I took quick steps moving away from the end of the cliff. I could see trees growing out of the sky and I wondered about the premise hosting the Establishment of the roots. 

My feet was cold, but instead I felt something burning up my feet. 

A quick lightening ran across the sky and my gaze picked up a dark outline far off in the sky. My wings had failed me this time.

The end was near, I saw it. kuke's prophecy about the end struck me like a bag of thought hitting my skull. This was the end he talked about. This was the end of my kind. The end of man kind. 

A felt a bolt of light. It ran through me and I saw beyond the clouds. There was an opening. I saw rocks rolling slowly off the sky, ascending. Not just one, but a lot of them. The rocks will fall off the sky remember.- I heard it this way in my head. Earthquakes- Another voice slipped out of my mind and it echoed from one end of my mind confined by the walls of my heart. 

What I felt next was an increase in pace. I calculated the distance between me and an escape root. I could feel the mountain break off under my feet. Rocks crashed down on my sides as my senses helped me to avoid them. 

I took a power jump. Right in the air, I prayed that no rock would crash me down- That was the first prayer point. I knew my jump power would ensure I reach the ground. It was going to be a long fall. 


I gasped for breath as I felt dust filling up my lungs after an energetic cough. Now I was awake again and that scary dream about the whole world coming to an end had stopped. I had been having that same dream for 45 Years. My sharp eyes could see nothing else than a ray of light coming in through a thin hole far off on the wall. 

I heard the warders signatures on inmates cell and I knew they would be coming for me soon. My calculations were right. Today was going to be the 28th of August. And after 45 years of mine in this dark room. I would finally be hanged today. Today was suppose to be my end. I knew it a long time ago. Now it is here. The End of the brave warrior. Who stopped hell from raining fire on his people. The same man who stood firm on his balls opposing every rule that wasn't going to favour his people. Now, It has to End it. My  life will have to End now. 

©Okhuoya Temitope