his office, I was embarrassed. I had created a big scar which will affect my life forever.

I didn't know what to do. I didn't know the father of my unborn child and I was infected with a deadly disease.

I spoilt my life with my hands, my tummy was beginning to protrude. I couldn't go for lectures. Joy stopped talking to me because I didn't abort the baby. 

Ayomide (Madam G.O) came to visit me, she advised me not to abort the baby, she told me to ask for forgiveness and give my life back to Christ, she said that I was a lost lamb.

- How is it possible for God to correct my life? It can't be corrected, CHLAMYDIA of all diseases, OH NO!! this disease is also affecting my baby even if I'm using drug. It would have been better if it was only pregnancy.

What am I going to tell my mother? "I thought and wept."

Loveth kept on blaming me for destroying my life, " at least I've been in this game for one year now and nothing happened to me but when did you join?" Loveth stretched her arms forward "last two or three months."

I was speechless, I was ashamed of myself, I remained indoor and as for James, he didn't stop calling my number, he sent text messages begging me to give him a chance to see me but I was adamant.

Loveth gave James her home address and he came to see me, I had no choice than to tell him how fucked up my life was but I lied, I told him that I was raped and I didnt know the rapist.

James promised to take care of me and my baby.

- Oh!! How I wish I can tell him about this incurable disease. He wants me to be his girlfriend but he mustn't know that I've a disease.- "I thought"

I agreed to be James' girlfriend, James was happy. He gave me #30,000 to take care of myself and he left.

Loveth was also happy that I agreed to be James' girlfriend.

"When I was disturbing you to be his girlfriend you said #no I don't want to have anything to do with boys# (she mimicked my voice) and now your calamity made you to agree." Loveth said while dusting her shoes

"Whatever!" I replied

"So why didn't you tell him that you've Chlamydia and why did you lie to him?" Loveth asked

"I'll tell him later." I replied

James took care of me, he was a wonderful man. He introduced me to his friends and his parents, he also told them that he was responsible for the pregnancy. 

I fell in love with James but it didn't heal the pain in my heart, it made me regret, I was ruined.

Things became fine once again not until the devil LOVETH decided to destroy me totally. 

- What happened to Ogundimu Ayomide?

- What did Loveth do to her?

- What happened to her baby?

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