By Sobowale Oluwafunke

I wore the short pink gown Loveth gave me matching with a black heels and a black bag, I braided my hair into box and I looked all made-up.

"Sweetie, you might need this also." Loveth gave me some jewlleries to put on.

"I can't put it on, what's all this?" I screamed and stamped my foot "I don't even have any piercing and you know that it's against my religion." I placed my hands on my forehead.

Loveth hummed a tune, "they're only enslaving you, you're a beautiful lady and you need to adorn yourself, don't you want freedom?" She moved closer to my side "I don't understand what's wrong with you, you have to stand out and be a classy lady, don't be enslaved."

"So what now?" I was confuse

-it's true, I really want to try all these things, why's it that some other churches do put on jeweleries and they look beautiful, should I try it? Am I really being enslaved? "I thought"

"I'll pierce your ears, I promise not to hurt you." Loveth smiled

 Loveth brought out a needle, cotton swab, marker, a cork and a liquid.

"Did you plan all these things before?" I asked and squeezed my face

"No, I had it since." She said 

It was so painful but I endured it, so I put on a small round earring and a necklace.

James took us to a mall at PLOT 1, Fate Road, Kwara Mall . We got there around 7pm.

We went to the shoprite and  bought ice cream, foodstuffs and some other things. We also went to Da viva store to buy some clothes.

Loveth selected some clothes for me to wear, I felt uncomfortable in most of them but I was kind of shy to complain in the presence of James.

She selected two mini skirts, crazy jean, overall jean, crop tops, gowns and shorts.

We left the mall around 9pm and we couldn't make it back to the hostel.

"Ay, I no fit waka for night o." Loveth said in pidgin

"So what are we going to do?" I asked

"My house is near, you can spend the night in my house." James said

-what? I've never slept in a man's house, what am I going to do? 

"It's okay," Loveth smiled "we've new clothes to put on tomorrow morning." She smiled

"No, please let us go back to the hostel." I said

Loveth dragged my hands and pushed me to James car, "babe you're funny, didn't you check the time?" She said  "and you know that kidnappers and robbers are everywhere."

I and Loveth slept in James's room while he slept in his sitting room.

I couldn't sleep because I wasn't all that comfortable.

It was my first time sleeping in a man's house

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