A BMW C3 car manoeuvred at the front of a big duplex in one of the exclusive areas of Lagos. The driver hooted and a young man was seen peeping through a small hole in the gate. He recognized the car and quickly went to open the gate. 

"Ah Oga!" he hailed in his Hausa tone. 

"How are you Musa?" Dara replied with a smile as he drove into the compound. He stopped the car and looked beside him to see the confused look on Mide's face. 

"Why is your face like this?" he asked like he doesn't know the reason.

"Dara, where are we? I've been asking you  where we are going since we left my place and you have refused to answer me" she replied with a straight face. 

It's not as if she was really happy going out with him anyway. 

"Just calm down Ola" he said with a smile, showing off his gap teeth. It's been quite a while Mide saw him smile. His smile has a way of making her heart melt. "oh my god!,  not that captivating smile again" she thought. 

That smile alone is enough to make any anger go down. 

"This is the house of the couple who brought up the man that makes your heart go kedike" he said as he smiled again proudly. 

"What?! Your parents' house? I can't believe this" exclaimed Mide annoyingly. 

If there's one thing Mide hates, it's dressing wrongly for an occasion and so she hates surprises that come in that way. Dara didn't mention a word about where he is taking her to and she got into the problem of knowing what to wear. 

"Of course it is. Now get down and let's go inside" he said, without minding the expression on Mide's face. 

"Dara, you know i hate surprises like this. How do you expect me to go before your Mum looking as casual as this, like I'm just a school girlfriend" she blotted out angrily. 

She was putting on a yellow polo top on a black jean with yellow sandals with a black bag to match. She had always dreamt of the day she'd go visit Dara's family but she never hoped it'd be like this especially dressing so casually. 

"What's wrong with the way you are dressed?" Dara asked, looking at her from head to toe. They were still inside the car. 

"Oh, please Dara. I don't like this at all and you know it" 

"Listen Mide, we are going in now, I'm tired of this your endless nagging" he said as he got down from the car and went to the other side to open for her. He has always been romantic and that's one of the things Mide loved about him. He opened for her and Mide reluctantly got down from the car. 

"You don't want to go into your 'would-be-inlaw's house with that face" he said then he added, "besides, you are looking stunning and so beautiful" he complimented her as he held her hand and they both walked into the house.

Dara's family especially his dad welcomed her with open arms. Mide has never felt so much love from a family she's  meeting for the first time. She got into the house feeling so uncomfortable as she kept on checking herself but she later got entangled in the conversation she started with Dara's Dad. He's also a Doctor, a surgeon to be precise, so he and Mide had a lot of things to discuss.   Mide could already see herself as Mrs Olabanjo already and so also for the fact that her Dad will get along well with Dara's Dad since they are also both in the same field of work. 

  Dara's Mum too grew fond of Mide especially with her simple and casual way of dressing. 

 "You are so beautiful my dear" she said to her, smiling 

"Thank you ma" Mide replied with a smile.

 Mide spent the rest of her day with Dara's family. They got up to start leaving after Mide had tried all she could to send a lot of signals to Dara so they'd start going.  She left Desola in her house thinking she and Dara were going for a normal date like they used to. Desola has been calling and sending her a lot of messages telling her she wants to start going home and since she can't leave with Mide's house keys, she had to wait till they come back. 

Mide explained to Dara when she had the chance to and Dara assured her they will soon leave. That was 2 hours ago and with the look of things, Dara doesn't look like someone who would leave soon. Besides Dara didn't mention anything about them sleeping over. 

"Or is that also part of the surprise?" she thought, then instantly waved it off. She'd never sleep in her would-be-inlaw's house for the first time she's coming to visit them. She and Dara live and work within Lagos so there's no excuse. 

A part of Mide is actually happy Dara brought her to visit his parents. It's a sign that their wedding is around the corner and she wouldn't want to spoil his mood now that they are finally on good terms but she couldn't help but consider her friend. And as a journalist, she would have to be at work very early the following morning. 

  Dara got up when he couldn't take Mide's nagging anymore. She later subjected to sending him private messages whenever his parents or siblings are around. 

"We'd love to leave now Mum" he said, getting up

"Yes ma and we promise to come visit soon" Mide added as she also got up, smiling. 

"Alright my dear" his Mum replied with a smile. 

  The whole family saw them off to the car and Dara drove off. 

  Desola was already tired of waiting for Mide and so she sat down outside. It's already some minutes to 10pm when Dara drove into the compound. He and Mide didn't exactly have an exciting conversation on their way back. In fact Mide could sense something was wrong but she didn't have an idea what it could be. She apologized to Desola immediately she got out of Dara's car. 

"Desola, I'm deeply sorry for keeping you waiting" apologized Mide 

"Hurrrr it's okay. That's my punishment for not wanting to stand up from watching TV. I'd have gone home when you were going the other time but i didn't want to miss a part of that program" Desola replied, putting the blame on herself childishly. Mide laughed and was still laughing when Dara got out of the car. 

"We are sorry Desola" he apologized

"It's okay Dara, by the way how was the outing?" she asked, smiling 

"I'd give you the full gist when i see you tomorrow" Mide replied, giving her a wink. 

"okay oooh. See tomorrow then" she replied as she walked towards her car. 

"bye" Dara and Mide said

"Goodnight" Desola bade them as she entered her  car and drove out of the compound. 

 Dara entered the house angrily immediately Desola drove off. Mide doesn't know what's wrong and hoped to find out so she followed him. 

"Dara, what's wrong with you?" she asked immediately she got inside. He was already sitting on the sofa by the time she came in. He got up in a rage..........

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