By Sobowale Oluwafunke

- I, Ogundimu Ayomide Sarah was planning to design a life of abundant health, success, prosperity and joy but my life transformed into the one of misery, desperation and pain.

This is a lesson to all  teenagers and youths. My life was destroyed.

Meeting Loveth was like a nightmare that kept me away from the light after Dawn.

After Alhaji slept with me, he gave me a cheque of #1.5m, the money made me happy, though I felt damaged.

My spirit was broken, I knew it but I was blinded with lust of money.

I bought a new phone Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge+. I felt like a big girl, went for shopping.

Some of my course mates advised me but I didn't listen to them.

Even Madam G.O never stopped advising me.

"Ayo, why didn't you come to church? Ayo please don't let the devil take control over your life, this cloth you're putting on doesn't speak well of you and I heard that you don't go for lectures." Madam G.O had advised one morning. 

"I've been busy." I said

"Are you okay? Do you have anything to share with me, Ayo please I'm begging you, don't listen to the devil, don't work for him, these things are earthly materials," Madam G.O pointed at my jewelries and my cloth "they are dangerous, it might look beautiful now."

"Ay, I've heard." I walked away from her

"Ayo, Ayo." Madam G.O called but I didn't answer.

James also noticed the sudden change in me, he tried talking to me but I didn't allow him.

I had different rich clients. I enjoyed the business. I earned 500,000 naira every day, 100,000 naira per man which makes it five men.

All I wanted was for life to be better, for life to make sense. But this wasn't just the kind of life I wanted.

I wanted it in a better way. I hated the work with passion. But I was in love with what came off it.

Two months after I started the business, I became ill, I had vaginal discharge,  bleeding after sex and abdominal pain, pain on passing out urine, vomiting, fatigue, nausea and spotting.

Joy and Loveth took me to a nearby hospital not far from our hostel and I was diagnosed chlamydia with pregnancy. The doctor told me that my baby will be infected and it might lead to miscarriage and he told me that if I abort the baby, I might be barren forever.

The doctor prescribed a drug called azithromycin to settle the chlamydia.

After buying the drug, we went back to Loveth's apartment


"What is wrong with you? Didn't I warn you about using protection? I don't even understand your life, you're just so unlucky and you are a newbie in this game." Joy said

"Babe, Alhaji na your customer, make you tell am say na him get the pikin, simple (Alhaji is your customer, tell him that he's the father of the baby)." Loveth said in pidgin

"Ahh, it's true sha, make I call am." I said and brought out my smartphone

"Alhaji, Alhaji." I hailed him.

"Sweetheart, how are you?" Alhaji said in a baritone voice

"I am fine but Alhaji, there is a problem, I need to see you, it is urgent." I said

"Okay, you can come to my office anytime." Alhaji said

-What was Alhaji's response?

-Did I keep the baby?

-Did I survive?

- What happened between I and James?

-what happened to my mother and brother?



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