Mide had just finished attending to an emergency patient suffering from a heart attack. The patient was admitted and put on a life supporting machine. She was tired and later retired into her  office. She decided to have a short nap and she had another dream.

 In the dream, She was climbing a hill with someone she's so familiar with. They were both laughing and playing all the way till they got to the top of the hill. They were both having a good time and suddenly the person she was with, pushed her down the hill. She was going down and shouting for help when suddenly a rope from nowhere caught and started pulling her back up. She got back up and realized someone else pulled her up. 

The voice of one of her colleagues woke her. 

"Dr Martins! Dr Martins!"

 She raised her head up suddenly and realized she had been dreaming all along. She wiped her face with her hands. 

"Yes Dr Ayo!" she replied 

"Your attention is needed in ward 87" he said 

"Alright" she replied, getting up immediately from her chair and reaching for her lab coat and stethoscope. She staggered to the entrance of her office's door. Her colleague had to hold her to prevent her from falling.

"Are you okay Olamide?" he asked  feeling concerned before leaving her on her own. 

"Yes i am" she replied with a smile. "Now let's go save a life" she added jokingly as she went out of the office with her colleague. 

But the truth is, she wasn't really okay. The two dreams had terrified her. Nobody need to tell her she needs to go see Pst Mrs. 

 It was a beautiful Saturday morning in the Adejuyi's house. Pastor Adejuyi had traveled the previous day for a Ministers' conference held outside the country. The rest of the family, consisting of Pst Mrs and the children had just finished their morning devotion when they suddenly heard a knock on the door.

"Faith, go and check who is at the door" Pst Mrs ordered. 

"Yes Mummy" replied the 9yr old baby of the house. She came back few seconds later  with a lady behind her.

"Mummy, it's sister Olamide" she announced with a smile.

"Good morning Mummy" she greeted, kneeling down. 

"Morning Olamide" Pst Mrs replied.  The other children greeted Mide and she replied them with a faint smile. 

"Are you okay? You look so down" said Pst Mrs after a thorough observation. 

Mide had been given the rest of the day off after she fainted in the hospital. Her call was supposed to end by 12pm the following morning. The hospital's CMD (Chief Medical Director) had advised she should go home and rest since a sick doctor can't treat a sick patient. She didn't go home but rather came to Pst Mrs's house straight from the hospital early that morning. 

"I'm not fine Mummy" she honestly confessed. Physically and Emotionally, she's stressed. 

"come, let's go to my study and talk" Pst Mrs said as she stood up, held Mide's hand and took her to her study.

"Sit down and tell me all about it" she said, immediately they entered a small room in another part of the house. 

 Mide felt reluctant talking at first but she later threw away her garment of fear and told Pst Mrs everything starting from Dara's bossy attitude up till the two dreams she had but she didn't mention the part where he slapped her or when he came to apologize. 

"Hmmmmm" Pst Mrs sighed heavily after hearing all Mide had to say, then she asked "Is that all?"

"Yes Mummy" replied Mide

"so how about the part where he slapped you and came back to apologize the next day and you hopefully took him back" she asked with a motherly smile. 

Mide adjusted her seat uncomfortably. 

"Listen Mide, i know everything you've just told me"

"You do?!" Mide exclaimed in disbelief 

"Yes. The holy spirit told me all about it before you came"

"chai!  This holy spirit sha!  He doesn't even know how to keep somebody's secret" thought Mide. 

"Now let me tell you the interpretation of the first dream you had. The expensive car you were driving is your pride, ego and status. The GPS is the holy spirit. Despite your pride, you were still following his directions and you never got into trouble till you got to where the two men stood. The one with the map is Dara and the other man is Samuel" Pst Mrs narrated with a gentle motherly voice. She's always like that when giving counsels. 

"Samuel??? No Mummy! It can't be" Mide exclaimed. She could already guess where the interpretation is going to. Nevertheless Pst Mrs continued 

"The map Dara was holding was his pride, ego, beauty and social status which you fell for thinking you are on the same page. You equally thought Samuel's keg of petrol, his humility and service in the vineyard would dent your beautiful and expensive car, that is your pride and status. And so therefore you went for Dara. I think you can guess the rest of the story now" Pst Mrs narrated, then paused for a while. 

  Mide was already soaked in tears by the time Pst Mrs finished. 

"Now to the second dream. Just like the first one, the familiar person you went up the hill with is Dara. Listen Mide, I'm your spiritual mother and i won't lie to you, if you marry Darasimi,  yes you will get to that height God has designed for you just like in the dream but Dara himself will be the one to push you down. According to the dream, the man who rescued you was Samuel"

"Noooooooo!!!!!!" Mide screamed. She's just can't accept the fact that Samuel would be her husband. 

"Hmmmmm Olamide!  Samuel is God's will for your life. You can choose to follow it or not but if you are going to follow it, do so before it's too late just like it is in the dream"

"But i love Dara Mummy. I love him so much" wailed Mide

"Yes we all know you do but he is not God's will for your life. Slapping you was proof enough. You have to cut off that relationship as soon as possible or else you'd put your life at risk" advised Pst Mrs as she pats Mide's back. She was already sitting on the floor crying her eyes out. 

Pst Mrs continued 

"I knew this was the reason why you said you wanted to see me yesterday. I couldn't help but ask the holy spirit why you wanted to see me and he revealed everything to me. God wants to use you mightily for this generation Mide and the devil will stop at nothing to terminate that plan by giving you one of his own as a husband. Mide, you are at the edge of the cliff of your life. The choice you make now will determine if you are going you fall or not" Pst Mrs said. 

  Mide almost cried her eyes out that morning. She was hurt, not only because she has to leave Dara no matter what but because she just can't afford to go out of God's will for her life. She doesn't have a choice, NOT ONE! 

 She kept on weeping and Pst Mrs kept on giving her tissue paper to wipe her tears till a whole roll finished. She went to take another one in the bathroom and started giving her again. Pst Mrs gave her all the luxury to cry well. 

"It's better to cry till you get tired now than to live in regret all your life" she said. 

 After crying for over 30mins non-stop, she got up and sat on the chair. 

"but why did God allow me to go this deep in love with Dara when he knows he's not for me Mummy" she asked softly. Her voice is gone out of crying too much. Hardly would anyone hear her. 

"Because he didn't give you a go-ahead before you went ahead and said Yes to Dara. He just wanted to prove to you that you can do nothing on your own and his will will forever supercede yours. You can go miles without him but you'd still have to go back and start again just like it happened in your fits dream" explained Pst Mrs. 

"Mummy, by the time i got back, Samuel had already gone with another car"

"Well, maybe that's your punishment for going against God's will"

"And what does that mean Mummy?" she asked curiously 

"It means God might have given Samuel another daughter of his. If that's the case, you'd have to wait till God gives you another of his children. The more you pray, the sooner it will be" she replied. 

"Aaaah" Mide put her hands on her  head "I'm done for" she said and started the second round of her weeping.

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