Mr and Mrs Williams lived in Lagos with their twins , Ken and Kelvin and they were happy together. They cherished their twins that they got them all they needed each time they asked .Ken is tall, fair and handsome while Kelvin is a little taller, dark in complexion but he has a kind heart. Ken is very arrogant due to the fact that he is handsome and girls admire him a lot but Kelvin always walk alone in the company of his two friends, Charles and Ade.

 They usually go out on early morning jog before their parents wake up from bed .One fateful morning they both went out as usual and were heading back home .They met a man begging for alms and they both gave him money. He prayed for them and told them to make a wish in their hearts and it will come to pass. Kevin wished to be famous, more handsome and wealthier than his parents but Ken wished to be captured in the hearts of men with his kindness. The man said their wishes would come to pass and they went home forgetting what the man had said and took his words lightly.

 Two years later , Kelvin became famous ,very handsome and wealthy and he used his wealth to help the needy and he built several Non governmental organizations. His parents, friends and family were proud of him. Ken on the other hand found it difficult to do something worthwhile with his life, his life was full of regrets here and there. He was rejected by his friends with whom they always hail him and wished they were admired as well as he was .

  Ken was thinking about how his life became like this when a man came towards him and said 'Young man I know why you are like this'. He said do you remember two years ago when you and your twin brother gave me money one morning after you both had finished jogging and I told you to make a wish? Ken thought for a while and said "Oh! Yes I remember, but you said the wish was going to come to pass."

 The man said "Yes I said so and the wish came to pass."  

"But why am I like this all what I wished for didn't come to pass but they all went to my twin brother" Ken replied. 

The man said. "They went to your twin brother because he asked with a humble and meek heart and you asked with an arrogant heart .Ken was full of regret and he remembered his mother and brother telling him to stop being arrogant and learn to be humble because humility speaks for you.

┬ęTomi Owoborode