Oh no! What will I tell my mother? Who is the father of this baby? How did I get myself into this mess?

It's hard to believe that I'm pregnant and I'm also infected with an incurable deadly disease CHLAMYDIA.

"What is wrong with you? Didn't I warn you about using protection? I don't even understand your life, you're just so unlucky and you are a newbie in this game." Joy said

-I was bittered, scared, I was all teared up, I kept asking myself rhetorical questions.

"First of all, you have to flush away that bastard and we will solve the other problem." Loveth, my bestfriend said.

"But how? Didn't you hear what the Doctor said? He said that I won't be able to have babies after this baby." I cried

"Hey! Stop acting like a baby, what if you have a miscarriage? Is it not the same thing with flushing the baby away? Ohoh!! You want to be a baby mama like Kinsley, see don't compare yourself to Kinsley, she knows the father of her baby and she has a lot of money." Joy said

"In fact, what were you thinking? This business is a game and you've to be wise and smart, omo, babe ehn, you fuck up." Loveth said

"But this baby is my only hope, I don't want to abort it." I said

"I am just wasting my time here, if you like keep it or flush it away, it is not my business." Joy hissed and left the room

"Babe, Alhaji na your customer, make you tell am say na him get the pikin, simple (Alhaji is your customer, tell him that he's the father of the baby)." Loveth said in pidgin

"Ahh, it's true sha, make I call am." I said and brought out my smartphone

"Alhaji, Alhaji." I hailed him.

"Sweetheart, how are you?" Alhaji said in a baritone voice

"I am fine but Alhaji, there is a problem, I need to see you, it is urgent." I said

"Okay, you can come to my office anytime." Alhaji said

-What was Alhaji response?

-Did I keep the baby?

-How was I able to survive

-Do you want to know how my life was before this incident happened?



My name is Ogundimu Ayomide, I am a regular girl with a round face and a wide forehead enough to hold a bottle. My pointed chin made me a bit special, Just me had that as an extensive feature in the family. My wide eyes and wide cheekbone made me look like a girl who could spy on Mars. I had a large eyes and long lashes, brown eyeballs, and a arching eyebrow enough to set any man's heart in fire.

I come from a christian home. The name of my church was Deeper life ministry. My dad is a disciplinarian and he works as a civil servant while my mom is an educationist.

We are four in my family, my dad, Ogundimu Joseph, my mom, Ogundimu Modupe and my junior brother, Ogundimu Pemisire.

I am 17years old while my younger brother, Pemisire is 10years old.

Being the first child and only girl in the house is not easy. I don't have time to play with friends, hang out, I do most of the work in the house and having a no-nonsense dad was also like living in hell. I wasn't allowed to have male friends.

I attended Queens college(girls only where no boys are allowed), I was a bookworm, I was in science department and I was also an introvert.

Right from Junior Secondary School, most of the awards were presented to me- well behaved student, overall best student, same as in senior secondary school. I was also the Senior prefect in secondary school. I was awarded a scholarship into University of Ilorin, my parents were  proud of me.

Finally, I was about to leave Lagos (that's where I and my parents reside) to Ilorin. My mom kept on advising and praying for me.

"Hmm, my child, do not forget the home and family you came from, you're old enough to know the good and bad, please don't join bad gang, you must also attend school fellowship, I believe that you won't turn into a wayward child." My dad said

"She will never turn into a wayward child, you shall excel because I know that the Almighty God I serve is by your side, I will reap the fruits of my labour, please, omo mi(my child) don't forget that you are a glorious child, don't let any boy deceive you into sex, don't let them use money or sweet words to deceive you, Ogundimu Ayomide Sarah, you shall excel." My mother prayed in tears

"Sister Ayo, let me follow you, I'll miss you." Pemisire cried

"Don't worry, I'll still come back home." I assured him

My mom helped me to arrange some foodstuffs and provisions into a big bag while I arranged my clothes and shoes.

I took a big bowl, two buckets and some other things. I packed them in my dad's jeep. We prayed for safe journey.

"Mommy, please let me follow daddy and sister Ayomide." Pemisire cried

"Come on, you can't follow them, Ayo is going to school." Mommy scolded him while I and my dad set off

After 5hours of journey, we got to Ilorin, I was so happy.

My dad helped me with the admission processes, we didn't waste much time because I was awarded a scholarship just had to fill some forms.

My dad advised me before he set off to Lagos.

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