"Thank you lord" that all she could remember saying after struggling to wake up from a nightmare. Lola tried to capture all that happened in her dream. What have i done? Why the strange voice go and confess?- She thought. 

        Lola is a christian an epitome of  beauty with bright eyes like that of a hair rubbed with oil. Lola is the 2nd of four children, and the only daughter. She had not more than two legs, but guys were always attracted to her. Lola is 25 years old, a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU).                                                                  Lola secured a desirable job, she's got employed as a clerk in Rovers Hotel. She was also very vibrant and hardworking, this gave her edge over other staffs. Rovers hotel was a place where big men in Lagos lodge. It's cool place, almost all lagosian desires to be there even me. 

Mr. Smith the manager of the hotel began to have forge a sort of feeling for this young woman. He would give her this cloth pulling look at time. But from the very first day. Mr Smith saw her. He had felt the chemistry. Some say love at first sight matters. Is that saying true of Mr. Smith and Lola? I can't answer. Lola was good at snubbing. When it was her boss this time she did it logically. Trying every means to stay clear of him. Whenever both cross paths, she would suddenly feel incontinent. 

Life in office looked hard for Lola due to the pressure coming from Smith on the basis of "I Love You".

      This got Lola into thought. -What if this man is meant for me? won't I use my hand to send God's own away. Let me give him a chance and see what comes out of it-

 Mr. Smith drove into the hotel one evening.

"Come here" Mr. Smith called Lola on phone as he stepping into his office. "please I need the accounts of people that lodged in yesterday." Lola adjusted her body after a shrug. She checked the mirror if her make up had not been ruined. Then she rushed to meet Smith in his office. "Sir, 50 people lodged yesterday." Smith smiled,  he walked to the ajar door and he pushed it close.

 "I didn't call you here because of that. I noticed you have been dodging me. See Lola I love you moon to back, give me a chance to prove my love to you. Smith grabbed her and he got close holding her to the wall with his face coming against hers. He kissed her and what they share afterwards was the bond of their body and soul. Lola dressed up and she left,  feeling disappointed in herself for letting that happen. 

Was she even prepared for this? Smith began to deliberate after she had gone. 

She already had someone who she had claimed to love,  Jeffery. And she had sworn the whole world to kept her self even from him. 


      Six years later, Lola and Jeffrey were happily married with two kids. Lola hid everything that had happened between her and Smith from Jeffrey. The relationship wasn't that balanced after a while with her tending to dig up old memories every night. She knew her life was in a mess by unseen forces. She must have pretended faithfulness to Jeffrey. Jeffrey tried all her best to unify his home, but what live brings everyday seems unbearable. Every night there's always a cry from lola's home. The dreams where getting strange and strange. She tend to see Smith's face in her dream, and a lot more had happen. She wanted to spill up to her husband but she felt confessing was like pulling down a mighty hive built by bees. Which she counted as been impossible.

        "Honey, have you prayed today?" Jeffrey asked. "No I am a bit tired today". Lola replied. Jeffrey remove the covered cloth off her. She stood up, held his hands for prayers. "Why is your prayers short today?" Lola asked. "The contract has been awarded. I have to do some stuffs on my laptop." He said. 

"Okay." Lola replied. Jeffrey rushed to the sitting room to pick his laptop. He got Lola's cry from the living room and he rushed back. -That's Lola voice. What might have happened- He thought.

 "Why are you crying ?" He asked in a low tone as he rushed into the living room. 

"Masquerades were beating me in their gazillion. Smith led them." Lola replied. "Who is Smith?" Jeffrey asked. He wavered and He ran to bring warm water to press the wounds on her body. "What's this? Blood!" He held her hand to raise her up and he felt life had left her. He quickly looked at her but hers eyes were fixed with her lashes growing rigid. He shouted "She's gone. I lost her."

He held up to her and he began to shake her as he wailed thinking he could bring her back to life. 

P.S: "The torment" is a fictional story... It all occurred on an imaginary scale. The mission of devil is to steal, kill and to destroy (John10:10). The Devil's mission is for those who live a life of "sin". Sin brings torment from the devil and separation from God. I guess you remembered Ananias and Sapphira, don't allow your case be like theirs. Torment is not from God, check your life and bring out the cause of your troubles. I pray your relationship with God will be on a platform of holiness (Amen).

      © Adedeji Michael