See how your name can be of help to fight your battle.

At age 7, I used to be in the hostel at a primary school. My mom 

had to drop me there due to the location of where she worked then. I happened to be the youngest in the hostel. I hardly talk, I only do cry. Cry not because I miss my mum but because my spirit was against that environment.

I was given to an house mistress for her to give me special care due to my health. I suffered from a chronic pneumonia and lived on daily drugs. I began to perform woefully in academics. 

My house mistress was a sorceress in disguise. She consumed all my provisions. She never even bothered about my drugs, I was dying. My chest was blocked. The sound of my cough will wake someone sleeping, up, in a two storey building. 

I didn't play normally, I cried harder days upon days. They named me and called me 'little witch'. As if that was not enough, nightmares were added to my problems and this time, I will always cry both day and night. I do see scary figures. 

On the 9th of April the following year, as recorded by my mum, I was 8years already. I had the worse nightmare. And in this nightmare, I saw an old woman with the face of my mum. She chased me into a very dark house, flogged me! Whipped me! Like how Jesus was whipped in the films we watch. 

I was shouting and crying in the dream and the tears could do a laundry. 

Meanwhile, I was shouting for real and crying for real. From 12:00am to 4:00am, that was how I was shouting. Everyone, both in the boys and girls hostel with our mistresses was awake and they were trying to wake me. At least, if I would stop seeing the scary thing. They tried from 12:00am till 4:00am, I was just shouting without opening my eyes. They sprinkled anointing oil on me and dropped a bible in my hand as a sword. They were also singing by my bunk. This became more scary to me. I thought those I was seeing in the dream had now come physical. 

Suddenly, they told me they heard a knock on our hostel door and alas it was my mom. She rushed in with tears in her eyes, came to my bed and called my name 'IMISIOLUWA', which only her would call me. I was always addressed normally by my English name. I heard just that and it answered the old woman's question in my dream. She was actually flogging me and asking who I am. And the way my mother mentioned my name, it struck her and she fell and left me. 

I eventually opened my eyes around 5:00am only for me to see myself on my mum's laps clinched to her chest and I saw the crowd that surrounded my bed. She cuddled me.

My hostel mistress asked how she knew something was wrong with me. She said she had a dream that she suddenly saw herself beating me so much and I was shouting. She was crying in the dream because she knew it wasn't her. And she woke up and saw tears in her eyes and immediately she took the fastest traveling means at midnight to come and see me because she already knew there was a bond between us in terms of dreams and she has noticed ever since I was born. 

Now my point is, I am not a perfect being. I have attacks and still do because devil never rests and no one is problem free. We do have attacks but they come in different forms to individual. 

*Pay attention to kids. No one understood my reason for crying before the strong attacks. 

*Let all kids be brought up on a solid foundation of Christ. Teach them how to pray. The problem that is affecting a fully grown man now started from his childhood. Not all can be lucky to survive like me. 

*Parents! Don't you ever neglect a child who is not mentally fit yet. Even a youth still need his/her parent's protection.

*Most importantly, let us pay more relevance to our names. Some names are declaration of victory. 

God left the names in the heart of our parents to his own best understanding. Call your name boldly and declare yourself free from your battle by God's power. 

Ever since then, I was diagnosed free from pneumonia and I was withdrawn out of the school immediately. 

Meanwhile, what God said about me is:

    "Attackers are only wasting time"

For I AM