A certain village was suffering from famine and diseases, the king and the chiefs did all they could to put an end to the dreadful catastrophe. The chief priest was summoned for a solution, and the only revelation he received was that someone was the cause of the problem and unless the person dies there won't be a way out. A missionary in the town was against it and stood his ground that God can heal the land if only they allow it,  they counted his words as gibberish and he was locked up in prison.

Many people died as each week goes by, including the queen. It continued like this for three months as there was no other divulgence from the oracle. One day, a sorcerer was summoned from another village who was known to be powerful and skilful in sorcery and enchantments. 

"The gods of this land are angry and the only solution to appease the gods is to offer the teeth of a lion that was killed on the same day" said the sorcerer and the people as well as the king murmured in a tone of impossibility and the people began to wail and thought it's impossible to escape this plight and they began to turn their backs to return to their houses. 

"No one leaves until we reach a compromise" said chief Zama. Then one of the farmers who was also a hunter raised his hand to volunteer to go. "The gods will bless you, let him leave to the forest as soon as possible" answered chief Zama.  "Isn't that wickedness Chief Zama? we should send at least twenty able men to the forest, sending one person is as good as sending no one" said another chief and the king shook his head in approval.

 About ten other men also volunteered to go to the forest and the king appreciated their heart of kindness. Then the sorcerer answered "the teeth will be enchanted to make a ring, it's a ring of abundance or life, and so you will have to choose between abundance and life". "Even a fool knows life gives you hope, we will go for the life ".  Then the eleven men headed for the forest, after twenty one days, just two of the men returned in the night and narrated all that happened in the forest and the other nine men were dead but they were able to bring the teeth. "It has to be used soon enough before another day, we came as soon as we killed it this morning" said one of the men, so they gathered all the villagers together in the palace and the missionary was released to be in attendance. 

The teeth was enchanted into a ring in the presence of all the villagers and it was placed on the royal table as the people danced. It was time to use the ring and it was found missing, the whole palace turned upside down. It couldn't be outside the palace as no one was allowed to go out, so it was believed someone stole it to become rich at the detriment of others. Everyone was checked one after the other, and it was still not found, it was almost twelve mid-night and the ring will be rendered useless after past twelve.

Then a little boy whose mother was almost dying and laid at one side of the palace raised his hand and said "We have not checked six people here ", and everyone was confused. The king answered "Who are they my son". "Your majesty the king and the chiefs". The people were surprised at the gut of the child, the guards attempted to arrest him but the king stopped them and he allowed himself and the chiefs to be checked but it wasn't found yet. The king said to him "My son, it's still not found, and you mentioned six people, the chiefs here are four, with myself making five, who's the sixth person?" and the people began to wonder too as the boy pointed to the sorcerer "how dare you little brat point your finger at me", and chief Zama answered "if the king was checked you can't escape it either"

Alas! It was found in his pocket; the people were furious and got the sorcerer beaten to death without heeding to the kings order.  "Oh, what have you done, it's almost another day and you have killed the only solution to our problem without thinking, who is going to use the ring now? said the king and the people came back to their senses. While they were wailing, the mother of the little boy stood up and was shouting "I am whole" as well as other sick people in the palace, they were surprised and discovered according to the missionary who was locked up that the author of the problem was the sorcerer himself, he was an evil greedy man who made fortune out of causing calamity in villages, he was going to use the ring for himself for wealth, and ask them to go to the forest again to kill another lion, take ransom from the king and then lift the curse. More people, including the queen wouldn't have died if you had let God take charge said the missionary.

That was how sorcery and Idol worshipping was banned in the land as the missionary introduced them to the true God, and they served Him till date.

©Precious Deji-Omolere