"Wait ooh, are you trying to tell me Dara hasn't said anything about the disagreement you had last week? " Desola asked with her hands akimbo and her lips pressing against each other. She was sitting on a sofa in the well furnished sitting room of her childhood friend Olamide and suddenly charged up when Mide mentioned something about Dara, Mide's fiance of 2years. 

"oh-oh-oh" Mide groaned, "Just sit down Desola, is that why you now got up like you just heard Osama Bin Laden is dead" She said sarcastically, then continued. 

"Listen Desola, I've known Dara for over 2 years and our relationship is going to 2 years now and i know he's not gonna apologize 'cause he sees nothing wrong with it".

"He's sees nothing wrong in going against you reading a spiritual book? Wait Mide, are you supporting him? " asked Desola with an unbelievable tone. 

"of course not, that was what led to our disagreement 'cause we started arguing. He said the Bible is the only spiritual book he supports, and that people who writes are only doing it for money, so he can't waste his money and time reading it. I got so angry to the extent that i asked him to shut up" Mide said, with anger written all over her face.

"Hmmmmmm" Desola sighed

"Well, i know he will come back to his senses after marriage though"

"Are you sure?" Desola asked with a warning tone. 

"Why that tone ehn Desola?" she asked offensively 

"I thought you said he's a Christian"

"Of course he is. He's a member of the choir in his church and from a good Christian family too. You know he jokes alot, I'm sure he didn't mean all he said last week"

"and how about this issue of him not asking of you just because of the disagreement

"You know men na Desola. They respect their ego more"

"hmmmmmmm" Desola sighed heavily "I want to ask you something Mide"

"okay, go on" replied Mide as she listened with rapt attention. She had finished the pineapple juice she was taking and just  had a refill inside her cup. 

"Are you sure you have thought this through? Hmmmm" Desola asked with a very concerned look. 

"aha! Desola how could you be asking me this? I've been with this guy for close to 2 years now. I just can't afford to throw all that away. It's not even possible ni! Aah!  I'd rather endure anything he does now with faith that he will change" Mide replied confidently. 

"Hmmmmm okay o, if you say so" Desola replied as she shrugged her shoulders and continued sipping her juice. 

   Olamide Martins is a promising, beautiful and a very attractive lady. She has a very good job, a car and an apartment of her own. To the world, she's living a very perfect life. She is a medical doctor by profession and spent all her youthful years in school. She never had a substantial time for relationships throughout her years in school. She's her Father's favorite because she's the only one among her 3 other siblings who chose to go in the medical line like her Dad. She had always been a strong-willed child, just like her Dad. Apart from the fact that her physical features are the same with her Mum, it's so difficult to say she's the child of her Mother because character-wise, they are poles apart. This is also one of the reasons her father loved her so much because she resembles her mother to a fault. Tall, Light-skinned, Plumpy and very beautiful. 

 Just like nobody's perfect, Olamide is the only unmarried child of her parents. Even her kid sister is married with one child and based in the United States with her husband. This has been the major point of discussion between her and her Mum anytime she goes to visit. 

So this prompted Olamide to make sure she gets married before the end of the year. 

She met Dara at a church program she was invited to, organized for youths and young adults. The guest minister, a great woman of God made a joke about Church Brothers opening their eyes and seeing the sisters around. Dara, like the other brothers did the same and saw Mide, he couldn't get his eyes off her right from that moment, he only managed to when Mide started feeling uncomfortable. He went to meet her after the program and they talked for a while before they exchanged phone numbers. They later became good friends and when Dara came 6 months later, telling her he's convinced she's his wife, she couldn't afford to say No. Dara is just her type of man, focused, a child of God, tall, dark and handsome. They've been courting for almost 2 years now and Mide had never seen any reason why Dara can't be her husband. Mide actually wanted the wedding to commence as early as possible but Dara kept on giving reasons why it can't be. 

"But why Dara? Why can't we go on with this wedding, we've finished the church marriage counseling. Why can't we go on?" Mide asked him one Sunday evening. They had just come back from an outing and Dara had come to drop her at her place and seeing her off to her door. 

"Let's not rush things Olamide. I still need some time to prepare where we will be living after this wedding" he replied, putting his two hands on her shoulders. 

"But we both have a job. I believe we should prepare together and not just you alone" Mide objected, removing his hands on her shoulder. 

"Listen I'm a man okay? And i do things my way. Besides i'd soon be your head so let me the one providing and not the other way round" Dara replied authoritatively.

"I'm not saying i'd do it alone. I just want to help y.......

"Just shut up Mide!" snapped Dara. "in fact good night" said Dara as he pecked her and left.

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