Samuel looked around for Mide in church but didn't see her so he called her immediately he got home.

"Hello Mide" his voice was heard from the other end. 

"Hello Sammy" Mide replied. 

"How are you? I realized you weren't in church today. Hope there's no problem?" he asked 

"Yes. I was so weak so i had to rest" she replied 

"Eeya. Work stress right?"

" how was the service?" she asked, diverting the topic. 

"We thank God ooo. Powerpacked as usual" he replied, then he went ahead to gist Olamide about everything that happened in church from the choir ministrations to the message. 

"Eeya, i really missed o" Mide said 

"Yes ooo. Bola took the praise n worship. In fact, come and see the way everyone was dancing their heart out. I was really blessed myself" he said further. 

"Eeya, that's good. Lest i forget you said wanted to discuss an issue with me the other time" Mide said, trying to bring him closer. 

"Oh yeah but I've changed my mind. I realized it was selfish of me to ask you to create time for me despite knowing your busy schedule" 

"Aaaah busy schedule ke? In front of marriage. Look at this brother o" thought Mide before she replied. 

"Remember i promised i'd see about it. I can make time for you this week" she said immediately 

"Huuurrrr Ola, really it's okay. You don't have to make time for me. I will make use of your free time and not you making time for me" Sammy said 

"Ooooh, did i just say i'd make time for you? I meant i'd be free one day this week" She quickly said. She  could sense the difference in the way Sammy speaks now and the way he speaks to her before.

"Oooh, unfortunately i'd be busy throughout this week" Sammy said apologetically 

"Lobatan! This Sammy sha wan prove difficult" thought Mide

"It's okay then. I guess some other time" she said, accepting defeat

"Yeah, but i assure you it'd be soon" he replied 

"Alright" Mide said 

"Talk to you later then" Sammy said as he ended the call. 

  Mide didn't hear from Sammy for the rest of the week so she called him when she got back from the hospital on Saturday evening. 

"I really appreciate your call Mide" Sammy said after they had talked for a while.

"You are welcome" Mide replied 

"So see you in church tomorrow then" he said 

"Yeah, bye" Mide replied as they both ended the call. 

  Mide looked her best that Sunday, maybe that will give Sammy a second thought to ask her out again. She was unusually in church early that Sunday.

"Na wa oo Olamide. You didn't even let me finish my makeup before you called to say you are outside my gate" Desola said, immediately she entered Mide's car. They both go to church together and they rotate whose car to use. If Mide's car was used this week, Desola's car will be used the following week. 

"I've told you yesterday that i want to be in church before 8am. It's been quite a while we went to that church early" she replied without smiling. 

"Hurrrrr" Desola laughed heartily. "is that really the reason or you want Sammy to see you before your makeup wears off" she said as she continued. 

"chai, this girl is too blunt" Thought Mide, then she spanked her "You are so naughty, you this girl" she said as she couldn't help to  join her in laughing.

  They got to church quite early, only the ministers were in church by the time they got there. Even Sammy wasn't around yet. They both sat in a corner in church, talking when Sammy walked into the church with Bola, a member of the choir. He was looking so different, properly dressed with shirt, trouser, suit, shoe and tie to match. FITTED!. Mide had never seen him looking so good and couldn't help but open her mouth wide. Even Desola noticed the difference. 

"Wow" was all that could come out of Mide's mouth. Samuel walked towards them with Bola beside him. 

"So this guy is as handsome as this. Unbelievable!" Mide said before Sammy got to them. 

"Good morning sisters" he greeted with a captivating smile. 

"Morning sister Desola and sister Mide" Bola greeted too

"Morning jare Samuel" Desola replied with a smile. "How are you sister Bola? "

"I'm good" Bola replied. 

  Mide was still lost in awe and her  friend had to tap her to bring her  back. 

"ooh! Sorry. Morning Sammy. How you doing Bola?" she finally replied 

"I'm doing okay thanks" Bola replied. 

"This is the first time in 3years you guys are arriving in church before me" Sammy said 

"Well, we just decided to break the record today" Desola replied, laughing. 

"Uhmmm Samuel, please give me the car key. I forgot the bag that has my heels" Bola said hurriedly. 

"Okay dear" he replied as he handed over the key to her. 

"Dear???!!!" that word rang a bell in Mide's ears. Samuel isn't much of a social person so why would he use 'dear' for a lady if there's nothing special about her. 

"could Bola be the car Sammy eventually followed in that dream?  Aaaah, I've finally lost him" she thought. She immediately excused herself and went to the toilet to avoid breaking down right in front of Sammy. She wept and wept in the toilet. Desola later came to meet her and consoled her. 

 Mide couldn't wait for the service to finish that Sunday. She wanted to go home asap. She felt so ashamed trying to look good for someone that doesn't even have her time anymore. Immediately after the benediction, she took her bag and started walking hurriedly to the car. Her friend was still going around greeting everyone. That's the way she does every Sunday. She was almost getting out of the church when she suddenly bumped into Samuel. The person she didn't want to see. 

"Oh Sammy!" she exclaimed 

"Are you in a hurry to go somewhere?" he asked  after noticing how uncomfortable she was. 

"ooh yes i am....... I mean no..... Oh yea i am actually" she stuttered, she couldn't even look him in the face. 

"Are you okay?" asked Samuel curiously 

"oh Yes i am"

"Alright. I wanted to ask if you'd be free tomorrow afternoon" he asked 

"Yeah i think so" she replied 

"Alright, can i come pick you at home, Let's say 12pm"

"Yeah sure" she'd do anything just to leave his company that moment 

"i really have to go now Sammy"

"No problem, see you tomorrow"

"bye" she said as she continued walking towards the car. Her friend later came to join her and she drove home. 

 The next morning, Olamide found herself before her dressing mirror getting prepared for Sammy. She's been there for over one hour now checking and re-checking herself. She doesn't wanna send the wrong message to Sammy. 

"na wa oh Dr Miss Mide Martins. You've been sitting by this your mirror for over an hour now" teased Desola as she came into the room. 

"You've come again with your big mouth abi"

"Anyway sha, he's here waiting for you in the sitting room"

"He's here?!" Mide exclaimed, that was when she checked her  watch and realized it's already 5mins past 12. She hurriedly got up and asked her friend how she's looking. 

"You are looking indomielicious! You know i like indomie" she said and both of them laughed 

"i hope my makeup isn't too loud" Mide asked further 

"At all. It is muah" she replied, kissing her hand.

"Alright, thanks" Mide said as she got out of the room. She met Samuel already seated Mide couldn't help but notice his sudden change of dressing. The first time she saw this was yesterday in church. Now Sammy is looking as handsome as ever with his new haircut style. 

They both exchanged pleasantries and they went out of the house to Sammy's car. 

"by the way Sammy, you are looking good" she complimented immediately they got out of the house. 

"Well, i hope this isn't another ironic compliment like the one you gave me the last time" Sammy said, smiling 

"chai! So he knew i was lying that day" thought Mide as she waved off the question with a smile. 

"So is this your car?" she asked, trying to change the topic. The last time she checked, Sammy was a jobless and poor graduate. 

"Yes, to the glory of God" he replied then added, "i got a job last month with Faj oil and gas company"

"Faj oil and gas company?!" Mide exclaimed, "Wow, that's huge. I heard they are the number one in Africa"

"Yes they are"

"Wow congrats" Mide said, as she started thinking 

"Really it doesn't pay to completely look down on someone ooo. A whole Sammy working in that big company. He can't be earning less than N100,000 monthly with his Masters qualification. Hmmmm, this life sha"

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