By Sobowale Oluwafunke

- Should I give it a try? Will I regret it later? What will happen to me if I do it? Will I make heaven? Is there truly something like heaven? 

Ayomide, don't do this, it's not a good thing.

Ayomide, you can try it and you won't regret it. Different questions and thoughts came into my mind.

Some hours later, Joy and Loveth came home together with some packages.

"Ay!" Joy screamed

"How far na." I sat up from my bed

"I dey." Joy smiled while Loveth dropped the packages on her bed.

"So bestie, what's your answer? I hope you didn't make a wrong choice." Loveth asked

I huffed, "I'll give it a try." I said while they jumped up screaming

"Are you serious?" Loveth asked and gave me a high five

"That's my darling, I'm very sure you'll earn a lot of money in this business but you've to adhere to the rules, there are some things you need to know." Joy said

"Yes sweetie, you need to protect yourself, make sure you don't sleep with any man without protection so as to get rid of getting pregnant, I'm sure you know about it." Loveth smiled

"Do you know how much I earn in a day?" Joy smiled

"How much?" I asked

"Forty million naira, #100,000 per man but some men pay higher than that, you've to be hardworking in this game and you've to be smart." Joy said

- I was surprised, #40 million? So I can become rich.

"Ayo is still a virgin, her first client have to pay huge amount of money, maybe like 500-800k." Loveth said

"I'm still scared, I'm not sure." I was devastated

"Don't be, trust me you're doing the right thing," Joy took her handbag "We will teach you some things."

"What about Alhaji? He's a rich man and he might like her since she's a virgin, he can pay one million naira." Loveth said

"It's true o, I'll call him when I get home." Joy stood up "we'll see later." 

Around 10pm, Loveth gave me some of the clothes James bought for me, I wore a red Amaryllis top and amaryllis short matching with a black adidas wedge sneakers. Joy came along with her car to pick I and Loveth.

"Fine babe, omo you fresh o." Joy hugged me when she saw me while I blushed, "but you would have put on high heels so that you'll look more like a chick." Joy said

"But this sneakers still dey alright." Loveth said in pidgin English. I hopped into Joy's Toyota Venza.

"Your name will be Amanda in this business." Loveth smiled

"Amanda baby," Joy said "so when we get to work don't call me Joy o, my name is Justine."

"My name is Benita." Loveth smiled

We went to a lounge and I was hooked up with a man called Alhaji Malik, he agreed to pay 1.5million naira because I was a virgin.

"So what's your name?" Alhaji asked

"Amanda." I answered

"Omo babe, you lucky o," Joy sent a text to my Nokia phone "make you no dull this man o and make sure you use protection."

"I'm scared." I replied but she squeezed her face and ignored my text.

I followed Alhaji to a hotel not far from the lounge, he paid for a master bedroom. 

- Why is this man taking pills? I thought

- I was devirginated by Alhaji Malik that very night in exchange of 1.5million naira. 

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