Collins threw up his suit and he caught it, he slipped his hands into his sleeves and he frowned at his dressing mirror. It was an ash suit, under it was a white long sleeves. an ashes tie hanging down his neck. His phone buzzed again, he picked it up and he listened to his managers voice screaming his name.

 "Collins, where the hell are you. Get your ass here" 

" on my way sir." Collins dropped the phone. He picked up a white tub, pressed the last portion of it out, it popped out of the tubes neck and he picked it up with his index finger. he entrusted it in the care of his right palm and he rubbed it vigorously against his second palm and he rubbed it against his face. He looked himself in the mirror noticing the cream touched every part of his face.

 His phone buzzed again. He picked it up, it was his boss calling him again. He glared ignoring his phone. He had worked till 10pm the previous day, for the company. Putting together all the phone numbers, the client names and companies that had patronised them for the past 3years. He had been on it since 8a.m he took a lunch break around 4pm and he made sure he wasn't going to take any other break till the document concerning sales statistics were ready, and that took him 6more hours after he took a break for lunch. That alone should earn him a free day. So been late should have been an underpayment.

He picked up his bag, got out of his house. Waved down a cab and he was on his way to  lekki where he worked. He stepped out the cab. His bag under his arms pinned to his side as he paid the cab man. He walked in through the walk lane and he frowned seeing the whole workers outside. 5 black cars of different sizes, where packed not in the parking lot. That signified the owner of the car had higher authority than Makinde his immediate boss. The she devil that had him employed. "Where the hell have you been?" Makinde rushed at him, almost falling off her dwarf heel as her feet went out of place in the buckle that held it. Collins had a confused look. Now he was very confused. Why were every one standing outside- He smiled as Makinde got closer to deliver a scream.

 "Where the hell have you been. You are 30 minutes late." 

"Mar I worked..." 

"And so" She exploded, "Is that why you took away the elevator key. The Ceo is vexed". Collins looked to the left as he saw a thick man in his late 60's stepped down a black jeep, another man in ashes suit held open the door for him. 


Collins sat behind his table, his hands under his jaw as he thought about all that had happened over again. How come he forgot to drop the elevator key with the security men. Why didn't they even ask him for it- He smashed his fist on his table and he frowned again. If he had been there just 30 minutes earlier it would have worked. No one was blaming him for going home with the elevator key, They all were yelling in his face for coming 30 minutes late. He had over heard Makinde tell the the Secretary to type his sack letter. That alone wrecked his ship of thought. Now she had hit her goal. She had wanted him out since the very day he had refused to go to bed with her. She was definition of hot and sexy, but Collins wasn't that kind of person. Now she was getting back at him. Just 30 minutes late-

Collins phone rang out as he battled trying to get him self drown in thought. "Hello, The boss Wants to see you" The voice came at him. It was Makinde's P.A "Where is she" "No, He. The Ceo wants you here." The call dropped and he whisked, he gazed his hair and he rubbed his smooth chin hard. He stood up, picked up his suit and he made it for his office exit. 

A thick man looking through a thin pair of glass sat behind a wooden desk. With a macbook in front of him and a pile of document very close to his reach. The air conditional in the room and hidden a lot. He looked tired his cloths would have been like a pack of nylon immersed in water. But it was dry taking a starchy shape. Line ran across his fore head and he looked up as his door went open. A tall lady with a purple lips stick, her pen stocked in her hands stepped in. She stepped aside, letting Collins access the office. A frown on the Ceo's face as he stared at Collins. Collins moved forward his hands clenched into each other. He was not himself until the door smashed close and the lady was out. 

"You were the one who came 30 minutes today." "Yes sir." Collins began as he laid up his explanation in his mind. Thick sweat ran down his chin, he was ready to spill out his heart. "Sir my house his far." 

"But you have been coming early to work. I have your name checked on the registration sheet."

 "Yes sir. but..." 

"It is owkay. I didn't call you here for explanation" The CEO motioned him to a seat. He sat down leaning forward as he faced the Thick man in the face. 

"Take this" The CEO pushed a key towards him. He stared at the key and he went blank with several bink.

 "Take it" The ceo voice went harder. He stretched and he picked it up. It was a car key. He stared at it again. He could not believe his eyes. 

"Sir. Do you want me to start driving you?" he asked. The CEO gave a negative nod and he smiled. 

"No it is for you" he said curtly. He pulled his macbook closer and he stroke it keys lightly.

 "I love the way you complied this document." He CEO was saying as he dug out the file Collins had worked on. 

"It was error free and the settings. I don't know. The navigation is easy. Whats the name of the app you used."

 "A new app developed by Microsoft." Collins replied. Then he gulped forcefully. 

"You will need to teach a lot of people how to Prepare a list like you did. Do you have an international passport?" Collins eardrum puffed as it manage to amplify his boss' words. He couldn't believe it. He blinked his eyes, thinking it was a dream, knowing he had to wake up to reality.

 "No sir" He finally replied, after a brief pause. 

"But i have an ID card" he said. His boss grinned then he said.

 "You wont be in need of that." He pricked his nose with his finger as he spoke on. 

"Get back to your office. Park your stuffs. You are closing for the day. Go secure an international passport." Collins jaw dropped involuntary. He got in control and he comported himself quickly. 

"Pls don't leave now. I will send Makinde to deliver a package to you in 30 minutes." He paused and he looked Collins in the face. "You will have to manage an hundred thousand naira for today. Do you have a diamond bank account?" "Y..e...s... S...ir" Collins stammered. 

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