CHAPTER 10 (grand finale)

  They got to an exclusive restaurant, ordered for food and started talking. 

"So i heard you are engaged and getting married soon" Sammy suddenly said immediately they started eating 

"oooh, you heard!" Mide said shamefully. She didn't know how to break the news to him. "Well, yes i was" she finally replied. 

"Was?  What happened?" he asked curiously, then his phone rang and Mide could see from the screen that it's Bola.

"This Bola again!" she thought offensively 

Sammy received the call after excusing himself from Mide. He and Bola talked for a while. Mide couldn't even place her finger on what they were talking about despite talking in English, it was just like they were speaking in parables. Finall they finished and Sammy said "OK dear, take care of yourself"

"Dear! Again!" Mide lost all hope and buried her head in her arms. It was written visibly on her face that she has given up. 

"That was Bola......" Sammy said 

"Like i didn't know" Mide thought 

" cousin" Sammy finished 

"What?!" Mide exclaimed "Bola is your cousin?"

"Yes, you seem shocked"

"ooh, not really. Just surprised" , that was an understatement. Mide was happy!!!

She heaved a sigh of relief with a silent prayer  of thanksgiving.

"So what happened between you and Dara?" Sammy pressed further. 

"Well, i wouldn't like to talk about it now" she replied 

"It's okay. Well, the main reason why i brought you here is to ask you what i asked like 2years ago but since it's like you will still go back to Dara, it's fine......we can always talk about something else" Sammy said softly  

"Eeehn, what's this brother saying again bayii? Go back to Dara nibo" thought Mide. Sammy was already closing the chapter, she needs wisdom now to let him go back to it without her sounding desperate. 

"So how is work?" Sammy asked 

"Uhmmm Sammy, in accordance to what you asked 2years back. I'm so sorry for turning you down then but..........." she paused and closed her eyes. In a flash, she remembered all she had gone through before humbling herself before God and she started weeping. 

"I'm sorry Sammy, i thought i was smart but little did i know i was the greatest fool" She said with tears, her eyes were still closed. She opened it to see Sammy down on one knee with a diamond ring case. 

"Olamide Martins, will you give me the honor of becoming my wife?" he said, with a smile. 

  Mide couldn't believe it. She just opened her mouth filled with amazement. She knelt down with him, in tears.

" Yes, i'd marry you" she said, still crying. 

  The whole crowd jeered happily. A crowd had formed immediately Sammy got down on one knee with the ring. Some brought out their phones to capture and record the moment even when nobody asked them to. 

Sammy smiled and removed the ring from the case and placed it on Mide's middle finger.  They both got up and Sammy hugged her. The crowd jeered more and congratulated them. 

  Sammy and Mide, now engaged went straight to their Pastor's house. Immediately Mide got out of the car, she started screaming and shouting

 "Mummy! Mummy! " she ran into the house and straight into the kitchen, she saw Pst Mrs and embraced her

"Mummy you said it! You said it! You said all will be well" she said repeatedly. Pst Mrs was just smiling. She understood her. 

"I said Yes! Mummy, i said yes" Mide continued, then bursted into tears of joy. Pst Mrs cried with her, Sammy joined them and Pst Mrs prayed for them before they left. 

   Six months later, Mide got married to Sammy. It was the happiest day of her life, someone else was happy that day like Mide too. Desola! 

During their courtship period, Mide realized Sammy has just the same quality she had desired in Dara. He's romantic oooo!!! Kilode!. Even Dara can't beat him when it comes to pampering a woman. They both had a blissful courtship period solidified with fasting and prayer. They went to Paris for their honeymoon. 

Lest i forget, Desola is also engaged to Tomiwa, a fervent child of God who resides in Abuja and they are getting married soon too.

 Just before i drop my pen, let's quickly see what happened to Darasimi Olabanjo. 

 A year after Mide and Sammy got married. Mide was heavily pregnant and was home one Friday evening when her husband came in from work. Mide stood up to greet him with a peck and collected his briefcase. 

"i hope you enjoyed your day dear" she asked as she offered him a cup of cold water.

"oh yes, i did" he replied as he took the cup from her. "and i saw something very interesting in the papers too. I haven't read it though, just the front page alone. Bought it on my way home" he said after drinking and requested for a refill. 

"oh really, what's it about?" Mide asked curiously 

Sammy handed over the newspaper to her. 

Mide was taken aback at what she saw on the front page of the newspaper. It says

"Darasimi Olabanjo, a business tycoon murdered his wife of 6 months in cold blood!!! Trial to begin next week this the end of the Olabanjos???"

 Mide couldn't close her mouth after reading the headline. Her phone suddenly rang, it's Desola, she's also married and based in Abuja with her husband. 

"Have you heard about Dara?" she asked after they both exchanged pleasantries 

"Yes, i just read the headlines now. SH bought the newspaper on his way back from work" Mide replied. She calls her husband SH (sweetheart).

"Hmmmmm, just imagine if you had gotten married to that monkey. He never stopped the business of abusing women. I heard he beat the poor lady to death. I just thank God for your life Mide" Desola said

"Me too ooo. I thank him for delivering me"

"Yes oo. Anyway, extend my greetings to Sammy" Desola said 

"I will. Greet Tomiwa for me too"

"Alright bye"

"Bye" Mide said as she dropped the call. She looked at the paper again and sighed.

"These are the oranges you told me to buy for you MMR (my missing rib)" Sammy said immediately Mide dropped the call. 

"Oh, thanks olowo ori mi" Mide said, smiling as she went and give him a hug.