Greenson wasn't a fan of all that was happening. He had flew all the way from Nigeria to Berlin just to secure a wheelchair. He thought about the whole scene and he frowned. "Damn it" he said under his breath as he rode down the road.

If he hated anything more. It would be this attitude his boss was giving him. He had heard a lot about Nigerians now he was getting a lot from them. He fell in love with Chioma. The light skinned Nigerian he met when he got recruited to the company. At first he mistook her for an american until he heard her mention her name. It was like an eruption, a volcano of confusion rushed out of his mind, feeding his lips with stammering words. "is th..a..t your" He had asked. His stay in Nigeria became more complicated at the dawn of a new day. Now it's six years. His love for chioma wont let him run out of the border in one night. 

His Company made life unbearable. -May be to him- He was always at the end of every punishment.  They hated him, and they have been doing a lot to frustrate him. The same way the dollars was kicking against the naira.

 The fat and dark mrs Uchorochi just broke her legs. That wasn't his business! But now it has become his. He laughed when he heard the news. His hatred made him generated that long laughter that had him drown in a pot of hot okro soup. He wasn't smart enough to keep his voice low. The M.D overheard him. The M.D who was nursing a secret affair with the she who just broke her legs got pissed. So He took the case up like an heavy bag of gold, and the only way he had to punish him was make him fly out of the country to get a specialised wheel chair. A thing that was all over Lagos.- Even if it wasnt- But one, can at least be ordered. 

He got to Germany. Spotted the exact wheels they wanted him to buy. Then he was Told it was needed no more. Damn!!!!!!!

Greenson kept frowning as he held on to the wheel till Böhmenbad spoke, "You don't like the beast"- Böhmenbad was referring to the car-. Greenson's was deep into thought. He didn't hear a word. The company had linked him up with Böhmenbad so he could drive around Germany without trying to make up excuses about cabs. Earlier he had asked Böhmenbad if he could handle the wheels. Thinking that might help him cool off. "Was it rejected." Böhmenbad asked again. "Yeah" Greenson said curtly. His attention was now in the reach of words. That was all until after 20 minutes. 

"That's an Proto pizza joint. right?" Greenson asked, his face red and swollen as he stared at a pointing bill board on the left side of the road. He sniffed as he watched Böhmenbad give a positive nod. He pulled over the car. Stepped down and he yanked the door close. Böhmenbad said nothing else more than nothing. He actually did not say a word till they were seated in the restaurant. "What will you eat." Böhmenbad asked. "Do they sell anything here, except pizzaaaaaar" Greenson replied with a stress on the "a".  Böhmenbad looked aside, commanding Greenson's attention. It was an old woman Struggling to move on her crushes with a little boy on her left, which ought to be her son-No, The boy was her grandson. She Walked out of the Joint and a thought came across his mind. The wheel chair! That was what all he could do to let go of himself. He was never going to fight his company back in Nigeria. Even if he was going to. He was never going to win. But a retirement letter was definitely going to show up on his boss table with his name on it's header. 

He rushed out of the Joint and he called on the old woman. Böhmenbad stood at his side, not sure about what he was up to. "Open your trunk" Greenson said as he rolled up his sleeves. The trunk went open, and Greenson. Carried down a wheel chair. He pushed it closer to the surprised old woman and he smiled at her. "It is a gift" "Tank yo" She said in her thick German accent. She was held by Greenson off her crushes until she was comfortably seated in the Specialized wheel chair. 

The wheel chair moved forward all of a sudden. The old woman must have pressed a button mistakenly. Greenson rushed at her. In an attempt of stopping her movement. She was rolled right into the road by the wheels. And a fast moving van. Cleared her into the other lane. Where another fast moving delivery truck ran her down. Greenson stared at the road like a blank cheque. He could believe his gift just ended the life he thought he saved.   

©Okhuoya Temitope

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