“Hello, who am I speaking with?" “Hello, this is Mrs. Williams and I want to speak with Mr. Kunle Orisabode."

Shade shouted in excitement.

"Aunt Kemi, longtime. I have missed you. You haven’t checked up on us for a while. How are you and the children? What of uncle, hope he is good as well?" Shade was so excited to hear her aunt’s voice that she didn’t even give her the time to answer all her questions.

"Everyone is fine Shade and how did you know I was the one calling?" Aunt kemi said. “And hope everyone over there is fine as well?"

“I can’t forget your voice. Remember we were very close before you travelled out of the country with your family. And yes, we are all fine.” She replied.

“My family and I will be coming to visit you all next week. So, tell your mum and dad to prepare.” Aunt Kemi said.

"No problem aunt, I will tell them”, Shade replied and hurriedly dropped the phone.  Shade was really excited to hear her favorite aunt’s voice in a longtime.  “Everybody, Aunt kemi and her family are coming to visit us next week”, Shade screamed round the house with so much excitement and joy in her voice.

Shade jumped around the whole house throughout the day shouting: “Aunt Kemi is coming to visit us. After seven years. I just can’t wait to see her. I have missed all the chocolates and clothes she always gets me before she travelled out." Shade said.

Mrs. Orisabode, Shade’s mother has been busy since the day Shade told them her sister-in-law and her family are coming to visit them. She didn’t like her sister-in-law that well because she opposed her getting married to her brother, Shade’s dad. But due to the fact that he loved her so much, that was why aunt Kemi accepted her. Each time aunt Kemi wants to visit, Shade’s mum always prepared at least five different kind of meals and always cleans the entire house three times a day.

Mrs. Orisabode always made sure aunt Kemi doesn’t find any fault in her because she wants her to like her just the way she is.

This is the third day Shade had informed the entire house Aunt Kemi would be visiting and they haven’t heard anything from them. But that didn’t stop Shade’s mum from cleaning the house three times in a day and still prepares five different kinds of meals.

"Mummy, we don’t know the exact day aunt Kemi would be coming. So why are you still giving yourself all these stress?" Tunde, Shade’s elder brother asked.

“Haa, please let me do my things like this because I don’t know exactly when they would come and I don’t want it to be surprising."

“You know your aunt. She can come and say she is hungry and there is nothing to give her then she starts shouting. Please I don’t want that”, she replied.

Mrs. Orisabode didn’t stop cleaning and preparing the meals as usual even though two weeks had gone by without any call or word from aunt Kemi.

They had cleaned the guest room and changed the entire look of the room with new curtains, bedspreads, wall painting and even got a new television set and cable for the room just for their coming. Shade worked the work of her entire life by helping her mum each day in cleaning the room because of dust and preparing the meals as well. “Shade, are you sure aunt Kemi told you they would be coming to visit us?" Her mother asked.

“Yes, she said so and I don’t know why they haven’t arrived for the past two and a half weeks." Shade replied.

The anticipation of aunt Kemi and her family’s visit was so taken seriously that Shade’s dad even got cartons of drinks just for them.

“I still can’t believe Kemi and her family are coming to visit. For the past seven years, I can’t wait to see them again.” He said.

“It’s been over a month and we haven’t seen or heard from aunt Kemi”, Tunde said.

“I just hope they are fine and nothing bad had happened to them while coming”, Shade interrupted.

“Why will you say such evil thing, Shade?" Her mother shouted and walked towards her father who was outside in the balcony reading the newspaper.

“Dear, won’t you call your sister and her family and find out what happened that we haven’t seen or heard from them for the past one month?" She said.

“I have tried calling her and her husband but their numbers haven’t been going through”,he replied.

“I just hope they are fine?" She said.

For the last one month, Shade’s mum had been cleaning and cooking but all to a waste and then she decides, maybe Shade didn’t hear aunt Kemi well that she got so excited and told everyone she would be coming.

"Shade, I hope aunt Kemi told you she would be visiting or you just didn’t hear what she said well?" “Haaa, mum, I heard what she said. And she said she would be visiting”, she replied.

“I don’t think they would be coming anymore because I know aunt Kemi, she always keep to her word”, Shade’s mum said.

“Maybe”, Shade replied.

Mrs. Orisbode had already gone back to her daily routine and had stopped all the special treatment cleaning and cooking she had been doing for the past one month. “Thank God aunt Kemi isn’t coming again, I have rest and peace of ...”

Just before she could conclude her sentence, she heard a knock on the door.

“Shade, go and check who it is at the door”, she shouted.

“Aunt Kemi, Aunt Kemi. Everybody, aunt Kemi is here with her family.” Shade shouted as she hugged her aunt with so much joy.

“Aunt, you told us you would be visiting since a month ago, what happened?" She asked.

“Where is your mum and dad first before you start questioning me?"

Shade’s mother’s heart skipped a beat when she heard shade shouting aunt Kemi is here. She didn’t know what else to do, she was just fidgeting like someone who has been asked to surrender either her money or her life. She moved to the kitchen and then to the room. She was so disorganized and didn’t notice her husband staring at her and calling her name.

“My dear, my dear, my dear!” He shouted.

As she was about to turn towards his direction, she fell to the floor and lost consciousness. They all rushed her to the hospital.

At the hospital, Shade’s mother was still lying unconscious on the bed receiving treatment. 

“She has been stressing herself too much and needs a lot of rest”, the doctor said.

“Yes doctor. All the stress she has been going through was all  because of my aunt that called us that she would be coming and my mum has been working herself day and night for the past one month just to satisfy my aunt”, Tunde said.

“When she didn’t see her for a month, she decided to take a break since my aunt won’t be coming anymore but she suddenly heard a knock on the door today and started panicking because she thought everything she had arranged for my aunt’s coming had been ruined and didn’t know where to start from”, Shade added.

Aunt kemi was in a great shock. She didn’t believe Shade’s mum would do all these just to please her. She started crying while she was telling her to forgive her for not liking her at first and for always maltreating her each time she visited and didn’t know she had gone through a lot just for her coming.

“Thank you, ma.” Aunt Kemi said.

“I did all that just because I love you and because I wanted you to accept me as your brother’s wife”, Shade’s mother said.

“Wow! That is so thoughtful of you, ma. And I admire your courage and love towards my wife even though you knew she doesn’t like you.” Mr. Williams, Aunt Kemi’s husband, who had been watching the scene said.

"I am so happy the both of you can sort out your differences and learn to love each other”, Shade’s dad said.

Aunt Kemi went over to Shade’s mum, where she was laying and hugged her.


©Tomi Owoborode