"Sister Ifedayo" he called, then paused for few seconds.

Dayo readjusted herself on the comfortable leather chair located opposite the Pastor's chair inside his office. His office is a spacious room with a giant AC placed in the left hand corner of the room. A big table and an office chair was placed in the center of the room which serves as the Pastor's working place. Two leather chairs meant for visitors are placed facing the Pastor's chair. On the right hand side of the Pastor's chair is a mini fridge filled with assorted drinks and a tray of cups is placed on the fridge. The red carpet that floored the room made it more attractive and ravishing. 

"What is it you've been asking the holy spirit? He made me understand that you want a reply to a particular question. What is the question or what are the questions? He said you should ask them now cause you are getting all your answers today"

Dayo sighed, then placed her hands on the Pastor's table. 

"Daddy, i just want to know if all the revelations Kunle and i received were all lies. And if they were not, why did God allow him to leave me? Why couldn't God do something when a strange woman was making him deviate from his plan? What actually befell Kunle? Did Feyi use an enchantment on him?" she paused "Daddy, i have a lot of questions. A lot! 'cause i don't know how God will open his eyes and let Kunle go just like that" she frowned and only hoped she hasn't said too much.

Pastor Collins smiled

"hmmmmmm.....but how come you are only mentioning Kunle? Are you trying to say you are not at fault in anyway?"

Dayo rolled her eyes

"Daddy, how can i possibly at fault? Kunle was the one who deviated. He was the one who allowed the devil to take charge of his life by following that devilish woman. I was so faithful to him Daddy, i was always there for him. I always....."

"......but then you weren't submissive to him"  

Dayo paused. Pastor continued.

"Especially in the area of your outward appearance"

"But daddy, the Bible says in 1st Peter 3 that we shouldn't let our adorning be outward but rather let it be the hidden man of the heart" She said defensively

"Yes! But the first verse of that same chapter says Wives must be in subjection to their own husbands. Now, let me show you the insight of what happened, have you ever thought of the reason why being submissive came before the adorning? Even in 1st Timothy 2, where the adorning of women came up, the next chapter talked about submissiveness. So you'd see that both go together. Trust me Dayo, no man wants to marry a woman that won't be submissive to him even if she does what the Bible says in 1st Peter 3 vs 3-4 and excludes what it says in verse 1" he paused to let his words sink. 

Dayo buried her head in her hands. The Pastor was right. She had never for once be submissive to Kunle even as holistic as she think she is. Pastor Collins continued.

"We all know the wrong Kunle did. We all know he followed his flesh thinking he's still in the spirit but what about you? You are not completely innocent, u know. Kunle knew this and he went for a lady that has what he wanted. A lady he can show off to his friends. You weren't ready to compromise and so he left you"

By this time, Dayo was already in tears, even though her head was still buried in her hands. She had never for once saw herself at fault. To her, she was the perfect thing that could happen to Kunle. Everything the Pastor told her was an insight she could never have thought of. Now,  she's seeing things from a totally different angle.  Pastor Collins was quiet now, watching her. She got up and paced round the room for few minutes and then just like she was in a trance, she started remembering all the times Kunle complains about her mode of dressing. She discovered more than half of their disagreements when they were still together was because of this same issue. She sighed and came back to sit. Pastor Collins got up and moved over to her side, he sat partially on the table and placed his left hand on Dayo's shoulder and the other on the table to support himself.

"The holy spirit just wanted you to notice the speck in your own eyes before seeing the one in someone else's just like Jesus said in Matthew 7"

Dayo sighed. Pastor smiled and squeezed her shoulder before getting off the table. 

"So that's what the holy spirit has for you. You will probably get the reply to all your questions with this insight" he smiled again and Dayo raised her head up this time to look at his ravishing smile. It always has a way of calming every troubled sea around her. She smiled in return but even a blind man will see it's so fake. 

"It is well Ifedayo" 

Dayo brought out a white handkerchief from her black leather bag and wiped her face dry. 

"Thank you Daddy". She got up and gave that fake smile again. "i'd like to be on my way now sir"

"It's alright. Just meditate on all what I've told you and take solace in the holy spirit"

"I will, thank you daddy" she carried her bag from the table where it was and turned to go out. Pastor's husky voice stopped her. 

"Ifedayo! One more thing...."

She turned back to face him. 

".....there's only one person at work here and it's the devil. Don't make an enemy of Kunle or the other lady. Forgive Kunle and let it go"

Dayo smiled. This time around, it was real and the Pastor smiled back.

Pastor's words were like cold water that refreshes the soul to Dayo. She just felt this inner peace within her and that was when she realized she has really forgiven Kunle. All along she didn't stop blaming him for all that happened and that hardened her heart against forgiving him but now that her eyes has been opened to the things she didn't see, she's beginning to forgive him and get healed herself. 

She got home, took a cold shower and bounced on the bed.


She was walking on a path and a smile lit up her face every now and then. Even though, a lot of people was also walking on the path, it was as quiet as ever. The only time anyone speak is just to exchange pleasantries and they all focus on their journey. Suddenly, she heard a far cry and stopped. She opened her ears well to ensure she's hearing the right thing as the voice was a familiar one. She left the path she was walking on and started tracing the cry of help. She found herself on another path, a strange one. Something about this new path is that it's so crowdy and there were lot of noise and distraction everywhere, and nobody seems to hear this cry of help she alone could hear. Nevertheless, she survived the distraction and continued tracing the cry. Then, she got to the exact spot where the cry came from and saw a young man tied to a tree. With the way he looked, he's being maltreated and he's in pains. She looked well, trying to catch the face of the young man. Suddenly, she screamed "KUNLE!!!"