It's hard to believe that I'm now in 200l. I can't wait to finish my education.

Loveth rented an apartment, not far from my school and accommodated me. Madam G.O. was in her final year, so she was always busy.

"Ay, what about James?" Loveth asked.

"I don't have any business with James." I answered.

"Bestie, that guy loves you. We weren't planning anything bad that night. He only wanted to talk with you." Loveth said. 

"Let's just forget about that." I answered.

"In this modern world, see the phone you're using; torchlight phone." Loveth laughed. "Babe, James will change your phone. He's a rich guy."

"I'm not interested." I answered. 

"I know you're always bored. You should be on social media and take nice selfies." Loveth smiled.

"Loveth, leave me. I said I'm not interested."

"I've heard. Now, it's time to dispose your sacks." Loveth said smiling. 

"What sack?" I asked, looking confused. 

"Those clothes you promised you'd wear- the new clothes." Loveth stood up to her wardrobe. "Isn't this nice?" She smiled and threw a silky, diamond crop top on my face.

"Hey!" I screamed as she laughed.

"I've no choice but to put these clothes on. It wouldn't be nice to put on my old clothes to lectures. They are faded, and some have been patched. 

"James wants to take us out." Loveth broke the silence in the room.

"I'm not interested." I replied her.

"We won't spend the night in his house, I promise." Loveth said and scratched her hair.

"Loveth, is there anything between you and Joy?" I asked, recalling the picture I  had seen on her phone.

"No. Why do you ask?" Loveth asked. 

"I saw both of you kissing." I answered. She was shocked. 

"Did you snoop on my phone?!" Loveth shouted at me.

"I didn't snoop. Is it a crime to check my bestfriend's pictures?" I asked.

"Okay. Fine. It's also not a crime to kiss someone of the same sex." Loveth hissed and opened her makeup kit.

"What?" I was astonished. "Are you a lesbian?"

"Ay, let's forget about that." Loveth said, as she applied her lipstick. "I've something to tell you."

"What's that?" I asked.

"You need to start working. If mommy can't provide all the things you need, you should provide for yourself. Babe, you need to take care of yourself. You need new clothes, shoes, bags and you don't want a boyfriend." Loveth said.

"So, which work do you suggest?" I asked.

"Humph..." Loveth sighed. "You might disapprove of this, but babe, that's where I earn my money from." 

"So, what's the job?" I asked.

"You'll sell your body." Loveth said.

"Sell your body?" I laughed. "Please, you've started with these your annoying jokes."

"I'm serious. You'll earn a lot and you'll enjoy it." Loveth smiled.

"My body is the temple of God. I'm a Christian and a virgin. I'm keeping my virginity for the right man, not men. I won't sell my virginity or my body. Never in my life." I said.

"Oh oh. So, I've two heads abi? This thing is not a bad thing; just for some hours and you'll earn good money. I was once naive like you, but babe, this is the right and easy way. Virginity is not a trophy. We'll all lose it, unless you want to die a virgin. I was also a virgin and men don't take note of virginity anymore; they see the lady that's very good in bed." Loveth said.

"But in the bible, prostitution is a bad thing and virginity is a lady's dignity." I said, feeling confused.

"Prostitution is not bad. Try it. Trust me, you'll enjoy it and won't have to bother about having a boyfriend unless you want one. Forget about the bible. It's just a book written by men." Loveth said.

"But, God revealed his words to those men." I said.

"Was it God that told you? Those same men, said it to brainwash you. Christianity is just a way to enslave people. Live your life the way you want." Loveth said.

"I'm confused. Is there really a God?" I thought.

"Are you interested? Joy will also help you." Loveth said.

"I'll think about it." I answered.

"Please, be fast about it."  Loveth smiled.

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