It was worth a trophy, this eleven devoted hours. She had not dreamt this long. It was one she wasn't ready to wake from. Knowing it was day break, she still had her lids closed ready to go more. It was a miracle, the pictures kept coming. Repeating itself like an ancient circle in a cycle. 

Gold dreams! Let's go one more time. She thought as her alarm gave a wild blow. She went for it with her fist and she saw to it falling off her bedside table. It crashed into the ground and its broken glass was disposed all over the tied floor. Now she knew she was awake but she wasn't just ready to open up to the light. 

Her head hurts. Seemed she had it slammed over a desk. She pulled the blanket over her face again to replay all she dreamt about. Impossible! They must be mere thought that made her felt the little good about life was all she could step into in her sleep. 

Nothing came up again. She closed her eyes and she tried forcing her self to sleep. She wasn't even imagining a thing. Her head was blank and her pen was darn broken she couldn't paint a mere ray. She gave up. And pushing away the blanket was like stepping from hell into hell. It took her all she had. It was like she giving out energy as alms. Her pale face carried her popping eyes. She tried to stretch then greet herself 'good morning.' Then she forgot her name. Did she forget her name or she had no name?

She stared blankly to see if something was wrong. Everything was fading off. Not a strand of memory she had left. Everything looked wrong.

Everything around her told her she was in an hotel room, and she was beginning to wonder what brought her there. 

She stood off the bed, setting her feet on the cold ties and she sighted the slippers closer to her bed. It was wet like she had just used it and her next aim was to check the mirror. She doesn't even know how she looked. She must confirm. 

She started at the mirror and she let out a side scream. She looked twenty years older than she felt. She felt a large pound of flesh around her chin. She fled for the large wardrobe west wind she pulled it opened. No! This is not an hotel. All the cloths in there looked new they were her exact size. 

She looked over to the reading table that hosted a frame picture of what she called her foster look. 

She threw it away and she went for a grab. She picked up a wallet on the table. She Checked it, and she confirmed it had cash, then she stowed it in her pocket. 

She went out of the room and it was like she had been plugged into another world. She looked back and she found no door. It was like she was in a hall with a lot of people around, walking and moving all over. She saw men placing flowers and some were carrying in framed artwork. She felt so irritated and her next step was away into eternity. She got a flash of a sign post falling off and crushing a car. 

Her next touch away was she her hands reaching out to a door handle. She got outside to the street and she frowned, having noise hit her on the left. She looked left and she saw a large sign post crushing down a brown sport car. People where around trying to rescue those in the car. She had seen that before and it came up few minutes ago. 

She fled the scene in confusion and she got a cab. 

She climbed in and she had a little chat with the driver. She wanted to visit the best bar in town. She couldn't figure out why she choose to drink. But the urge was strong. 

She was dropped in front of a bar. Classic bar! The name read with, radiant lightning all over the board that called people in. 

It was a big bar. Wide enough to hold 300 people. A match was ongoing and she tend not to be interested. All she wanted was a glass of drink. 

She felt a touch and a new sheet of memory slid in. She saw the cab she had just Alighted go up in fire. She whined around to spot the car been driven away. She wanted to scream 'stop' but she knew her voice would not reach the next block. She stared for a while and nothing happened. Then she faced the bar in satisfaction. She had not taken five steps into the bar when she got stopped by a loud noise. She turned around and she saw the car, blazing in a cloak of red flames. 

The tears droped before she could hold it back and she felt her head heating up. She found a seat while people tried rushing out of the bar to see what had happen down the street. 

It was bright enough. Now she had it in thought. People don't use bars this much except its late. Oh! The match. She thought. 

She order for a cold cup of Smirnoff and she took a throat burning sip when she broke down in thought. It was getting too much. It was like she had taken a bite out of the future. She wasn't finding a piece of her self in all that clothed her head. 

Had she dreamt about all this or she was spying into the future. Is tomorrow here. She thought. 

Her hands vibrated and she looked up. Something smashed into her head and she shook with fear, holding unto her nerves. She had just seen a celling fan fall on some of the celebrants in the bar. 

She came back after a blink and she became aware of the loud rotating blades above head.

She looked ahead and she sighted tens of fans all over and she got confused, not knowing which of the fans was going to fall. 

"Can you stop the fans from rotating." She said to one of the waitress who gave her a perplexed look. 

"Why?" The waitress asked. 

"I have a feeling, an accident will happen." 


" Yeah! One of the fans might drop." She pointed to the roof.

The waiter glowered and she walked away with her serving tray. 

No!!! It came again to her and she saw the fan drop. Now more dramatic. She saw people pulling out men. More fans began to drop and she frowned. She got up and she summoned up courage. 

She found her self in front of the bar disconnecting T.Vs 

"Stop watching and get out. Something is about to happen." She screamed. The viewers began to watch like a wild lion. Most not believing what was happening was actually happening. 

She got grabbed by security men before she could cause more damage and she was hauled away from the front of the bar.

Two men stood behind the bar, suited. 

"Bring her over." They yelled. 

She got lowered, getting to the end of the Bar and she was stopped from fighting back.

"Sorry about all this mess. She is a bit sick." The guy with the red tie said as he showed up with an handcuff and he slipped it around her wrist like two similar bangles. 

"Cyndy, take it easy." The other guy said. 

She was confused. Cyndy! Is that my name. She thought, confused.

" Am I sick." She asked the suited men. 

"Yes!" The man with the red tie replied. "Mental disorder."

"I don t know them." She cried in an attempt to break free and she got hauled again. 

A loud sound came off. She was dropped Immediately and she looked back. She saw most of the fans. They had fallen off the roof. The  dust was just too much with people scattered all over. Those who were safe were off their feet. And those who stood were finding it hard to believe what had happen. It was hard for her to count how many of the fans had fallen. 

She stood at the rear of the bar, shaking. Then she sensed a flash was coming through. She hadn't gotten a very clear picture. But she knew it was another terrible piece of the future.

┬ęGodwin Okhuoya