"You this useless woman,I will kill you today" Tunde shouted as he pounced on her and beat her mercilessly. Shade got married to Tunde after they had met on campus four years ago in her final year but it seems he is not what he claimed to be. People don't change just like that?

  Shade gained admission into the tertiary institution immediately she finished her secondary education .She was a very brilliant girl and the envy of every parent in her neighbourhood. She lived with her parents and younger sister and they loved her so much .Her parents provided her and her sister, Shola with everything they asked of them. She loved her family so much that she decided she was going to come out outstanding from the tertiary institution .

  Shade like usual didn't have to do more than a lash flick to impress her lecturers and colleagues in her department and faculty as she rounded her first year with a 4.87CGPA after her lecturers had known she finished her WASSCE with 7As and 2Bs. She made her parents happy and they were so proud of their daughter. She was cherished by all her colleagues in the department, faculty and school. Shade was also a very devoted Christian and she went to her campus fellowship diligently. She loved campus fellowship activities and so she was given a leadership role in her second year .

  During her final year in school, she met Tunde, a very handsome and dark guy with a catlike eyes to match his round face. He liked Shade but she didn't even notice him. Shade was leaving the library that fateful evening when she almost slipped but Tunde came to her rescue like a saviour. She was very grateful and he said "If you are really grateful, can we be friends " Shade didn't want to disappoint him and she said "OK, just friends." Soon they became so close to one another that everybody thought they were going out. 

Shade's roommates, Chelsea and Ope didn't like the fact that she was hanging out with Tunde and so they called her one evening after dinner and Ope said to her. 

"Shade, I know you and Tunde are just friends but be careful because I heard he is a very bad guy " Shade replied "hanhan, how can you say that .Tunde is very nice, jovial, caring and loving, when we fight and am at fault he apologizes." 

Chelsea smiled "See this girl, so you don't know that he is just hiding under something when it blows off you would see his real self " She replied and that made Shade leave the room in anger. She told Tunde what  her roommates said and he told her "Don't mind them, they are only jealous " .

  Tunde follows Shade to fellowship for every activity and made her like him more .They started dating and she felt so secured. Well! she finished with a first class though and he also finished with a second class upper .They went lovestruck over each other and Shade didn't know there was more than 'meets the eyes' to Tunde.

  Tunde proposed to her on the third year of meeting her and they got married afterwards .They lived happily for six months until one night when Tunde came back home drunk. Shade couldn't believe her eyes, she just opened the door and stood still, watching him fall off in the living room. Tunde was so drunk that he started talking to himself "Oh my, Why did I end up with this woman, I don't even love her, I only did those things for her to fall for me and she did." Shade couldn't believe her ears. She was dumbfounded right at the stop that she was too weak to move an inch away from the door .

   That was how it started. It was like he had been hiding his real self for a century. Tunde started beating her everyday saying that all she does she doesn't do them well and he was going to beat her till she dies. 

"You this useless woman, I will kill you today" Tunde shouted as he pounced on her again one late evening.  Now she was beginning to wonder what had come over her lover. Shade cried  all night and remembered those days when he showed her care, love and followed her to fellowship like a good man not knowing he was just hiding behind a mask. 

She told herself 

"I wish I had listened to my friends and loved ones that warned me about him." 

It was more than all this. Had he changed or all he had been doing were just him acting behind a mask? She asked herself. 

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