By Sobowale Oluwafunke

- I checked the time and it was 3.30am I was feeling dizzy and bored, I took Loveth's phone and it was locked, I tried different words but it didn't open so I tried the name of her pet, she loves her dog and her dog name was Maybelline and it unlocked. I didn't have a smartphone because I couldn't afford it.

I scrolled to Loveth phone gallery and saw some fascinating pictures and videos.

Loveth snapped with different guys in a club and in some videos, she smoked a hookah and drank alcohol.

Is this my best friend? She was an innocent girl, why the sudden change?

I saw Joy and Loveth kissing in a picture, I was shocked, I wanted to wake her up and scream at her but a text message popped up in the screen of her phone.

A text message from James, why did James send her a text message by this time and we're in the same house.

I decided to snoop on her messages, I opened James' SMS and read,

 "can I come?" 

-what led to that message? So I read their previous messages but there was nothing much in it. Ohh, there's an application people always talk about for chatting WHATSAPP, I looked for the name WhatsApp on her phone, it was hard for me to find because I didn't know the correct spelling, I thought the spelling was WARRSALP.

So I clicked on the application and saw different unread messages, I was confused on where to  click, how will I know James chat, luckily for me as I was scrolling down her messages, I saw  James name, I clicked on it, I scrolled down but nothing happened so I scrolled up and saw that they had a lot of messages, as I was about to start reading it, Loveth yawned and stretched, so I closed her WhatsApp and locked the phone and pretended as if I was sleeping.

"Babe," Loveth called to know if I was awake.

Then she checked her phone, stood up and left the room.

- different thoughts, I have to be careful so I sat up.

Not quite long, James came in and was surprise that I was awake.

"What do you want? So what were you guys planning?" I checked the time and it was 5am. I noticed that James was looking at my leg, the gown I wore was revealing my thighs and my underwear so I quickly adjusted it and walked out of his house.

Loveth called me and apologized to me after that incident.

"Ay, I'm sorry and I wasn't in my right mind, please I'm sorry, don't let the devil tear us apart, it was the devil's handwork." I read Loveth's message on my small Nokia 3310.

-Loveth is the only one who takes care of me, she gives me money, foodstuffs. The last time my mom sent money to me was last month and I know that she doesn't have much. Maybe I and Loveth should reconcile, I thought.

"Well at times we human beings make mistakes so I've forgiven you." I replied her text message.

Loveth replied my message immediately, "Thank you so much sweetie, should I bring the clothes James bought for you?"

- Those clothes are very short and revealing but I've no choice, some of my clothes are torn and faded, I thought

"I'll keep them for next session, I'm preparing for exams right now." I replied her

I made sure I studied hard for the upcoming exam.

Anytime I don't have lectures, I go to the library and also at night. Loveth usually follow me to the library at night but I noticed that she did it to impress me and James never ceased to stop calling me


My 100l CGPA was 4.6 and Loveth's 3.8.

 My mom, my aunt and my secondary school principal were proud of me.

 My principal, Adeyemi Banji kept on advising me and encouraging me.

"Ogundimu Ayomide, you're a bright child, don't let the death of your father disturb your education, you can do more than this result, I'm expecting 5.0 in your next result and I know your mother doesn't have much money, you have to bear with her, I'll try to send some gelt to you." Mr. Adeyemi said

"Thank you sir, I'll try harder." I said

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