"How dare you ask me such a question Mide" Dara blotted out angrily. 

"Jesus Christ! Dara!  What on earth have i done again? Mide asked. She knew Dara is angry over something meaningless again so she sat down. She's still carrying the stress of working over night. 

"Mide, I'm talking to you and you are sitting down?" Dara asked authoritatively with a mischievous smile. 

"so i should hang on the ceiling right?" replied Mide being sarcastic. She has really had enough and she's ready for Dara's ranting so she needs enough strength. 

"Ehn ehn, so you now talk back at me right? Ola!"

Mide refused to reply him. Anybody sensitive would know she's talking out of her reserved strength. She's really worn out, even Dara's Mum noticed and asked her if she was okay. 

"Listen Dara, if you are not ready to tell me what's wrong then we can always discuss it later. Right now, all i wanna do is sleep" she replied. 

"How could you be so impatient to the extent that you forced me out of my Parents house just because you want to come meet your useless friend?" He blotted out. 

The whole sentence seemed like someone poured hot water on Mide. She didn't know where the strength to talk to Dara came from.  She jumped on her feet out on anger. 

"Dara, how dare you refer to my friend as useless? Who are you for crying out loud?" she raged loudly 

"Who am i?" he asked rhetorically. "Mide, did you just ask who am i?" he said, then smiled mischievously. 

"and speaking of your parents house, how could you say i forced you out of there? Haven't they been your parent before you met me?"

"Just shut up Mide. You have just proved to me that you are not worth been called a Mrs. Cause if you worth it, you wouldn't choose a friend over your future family" he continued. 

They were both standing up and blotting out angrily. 

"No!  You should shut up Dara. I have really had enough of your bossy attitude. I thought you were better than this. First of all, you took me to your parents house without telling me earlier and........ 

"Oh, was that why you couldn't even treat my sister well? Because i didn't tell you earlier? I saw the way you responded to her greetings, like you hate her" Dara said, cutting in

"Yes!, and that's because of your insensitivity. I told you I've been working all night and yet you chose today of all days to take me to them. How else do you expect me to greet your spoilt sister who couldn't even greet. Can you even remember i greeted her first?" Mide blotted out angrily 

"How dare you call my sister spoilt Mide? "

"and how dare you call my friend useless too?  Desola is like a sister to me if you don't know and i won't take it from you calling her useless. Even if she is useless to you, she is a very important person in my life and she cares about me, unlike you that cares for nobody except yourself" Mide replied on the top of her voice. She didn't hear Dara say a word but all she heard was a resounding slap. Dara, her all in all, her soulmate, her lover and assumed friend had just slapped her out of anger. 

"Dara!  You slapped me?!" she said, with her hands on her cheeks. She still couldn't believe it. She'd vouch for him anywhere that he can't touch a woman.

"Yes i did!, what can u do?.......You deserve it with what you just said? How dare you Mide?  I repeat how dare you compare me to that rubbish friend of yours. Who cares if she cares about you? I said it earlier that you've proved you don't worth being called Mrs yet. You need to be sent back living under your Father's roof so you'd learn from your Mother how to talk to a man that's gonna marry you" he blotted out unapologetically 

"Yes Dara, and you have just proved to me that you are not worthy to be called the husband of any woman. Get out of my house!" Mide replied angrily, still shouting. 

"You are sending me out of your house?  Mide! " Dara asked in a rage

"Yes, it is my house and you have no say in it yet,  now get out!" she replied with her hands pointing at the door. 

"You can go to hell for all i care" Dara replied and walked angrily to the door. 

"One more thing" Mide said and Dara stopped, he had opened the outside door already. 

"This relationship is over!" she ordered

"Whatever!" Dara replied as he walked out and slammed the door. 

 Mide wept herself to sleep that night. She loved Darasimi with all her heart. She was ready to do anything just to keep him to herself but he slapped her!  Shuuu!  That was the needle that broke the Camel's back. She could take in anything a man does but not when he's abusive. She had heard a lot of stories about women in abusive relationships, she  just can't open her eyes and go into one.

She slept that night

 and had a dream.

In the dream, she saw herself driving a very expensive car. She was on a journey to an unknown destination to deliver a message. She had a GPS cause she didn't know where she was going to and was faithfully obeying the directions of the GPS. She needed someone to accompany her on this mission and there were a lot of people on the highway trying to wave her down to stop the car and pick them. She kept on going and when she got to a place  where 2 men stood, she stopped to see if one of them can accompany her. 

One of the men had a map that showed they were going in the same direction and the other man had a keg of petrol. She felt the man with the petrol would dent her car with his heavy load so she went for the second man with the map. She and the man was enjoying the journey till they got to a junction and the man told her to turn, cause that was what's written in his map. She insisted the GPS hasn't told her to turn yet and therefore she can't disobey it. The man got annoyed and got off the car and waited at the roadside for another car. 

It was at this point she  checked her fuel meter and realized she's short of it. She had just enough to take her back to where she left the other man with the keg of petrol but by the time she got there, the man had gone with another car. She couldn't continue her journey and regretted not going for the man with the petrol in the first place. She was still lamenting in the dream when she woke up. 

Mide was confused. She didn't know how to interpret it but she knew it has a very vital meaning and there's just one person she knows will understand it. She decided to go meet that person the following day.

©Toluwanimi odeniyi