Mide called Dara a day after he stomped out of her compound in a rage. She suddenly felt so bad for trying to push him into the marriage. According to her, that's been cheap so she made up with him and things went back to normal as usual. 

 Two weeks later, Mide was home enjoying her 2 days leave which happens to fall on a weekend. She was reading a book written by William L. Coleman titled 'Before the ring', a friend in church had given it to her a month before and she had never had time to really sit and read the book. She promised to start and finish the book during her leave. 

She was just in the first chapter of the book when Dara walked into her house with a captivating smile. 

"Dara??!" she exclaimed. She wasn't expecting him nor anyone. In fact, Dara didn't knock, he walked into the house like he's the sole owner. She couldn't help but wonder what the smile was all about. 

"Yeah, it's me!" Dara replied, still smiling. "You are the true daughter of your father" he said, sitting down with his legs crossed. 

"I don't understand" 

"Well, i wanted to surprise you at your work place but i was told you are on leave when i got there, you know i was hoping to find someone with you, because i didn't understand why you wouldn't tell me if you ain't planning to be with someone else but my mind kept telling me i could count on you" he explained confidently, not taking note of the expression on Mide's face.

"So now, you are tracking me?" she asked 

"Call it whatever you like. Anyway, its good you are even alone because i wouldn't have taken it lightly with you had it been i found someone here" he replied unapologetically. 

"Anyway, I'm surprised to see you" she said, waving off his sense of insecurity. Mide actually love it when her man is feeling a sense of ownership but Dara is doing it to a fault. Nevertheless, it's still manageable. "He will change after i become his wife" she always say. 

"So what have you come to do?" she finally asked, as she brought him a pack of pineapple juice and a glass cup. She served him and sat down on a cushion chair opposite him. 

"You are asking what i, your fiance has come to do in your house? Is there someone you are hiding?" he asked frankly and trying to look around like he's looking for something. 

"Dara, are you okay? How can you ask such a question?" Mide asked, looking so surprised he could ask such a question from her. She had always known him to be the jealous type though . 

"Well, if indeed there's nobody you are hiding. Go inside and change, i want to take you out" he ordered as he took his cup of juice to sip. 

"oops!  Dara, not today" Mide said, frowning. She knew she was really in it for a hot moment today. Dara never likes it when she goes against him in any issue.

"you mean?" he asked firmly, like he didn't hear her the first time. 

"Listen Dara, i planned spending all of my leave at home" she said calmly. If there's one thing Dara hates, it's her screaming at him. 

"At home doing what???!" he yelled. His cup was back on the small stool he took it from now. 

"Reading, Cleaning, Washing and getting enough rest before i resume back next week. You know it's been a while I've been pressing for this leave" she explained, not trying to sound rude.

"Mide, you mean you'd sacrifice my happiness for all these petty things you just mentioned?" he asked with his eyes fully enlarged, like his entire life totally depends on Mide going out with him that day. 

"Since when did your happiness has to do with me going out with you?" Mide asked curiously. 

Dara didn't answer her a word. He paused for a while like he's trying to digest what she has just said. He noticed he was going too far. He really loved Made and won't want to scare her off, now they are at the verge of getting married. 

"You said you are gonna be reading. All the 7 yrs you spent at school wasn't enough for you to read abi"  he asked rhetorically, but still with an authoritative tone. 

"Listen Dara, I'm not ready for a fight this morning because it's like that's what we do lately, If you'd notice when you came in, i was reading a book" she replied, sounding as polite as possible. She's not as gentle as that and Dara knows  but she knows how being submissive could be a key to win a man's heart.

"ehn ehn" he sized her  up with his big inviting eyes then looked all around the room searching for the book she mentioned. He found it, opened it and scanned through the pages before finally closing, then he flung it back to the chair and hissed. 

"is this the book you've been wasting your time reading" he asked mockingly 

"What do you mean wasting my time" 

"Well, i don't believe in all of these books people say they carry up and down in the name of reading. I believe the people writing them are only doing it for money. Bible is the only authentic spiritual book" he declared. "Thank God he even believes in the Bible" thought Mide

"i know, Dara and that's why the Bible is always their reference, their starting and ending point" argued Mide

"Oh please Ola. I don't care. Any other book called spiritual book apart from the Bible is fake to me. I don't care who the writer is" 

  Mide couldn't believe  Dara just said that. She has always seen him as a very strong Christian who takes spiritual books seriously. She couldn't believe she had known him for over 2 years and has never discovered this about him. She finally replied after taking some time to overcome her shock. 

"So in other words, the messages we listen to from great men of God are fake cause these people practically write what they preach" she said in defence. 

"If that's the case, why are they selling them? I believe spirituality should be a free gift and not by buying books that won't even have a positive effect on me" Dara said undauntedly then he continued, "Listen Mide, i really do not feel comfortable seeing you read all this meaningless books. You know they really have a way of manipulating someone's mind, like this one you said you are reading now" he picks up the book from where he flung it to.

 "before the ring: questions worth asking',  what's the author's concern with all of that? I'm sure some people will read this book now and go break up with their partner simply because he or she isn't fit for them according to the book, in fact the thought of you wasting your money on this worthless book is arrrrrg" he said, demonstrating him feeling irritated. 

Mide was just looking at him with contempt all the while Dara was talking. She was seeing an entirely new side of him.

"Shut up Dara!  Just shut up!" she yelled at him when she couldn't take it any longer.

"How dare you yell at me Ola?  How dare you? " Dara charged at her with his full self

"And again i say shut up! I'm so disappointed hearing all of these nonsense from you Darasimi. A whole child of God!" she said boldly, not minding his present state of mind. Now she is acting like the original Olamide Martins, the lady who can look any guy in the face and say anything to him. 

"Nonsense? You call all i said nonsense? Ehn Olamide, okay no problem" he said angrily as he walked out of her house. 

It's been a week Mide heard anything from Dara. She decided not to call nor ask for him, maybe he will come back to his senses with that. 

Desola, Mide's best friend saw no reason why Mide should still be in that relationship not after she told her about their previous disagreement but as usual Mide is ready to overlook it. 

"I'm getting outdated, don't you get it?" Mide replied after Desola asked if she had really thought it through concerning Dara.

"That's not the point Olamide. The point is, it he really God's plan for your life? I won't want you to get blinded by your quench for a married life that you overlook some very important things" advised Desola. 

"I've heard enough Desola. Can we continue playing our ludo now?" Mide said, feeling tired of the conversation already. Her friend is a complete sanguine, she talks a lot. Mide really enjoys her company because she tells her a lot of gists and Desola being a professional journalist always has something to say all the time but this time around Mide is so tired of her trying to talk her out of her relationship with Dara

"Hurrrr, now you want to continue abi after I've beaten you twice in a roll" mocked Desola. 

"Let me worry about that abeg" Mide replied as they both laughed.

©Toluwanimi Odeniyi