Jasmine, an orphan and a fifteen year old girl, who in her lifetime has had numerous heartbreak. She had been told a million times how useless she was and how unsuccessful she would be, and this had put out root in her mind that she was just awaiting death. 'What’s the point of living if there is no reason to live' is one of her popular quotes.

 She had always sighted a quote which has no meaning to her or she doesn’t believe it would work for her. ”No creature is useless”. All these is as a result of her mother’s death. when she was just three and her father married another wife, he also died a year after. 

Her step mother is known to be a trouble maker by everyone close to her. Jasmine  was woken up in the middle of the night by her wicked step mother who had never cared about her, not once. Her stepmother was suddenly hungry in the middle of the night and no food was in the house. -It’s such a wicked desire for someone to desire to eat pounded yam in the middle of the night- was the thought that came to Jasmine’s mind.

 Jasmine slept few minutes past one and her stepmother woke her again around 02:00am to prepare pounded yam for her while her children, her twins precisely were having their share of sound sleep.

While she was still pounding outside the house, a snake bit her and she started screaming that she woke up the whole neighbourhood. Her stepmother sat inside without moving an inch closer to help. She already told Jasmine to call her when she’s done with the food. Jasmine kept screaming,  wallowing in pain as she grabbed her foot. She scrambled to her feet after a while and she went back to the ground again. Everyone pretended they didn't hear her. 

 The neighbours around were the ones who responded after a while and had her rushed to the state hospital close by. There she was treated and she was made to return home the next day. 

Her step mother was already waiting at the entrance, she welcomed her with a sounding slap on her left cheek. It was thunderous and it made her fall against the wall. She fell to the ground and her next attempt for survival was weakened. She passed out, immediately.  

 A little boy who was also with her in the hospital motioned to some people hiding by the tree side looking at what will be her plight, they took Jasmine and headed to the hospital again and they returned with some policemen, Jasmine’s step mother was arrested for assault, child abuse.

 She was found guilty with numerous concrete evidence.  Jasmine on knowing this got back home, hired a vehicle and packed every valuable thing in the house, sold some and started a new life.

 Jasmine is now married with two kids. She now runs an orphanage in Ofa and she would always tell her kids.  “No creature is useless, and because you live, you have a reason to live.”

©Precious Omolere