CHAPTER 14

Feyi looked up. She was so ready for this. She cleared her throat, dropped the glass cup she was holding, and smiled mischievously.

Dayo was just there, like she was in a trance. Surely, John's grip on her was enough to restrain her, but not enough to stop the demon that had taken possession of her from making her land a hot slap on Feyi's face. John charged after her, but it was already too late. The deed had been done. 

The slap was so loud that Pa Josh and Kunle felt it in the other room. They both charged into the sitting room, and Kunle was fast enough to hold Feyi from retaliating.

"Oh my God! Baby, leave me alone and let me deal with this good for nothing housemaid." She screamed. 

Dayo burst into tears, but the tears were nothing compared to the hurt she was feeling. Her heart was tearing apart.

"Dayo, what in God's name are you doing here?" Kunle blurted out. He had wanted to save Dayo the trouble of getting so heartbroken by finding out he was with Feyi. 

"So this..." She pointed to Feyi, " the reason you haven't been picking my calls?" She struggled to get free from John's grip but he wouldn't let go. "Oooh John, leave me." She groaned. "I want Kunle to look me in the face and tell me what we had was all a lie."

"Yes, it was." Feyi replied from behind Kunle. "So you can get your sorry ass outta here." She shouted 

Kunle buried his head in his palm. How was he going to end this battle? He could see Dayo was shattered. He was her first, but he didn't really mean to hurt her this much. To him, a broken engagement is better than a broken marriage. He just couldn't see his future with Dayo anymore, and he wished he had the courage to tell her himself. 

"Dayo, I am so sorry, deeply sorry." He said calmly. "I just want you to know I didn't mean for all of this to happen. I just couldn't see myself getting along with a woman who saw everything wrong in all I saw right."

Dayo scoffed and sighed

"I talked to you about it many times and realised you weren't ready to change that aspect of your life. Just take a good look at yourself. I can't boast of having someone like you as a wife."

Tears dropped from Dayo's eyes. John had to hold her tight from falling. 

"I'm sorry." Kunle held Feyi's hand and walked her across the room towards the door. He got to where Dayo was and stopped.

"Just make sure you look presentable enough for another guy to notice you." He said and left with Feyi. 

Dayo found a seat and systematically sat down with her head buried in her hands. Bisi sat beside her, rubbing her shoulder.

Kunle's mum hissed and went into one of the rooms. She'd had enough of 'Dayo's drama.' Pa Josh sat opposite Dayo and sighed. John sat beside him. The whole room would have been dead silent if not for Dayo's sobs. Pa Josh turned to John.

"Take her home, and don't stop her from crying. It will make her heal faster. Let her talk only when she wants to and allow her to be surrounded by her loved ones only, if possible her family."

John nodded and got up. He assisted Dayo till they got to the car, while Bisi carried her bag after them. 


"You should have let me put a mark on her body." Feyi ranted. She was breathing heavily, still probably infuriated. 

"And what would that have accomplished?" John looked at her.

She kept mute and sighed. She knew he loved Dayo and that she loved him back, but SHE LOVED HIM TOO and the little way Kunle had reciprocated her love, was enough for them to kickstart a long-lasting relationship. She sighed and placed her hand on his thigh as he drove. 

"I guess we can start packing now, right?" She gave him a peck as she expected a reply. 

"Uhmmmmm, yeah. Sure we can. I have my parents' blessings." But did he really get his father's blessing? They didn't conclude their discussion before they heard the slap. He could remember he was replying his dad when he'd asked what would happen to Dayo. 

"I really love Dayo sir, but she doesn't have the most important quality I want in a woman. I want a woman I can showcase to the world. Dayo is the only lady I've seen that doesn't shave, doesn't use deodorant or perfume. She wears all those long dresses that make her look like she's going for a funeral. She covers her hair and when she removes the cover, I almost puke because of the smell that oozes out. Yes, I knew she was like that before we got this far, but all along, I thought she was going to change. And then I realised she was just going to be like that even after we were married. So why should I marry a woman I'm not proud to take out for social functions? I'd rather break up now before I regret ever being in a marriage with such a woman." He had said and his father had sighed.


Feyi suggested they have a court marriage before they leave Nigeria, so it would be easier to enter into the US as a couple. They chose a date and the preparation started. A few friends and some family members were invited. Chief Martins and Pa Josh attended too, with reluctance written all over their faces, while Kunle's mother was just dancing and jubilating all around. Of course, she's got every right to. After all, it was her only son's marriage. 

It was the quickest and most silent wedding ever. The invited guests all trooped to Feyi's dad's mansion for the reception, and in about three hours, they were all on their way to their respective houses. 

Few weeks later, Kunle's visa was granted and in three days, his long awaited dream came to pass. HE WAS TRAVELLING OVERSEAS!