Pastor Mrs Oyinkan Adejuyi is the Pastor's wife of Olamide's church. She is not only a Pastor's wife or a Pastor but she's also a Teacher and a caring Mother. She has a discerning spirit and so many youths fear going to her for counseling because she knows when you are lying or keeping some part of your story. So if you are going to her, go with a complete open mind. She is as sensitive as that. 

 She is also the Principal of a well known high school in the town. She was preparing for work as usual the following morning Mide had the dream when her phone suddenly rang. 

"Hello Mummy" Mide's voice was heard from the other end. "Good morning ma"

"Oooh Olamide, Good morning my dear" she replied, smiling 

"How was your night ma?" Mide asked 

"We give all glory to God" Pst Mrs replied, then added "I hope you slept well too"

"Yes ma, Thank you ma" Mide replied then paused for some seconds and continued 

"How is your schedule like today ma?" she asked 

"Well, it's not too tight. I hope there is no problem?" Pst Mrs replied 

"Not at all Mummy. I just have some issues to discuss with you" Mide replied. 

"Alright, i'd be home from 3pm. I hope it's fine with you"

"I think so, because i'd be on call at the hospital from 6pm till the following morning" Mide replied 

"Ok. Let's do it this way. Can you come and meet me at school since there's nothing you will be doing at home from morning till then. We can talk and if we don't finish, we can go continue at home" Pst Mrs suggested. 

"How did she know it's an issue that will take a long time?  This Pst Mrs won't stop behaving like a witch sha" Mide thought, then said

"Alright ma, i think that will be better. I'd be there around 12pm" 

"it's okay. I'd be expecting you then"

"Alright ma. Thank you ma" Mide replied as she ended the call. 

 Mide got out of bed immediately she dropped the call to go prepare for her meeting with Pst Mrs. She was done dressing up and when she checked the time, it was 9.30am. She still had time so she decided to relax and watch TV. She decided not to tell Desola about her break up with Dara before she  tells Pst Mrs and so when Desola called her earlier that morning, she only gisted her about the visit to Dara's family's house. 

She was peeling an orange when she suddenly heard a knock on the door. She was surprised because she wasn't expecting anyone so early. She went to the door and pulled the curtain to see who it is before opening the glass door. She was taken aback with who she saw. "DARA!!!" her heart screamed 

He was looking so sober and had obviously been crying. He pleaded with his hand for Mide to open the door for him. 

"What do you want Dara?" she asked, immediately she opened the door. 

"Mide please just let me in, then i'd tell you why I'm here" he pleaded on his knees. 

 Mide looked at him with so much pity. She had never seen him looking this way before. She cleared the way and let him in. Dara entered into the house while Mide adjusted the curtain.

"i repeat, what do you want?" she asked rudely 

"Olamide, I'm so very sorry. Please forgive me. I don't know what came over me last night. I'd never do anything to hurt you. I love you so much Ola" he pleaded, on his knees with tears on his face. 

 Mide chuckled and said "This is unbelievable! So you can still have the guts to come to my house to tell me this Dara, after what you did last night" Mide roared. 

"I know Olami but I'm so sorry. I swear it won't repeat itself again".

 There's only one occasion Dara calls Mide "Olami" and that's when he knows he's really at fault and really wants Mide to forgive him. 

"i can't live without you Olami. I want you back in my life" he continued. 

 Mide sat down on the nearest sofa with her heads bowed. Just some hours ago, she was regretting ever loving him now she just couldn't see him weeping. She wasn't expecting him to apologize since it's not his style, so seeing him on his knees with tears in his eyes could only mean one thing, "He's a changed man"


"just get up please" she said as she pulled him up and hugged him. "it's okay dear. I've heard you"

 They were together for the rest of the day. Olamide completely forgot her appointment with Pst Mrs. She switched off her phone just to avoid any unnecessary distractions from her new found love for Dara. "He could be bossy and arrogant but at least he's still gat that soft spot for me" she thought. 

They went to a restaurant and from there to a park, laughing and playing all the way. Oh!  What a cute couple they are!

  Olamide got back from her world of fantasy when her clock struck 6pm. She suddenly got up like an ant just bit her. 

"Oh my god Dara, i should be at the hospital by now" 

"it's okay. I'd take you there right away" Dara replied 

"No, i can't go looking this way. I have to go back home to change. Besides, i have to take my car too, my lab coat and stethoscope is in there" she explained 

"Alright, let's start going then" Dara said as he stood up from the field they were sitting on earlier. They both walked to the car and Dara zoomed off with speed. 

Mide got to the hospital around some minutes to 8pm. She already had a lot of patients waiting for her so she started work immediately. She was doing a ward round when she heard a man making a call. 

"Okay Dee, i'd come tomorrow morning when i finish the meeting with my Pastor" the man said and walked away. 

 It was at this point Mide remembered her appointment with Pst Mrs. She hurried back to her office to call her immediately. 

"Hello Mummy"

"Yes dear. I've been expecting you since morning, i even called Adesola to ask if she knows your whereabouts but she said she called you last in the morning " Pst Mrs said 

"I'm so sorry ma" Mide had to be careful of what she will say next because Pst Mrs will know immediately if she lies. "I had to go somewhere important with Dara, that was why i couldn't make it" she said, knowing fully well that Pst Mrs knows Dara. She counseled both of them during the Marriage counseling period. 

"Ooooh" Pst Mrs replied, then kept quiet 

"But i'd find some other time to come ma" Mide added. 

"It's okay. I guess you are at work now" Pst Mrs asked 

"Yes ma"

"it's alright. See you later then" Pst Mrs said as she dropped the call. 

 Mide heaved a sigh of relief immediately she dropped the call. It wouldn't have been funny if she had given a flimsy excuse and Pst Mrs would tell her she just lied. She really doesn't feel like telling her about the dream anymore. She felt it's no longer necessary since things are now back to normal with her and Dara.

©toluwanimi Odeniyi