By Sobowale Oluwafunke

-I and Loveth went to Lagos for my dad's burial. She became my best friend because she was there for me, she advised me, and comforted me and supported me.

During the lying-in-state, I couldn't control myself, I wept, my friend held me back.

"Ay, please be strong." Loveth said


I spent one week at home and Loveth stayed with me.

"My child, please be focused," my mom sneezed in her handkerchief "Please don't let your dad's death weigh you down, I promise to try my best in giving you some pocket money," she said and drew Pemisire to her side "and for your brother, I can still afford his fees." She cried

"Mommy, I'll appreciate anything you give me," I moved closer to her and hugged her "I won't complain please stop crying." I said while she wiped her tears.

My Mom gave me 5000 Naira and she gave me some foodstuffs to take.

I and my best friend  boarded a bus to Ilorin.


Things weren't easy for me in school because I didn't have much money. I and Loveth usually eat together, and we did things in common. 

A week before we started our first semester exam, I noticed that Loveth wasn't telling me things anymore, she doesn't sleep in the hostel regularly and she was moving with Joy and her other friends (Bisi and Bidemi).

Bisi and Bidemi were also my roommates, they don't sleep in the hostel. It was only I and Ayomide (Madam GO) that usually sleep in the room.

"Loveth, what's wrong?" I confronted her when she came to the hostel "where do you sleep?"

"Nothing, I usually sleep in Helena's house (one of her course mate who stayed off campus)." Loveth answered and packed some of her loads.

"But does Joy and her friends also stay at Helena's room?" I asked

"No, they've friends that are staying off campus also," she said while arranging her bed " babe we dey go mall on saturday." Loveth said in pidgin english

"Am I invited?" I dusted my bed, "but I don't have money o." I said and sat down on my bed.

"James wants to take us out." Loveth said and sat down beside me "but you've to dress well o, don't go and dress like iya alajo (tax collector)." She laughed.

"I don't have any clothes, I'll wear what I have." I answered feeling ashamed.

"See babe you need to change your wardrobe, your clothes are for our great grandmothers." Loveth said "you'll put on long skirt, long enough to even hide me." She hissed

"Do you want to give me clothes?" I asked starting to feel irritated

"Just for now o, I'll give you some clothes but you'll have to start working." Loveth stood up and brought out some clothes and gave me.

I wore a gown, "Loveth, you don't expect me to put on this gown," I squeezed my face "it's too short and tight."

"This gown is really endowed on your body," Loveth formed a figure 8 sign with her finger "you have a wonderful shape, all these your bread seller clothes really covered your shape." She said.

"Loveth, what's all these?" I fumed "you've really changed." I said

"I'm sorry I was not trying to insult you," she hugged me "I want you to look more pretty."

"Okay, I'll wear this gown only on Saturday o." I said while she laughed and pecked me

"Go bestie go bestie," she danced round the room "I'll also do your makeup."

"But why James?" I asked her "you know I don't really like him."

"James love you and he's a rich guy." She smiled 

"I'm not interested in a relationship." I said and sat down on my bed

"He hasn't asked you out o," Loveth tickled me "I was only teasing you."

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