The Investigator

Tayo dug into his pocket as his phone buzzed, sending shocks into his marrow. Finally he had it out; a Samsung S4. He frown for some seconds, Trying to figure out why the caller was calling. "Hello" he spoke into the phone, an expressionless look on his face. "Hey, Tayo what's good" "I am fine. How have you been" "Fine where are you" "Am in a public transport. Am on my way to Lag now. Mum's sick so i had to go see her." "Fine, Waisu is dead" The voice broke through, It was all over Tayo's face. Burying some atom of unbelief. "That must be a joke" Tayo wavered. "Pls call me when you get into town" The call went off. 
Tayo took more seconds off as he stared at his phone's screen. He rubbed his chin gently then he snorted.

Tayo stepped into the hallway, behind him was an hard face suited man. He had a gun hanging on his waist. He pushed open a door on the left and he stepped back as light flooded the passage, giving Tayo the chance to step in.

"What is this that i am hearing in" "Wasiu is dead!" Yusuff said curtly. A frown on his face as his gaze monitored Tayo's movement across the room. "That's never going to be possible. I saw him two days ago, before i travelled." "See my brother is dead and there is nothing you can do about it. So pls sit down. Let us talk."
Tayo sank into the arm chair close to him, His face puckered as a furrow raised above his brow. "You think i killed my brother?" Yusuf said. "I am not saying that, Yusuf. But i cant say. You might" A scowl appeared on Yusuf's face. "You hated him all your life. And you have swore a thousand time you were going to kill him." "How dare you, Tayo. What are you trying to proof. That i killed my blood brother." His hands pointing to his chest. "I never did." "Fine" Tayo shrugged. "I had to fly down from Greece, without sorting out what i went there for. In fact the very moment i heard this, I jumped into the next available flight." "Beautiful. Because you had to cover your act. Yusuf, you cant even deny you are not behind all of this." 
Yusuf stood off his chair and he walked close to the wall, he kicked against it gently with his shoe. His hands secured in his pocket. "See, Tayo. I can make all of this easy. I have picked up my brother's case as a private investigator." "Nice" Tayo said jamming his hands together. "So this is your plan. You want to bury this. Yusuf you had all you wanted. Why did you have to take his life." "Dont! Tayo, dont even move a step closer to accusing me wrongly." "Ok" Tayo gulped as he nodded. "Why did you call me here." 
Yusuf went over to his table and he sat. "Let's begin this. Where exactly were On the 12th of august". A faint smiled appeared on tayo's face. "I Thought i told you i travelled home three days ago. That was on the 12th." "Did you see Wasiu before you left for your home town." "What kind of question are you asking me. Do you think i have hands dug into any this." "Pls answer me". Tayo shrugged, then he replied. "He has camera's planted all over his house, why don't you check that out." "See Tayo" Yusuf broke in. "i will like it if you l'd cooperate with me. You know Wasiu has all the camera's removed early this year. He companied about privacy." "And you went mad. May be those were one the stuffs you gathered up. Then you murdered him. "Did you see him on the 12th of august" Yusuf yelled. "No." Tayo replied curtly. "I saw him last on the 9th." 
"Have you seen this before" Yusuf asked pointing to a Piece of paper over laid with a Pistol. "What?. what is my business with your gun, i have seen many guns." "No i mean the paper".
Tayo picked up the gun, laid it aside, then he picked up the sheet and after a long study he said. "What is this" "I want you to write a statement, that Your know about Waisu's mental illness. Since you have been his long time friend. And you suspect that, this must have made him stab himself. paint a suicide picture. I promise you 70million Naira if you do this for me." Tayo laughed out, then he ended the smile with a frown bored in his face. "What do you mean by all this. I knew it. Yusuf. How could you". Yusuff watched tayo patiently then after some few seconds. He stood off his chair. His hands navigating into his suit as he drew out a fixed knife. Tayo went for the gun in an attempt of self defense. His mouth fell open, Confusion flooding his head. Yusuf fell on his back. The knife trusting into his shoulder as he screamed. "Wh..a..t" Tayo stammered. He couldn't believe Yusuf just stabbed himself. Right then the door flew opened.

"I understand the fact that you need me to handle this case, Yusuf. But" "Yes. But... Do i have to convince you that Tayo killed wasiu again. After all I have said." Yusuf grimaced. His gaze couldn't go more than the four walls his office. "Mr eazy. i called you in here because i trust your work. I mean, i have spent time reading your testimonial. And i want you to help me get that bastard behind the bars for life." "See, Yusuf" Mr eazy leaned forward. "That is impossible without evidence. Tell me all i need to know." 
Yusuf leaned forward, his hands clasped into each other as he laid it on the table. "I Will tell you all i know. ok." He sniffed "I got a call from ruka, Wasiu's wife. I had to take the next available flight, down from Greece. I met with inspector Daniel. We had coffee, then he told me about the scene. They found a knife dug in my brother's throat when they got there. And something else" Eazy eyes bulged. "They found a chewing gum wrapper. Apple Clint Chewing gun." He adjusted his hands gently on the table as he felt pain run quickly through it. "The reference code on the chewing gum wrapper showed it was one of the stocks distributed to Molente district. I have the wrapper i can show you" "There is no need. I spoke to inspector daniel Yesterday, after i got your call. He said Waisu's finger print was all they found on the knife he recovered." "That's true. Tayo must have done it with a glove. You take a look at this. I thrust a knife in your throat. Wont you try to pull it out. Even if you wont, but at least you would try touching it. See Eazy this is not suicide." "But if we are to go by the knife. It is suicide." Eazy replied. "Fine. Take a look at this. Tayo works in molente. Do you know that." Eazy gave a positive nod. "I have been to his company. I found out he was on a night shift on the 11th of august, He volunteered for a night shift. Does that ring a bell in your head. Apple clint keeps you from sleep. It has a little caffeine. So he must have gotten a lot of the chewing gum a night before. Then he decided to bring some along while he was coming down from work to see Wasiu." 
Eazy ran his tongue over his lips as he pasted on Yusuf his undivided attention "I have few people who can testify they saw him very early in the money in Ikeja on the 12th." Yusuf shrugged. "Had it been wasiu had listen to my advice, had it been he had employed some staffs. Either his gateman or the Cook would have made this a bit difficult. But he wouldn't listen." Yusuf grazed his beards then he continued "See mr Eazy i know beyond doubt that Tayo was the last to see Wasiu, Definitely Tayo killed him. I spoke to him but he denied ever seeing Wasiu on the 12th. He even wanted to shift the whole stuff on me." Eazy stroke his beards hard. "You might want to see this" Yusuf said opening up his drawer. He picked out an Iphone 5 and he slide it towards Eazy. Eazy picked it up and he studied what Yusuf was showing him. "That's Wasiu phone. Right there is a chat he had with Tayo very early in the morning. That's on the 12th. Tayo must have touched the phone before leaving his body. The chat doesn't look complete right? I don't know how he did that but he did delete some of the chats. Right after he had killed my brother." Eazy kept his eyes glued on the phone's screen. 
Eazy took in an hard breath. He dropped the phone with an expressionless look dancing all over his face. "Now i see. But this are not enough prove. To send him to jail." "Exactly. That was why i manufactured another prove. He would be going to jail for something different. Attempted murder and something else, i don't. You should know. You are the best lawyer so far in town. I told the police he threatened me with a gun. And we got locked up in a fight. I told them i knocked the gun out of his hands. And bam" Yusuf flicked his fingers. "He stabbed me with a knife." Eazy eyes widened. "Yeah, i had him pick up the gun stylishly long before i stabbed my self. So his finger print is on it. Then I lied about the fact that he forced me to write him a 70million naira check for him to get out of the country and that he threatened to kill me. If i didn't write a statement, claiming i was responsible for my brother's death." Eazy took a long breathe, one part of him marvelled at the brilliant investigator who had just successfully pulled down a criminal with foster evidence. Just to make sure a murder doesn't go unpunished. 
Yusuf brought out his check book and he wrote on it, He tore a page out and he forwarded it Eazy. "This is a cheque of 9million naira. If you help me handle this case well, i will see you again with something bigger." "I am doing you a favour Investigator. This is about justice. So i am picking it up. Not for a dine. But for Justice."
Yusuf smiled as he studied the calm look on Eazy's face. "So what is next" "i will need you" Eazy said. "For what?" "To dig out more evidence." Eazy replied with a smile. "But, mr yusuf. I suggest you should be ready to get the judges on your side. If you do. He might end up been imprisoned for life. With the new evidences, you will be manufacturing." Yusuf smiled as he took a zip on his coffee. "I love your gut, Investigator" Eazy commended. "You have made my job so easy. Do you mind i offer you a stronger deal. " Eazy continued with a smile. " I am working on a presidential case. That i have to win. Can you offer me a handful of help." Eazy said again as he shook hands with Yusuf, looking him in the face, Expecting a reply.

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