Mide went back home that day heavy-burdened. She didn't even know how she got home safely with her present state of mind. Pst Mrs had assured her all will soon be well so far she breaks up with Dara ASAP. She left her Pastor's house late that Saturday evening after she and Pst Mrs prayed heartily. She had hugged her before leaving. 

 She drove into her compound and met Desola already waiting for her outside. Desola had tried calling her several times the day before and earlier that day before she decided to go to her house but unfortunately for her, she forgot the spare key Mide gave her and so had to wait till she comes back. 

Mide got out of the car and started walking towards Desola with her bag. 

"How are you Mide?" Desola asked but before Mide could open her mouth to reply her, she landed on the floor. 

Desola shouted and started screaming her name. She put her ears on Mide's chest to check if she was breathing fine. She found out she is, so she called the gateman. 

"Kasali! Kasali! Where did this boy go to now? Sebi he just opened the gate for Mide now" she said angrily. 

"Kasali!" she called again 

"Yes Madam!" Kasali shouted from the back of the house and started running to where Desola is. 

"Aaaah, what happened to Madam?" he asked curiously, looking at the almost lifeless body of Mide. 

"She fainted just now. Please get me a bucket of water immediately" Desola said hurriedly.  

Even though she knows nothing in the medical field, she has seen many cases where people faint and water was sprinkled on them. Kasali hurriedly ran to his chambers near the gate to get a bucket before running to the back of the house to fill it with water.

He came back few minutes later with the bucket of water. Desola took some of it and sprinkled it on Mide, calling her name all the way. Mide suddenly came back to life. 

"Oh my God! Mide! You scared the life out of me" Desola said immediately she woke up. Mide was about replying but Desola silenced her

"Don't even try saying anything. Just get up and let's take you inside" she said as she and Kasali assisted Mide inside the house.

  Mide slept for hours. Her friend didn't leave her one bit. She prepared hot peppersoup for her knowing how much she likes it. She also prepared Fried rice in case she gets hungry and feel like eating. 

Mide woke up around 3am. She saw her friend, already asleep beside her, sitting on a chair with her head on the bed and she really thanked God for the day she met her. She stood up and went straight to the kitchen. She saw the dishes Desola had made for her and she smiled. She scooped some peppersoup and went to the sitting room to eat. 

She was scanning through the stations on her dstv when Desola suddenly appeared. Mide was taking aback. 

"Jesus! Desola! You gave me a fright!" she exclaimed 

"ehn ehn. Now you have an idea how i felt when you suddenly fainted right in front of me" Desola replied sarcastically, sitting down beside her and eating the peppersoup with her. 

Mide smiled and hugged her tight. She couldn't imagine she'd have become without Desola by her side. 

"Thank you so much Desola" she said while still hugging her. 

"Don't thank me yet oo. Until you tell me how a whole doctor will work herself to the extent of fainting while coming from work" Desola said  frankly. 

"I wasn't coming from the hospital. The CMD gave me the rest of my call hours off. I was coming from Pastor's house" , then she told Desola everything that has happened in the last 48hours including all what Pst Mrs told her, the dreams, their interpretations and Dara's slap. She started crying all of a sudden.

"I love Darasimi so much Desola. I can't even imagine my life without him but God is saying otherwise. I must succumb to God's will Desola, i must!" she said and cried louder. 

Desola felt so much pity for her friend to the extent that she later joined her in crying. She could feel her pain while hugging her and she shared it with her. They both cried for some minutes. 

"You know the funniest thing now Desola, I'm ready to follow God's will but what if Sammy already has someone else. I'd have to start waiting again" she said, still crying. 

"I understand Mide, trust me i do" she replied with tears in her eyes. "I guess we just have to find a way to know if he already has someone else so we'd know our next prayer point but first you have to break up with that monkey and you are doing it now" Desola said, then she went to Mide's room to bring her phone. She handed it over to her. "oya, send him a break up message"

"but won't it be better telling him one on one?" Mide protested. 

"I know you Ola, You may change your mind in the next minute. Do it now and let him come here, then you can do your one on one thingy" Desola replied frankly. 

 Mide didn't argue further with Desola. She collected the phone and sent Dara a break up message telling him he's not God's will for her life. 

"better!" Desola said after Mide sent the message then she moved close to her and hugged her, "it's gonna be okay sweetie".

 The following day was a Sunday. Mide and Desola slept back around 6am after they had talked, cried, prayed, ate, laughed and watched TV. 

Neither of them could go to church because Mide was still feeling weak and Desola agreed to stay with her. 

 Pst Mrs's call woke them up around 8am. She called to ask after Mide. Mide told her she won't be able to make it to church that morning and that Desola is with her. 

"Alright dear. Extend my greetings to Desola" she said as she ended the call. 

 The time was some minutes to 11am when they suddenly heard a loud bang on the door. Desola got up to go check who is at the door. She drew the curtain and saw Dara standing outside looking so fierce. She opened the door and let him in. 

"Call Mide out for me!" he ordered 

"OH! Good morning to you too" Desola replied, like she didn't hear him. 

"Listen Desola, I'm not in the mood for a chit chat this morning" he said 

"oh! Like we've had one before right?".  They ain't exactly best of friends and Mide has been the glue bringing them together. 

"Just call Mide out!" he yelled. 

"Was that why you almost brought down the door?" Desola asked, looking at him with contempt. They were still talking when Mide came out, she sat down and put one of her  hands on her jaw. Desola went inside the room immediately Mide came out. 

"Mide! What's the meaning of the text message i woke up seeing this morning?" he asked angrily. 

"Well, if i could remember, i typed it in plain English" Mide replied frankly. "Listen Dara, i can't marry you" she added. 

"What do you mean Mide? Is this still about the slap? I thought you said you've forgiven me" he said, he was already sitting close to her 

"Yes i did forgive you but this isn't about me or you. It's about God and who he wants for me" she replied 

 Dara got up angrily and started pacing around the house.

"I've already introduced you to my family. All of my friends know you by now. What do you expect me to tell them? How would they be seeing me after telling them you called off our engagement?" he said rudely. 

"Well, you can start by telling them how weak you are because only a weak man derives pleasure in hitting a woman" Mide replied angrily. 

"Mide, how dare you call me weak?" he charged at her  and was almost holding her neck when Desola suddenly came out. 

"oh! You want to strangle her abi? Slapping her wasn't enough. You should be so ashamed of yourself Darasimi Olabanjo. It's such a shame you have a big head without a thinking faculty. So because she broke up now, beating her will make her come back to you sebi?" Desola yelled at him rudely. 

"Ooh Olamide, so you brought your friend to insult me right?"

"Abeg shut up! Who are you for crying out loud? Please get  out of this house before i do something both of us will regret. I used to think you are THE ONE, i didn't know you are just ONE OF THEM"

 Dara felt so ashamed of himself. No lady has ever spoken to him the way Desola did. Mide deliberately left her friend to rain abuses on him. She couldn't help but laugh on somethings she said. She's so funny. Dara shamefully walked out of the house as Desola continued heaping insults on him. 

"look at him! He has a big head with nothing substantial in it. Instead of him to beg, maybe she will change her  mind by chance, he came here to prove superman. Maybe that's the way they marry a woman in your father's village" she said, following him till he got out. 

"And here i was, thinking he's here to beg. Proud idiot!" Desola said, as she came back to where Mide was. She was still laughing. She wished she could have her friend's personality. Chai! Desola is funny and bold. It's better not to offend her cause she will abuse you till you wish an earthquake would just happen and swallow you. 

"See, my friend forget about that proud gorilla oo. Don't worry God will bring a man for you because Dara is not one" she said as both of them started laughing.

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