By Sobowale Olufunke

My hostel was a 6 bedded room, I met three ladies in the room, one of them was arranging her luggage while the other two ladies were busy with their phones.

 I was a little bit shy because it was my first time in a hostel.

"Hello, good afternoon." I greeted them and avoided eye contact with them

"Good afternoon, how can we help you." One of the ladies that was busy with her phone mimicked my voice

"I waaas ttt told to come here." I stammered while they laughed at me

"Oh, you're a fresher, so why are you acting like we're forcing you to talk? Well what's your name?" One of the ladies asked.

"My name is Ayomide." I answered

"OK, my name is Joy and I'm in 200 level." Joy said while chewing her gum like a prostitute.

"My name is also Ayomide and I'm in 300 level, please join our school fellowship Deeper life ministry, I'm sure you'll like our program, what church do you attend?" Ayomide asked while Joy hissed

"Haaabbaa, Madam GO, so fast, abeg, make una take life easy, life is eazi o." Joy said and hissed again

"Oh, we'll talk later, if you need any help you can talk to me and that bunk is free." Ayomide said and pointed to the bunk where one lady was arranging her load.

I walked up to where she was standing, she chose the upper bed and I would love to choose that because I've never slept there before.

"Hi, my name is Loveth and I'm in 100 level, I'm sorry that I wasn't able to welcome you well." Loveth said.

"There's no problem about that." I smiled

"So what course do you want to study?" Loveth asked while helping me with my loads

"Industrial chemistry," I answered "what about you?" I asked

"Economics," Loveth answered 

My cellphone beeped and it was from an unknown number so I picked up the call.

"Hello, am I speaking to Ayomide?" The caller asked

"Yes, how may I help you?" I asked while arranging my shoes to a corner

"Are you by chance related to Mr. Ogundimu Joseph?" The caller asked

"Yes, I'm his daughter." I answered wondering what was going on

"Oh ma'am, I'm very sorry to inform you that your father was involved in a ghastly road accident." The caller said

I was terribly shocked "What"? Are you sure about what you're saying?" I asked

Loveth was looking worried, "are you okay?" Loveth asked

"I'm very sorry ma'am." The caller said and hung up

"Nooo," I screamed and fell to the ground while Joy and my namesake Ayomide ran to my side "it's not possible." I cried

"What happened?" They asked Loveth , "I don't know." Loveth answered

"Babe, what's wrong?" Joy asked

"My dad, my dad." I was short of words, I felt like I was dreaming.

-oh please, Lord, this can't be real, my dad must still be alive.

"Ayo, are you alright?" Loveth asked "You passed out." She said and examined my temperature

"Has my dad called?" I asked

"What happened to your dad?" Loveth asked "well no one called you." She answered

I collected my phone from her and tried my dad's number but it wasn't reachable, so I tried my mum's number.

"Hello," Pemisire, my younger brother picked the call, he was crying "mommy is in the hospital and I'm in Aunty Dami's (my mom's sister) house," he sniffed "I was informed that my dad passed away." He started weeping

-so I wasn't dreaming, I hope mom will be fine.

"Pemisire, stop crying, mommy will be fine, just make sure you eat and sleep." I said

"Sister Ayomide, when are you coming back?" Pemisire asked

"I'll be home soon, take care of yourself." I said and hung up

"My dad is dead, he was involved in a road accident." I told Loveth

"What"? She stood up and hugged me "sweetheart, I'm really sorry for your loss." She said and pecked me on my forehead

Madam GO (Ayomide, my namesake) entered the room.

"Ayomide, are you okay?" Madam GO asked looking worried

"She lost her dad." Loveth answered

"Ahh, I'm sorry for your loss," Madam GO said and kept her hands on my shoulder "I know that you feel devastated but all hope is not lost, don't feel bad, don't think you can't still make it and don't blame yourself, you still have hope, trust in Almighty God and he'll lead you to the right path." Madam GO said

"Where am I going to start from?" I cried and held her shirt

"Ayomide, I'm really sorry but please don't give up on God, trust in him, he's the only father you have right now and he'll never let you down." Madam GO hugged me

Joy and two other ladies entered the room noisily but when they sensed the atmosphere in the room, they kept quiet.

"What's happening?" Joy asked still chewing her gum noisily

"She lost her dad." Loveth answered

"Eiyaa, babe ehn, sorry." One of the girls who entered said

"Is that why you're now crying like a 2 year old child, see babe, it's life, shit happens, you just have to be smart, so do you want to kill yourself ni, the man don die he don die be that." Joy said and hissed

"Joy, well Ayomide, be prayerful and have faith in God." Madam GO

"Madam GO don start o." Joy and her other friends laughed

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