Texter Eps73

Timmy was left struggling in a dim light room. The guy on his right fastened his hands and feet to an arm chair as the other guy made the task easy. When they were done. The guy in the right pulled off the veil and his first sight was taking off in pain as he felt a power fist hit him at the side of his head.  

He groaned in pain but the arm chair kept him from reaching the ground. 

He looked up and he smiled. The figure standing at the end of the room was the one he had always wanted to see. The very reason why he was there. 

"I came to talk." Timmy said after a stiff grunt. 

"I don't negotiate with fraudsters." Dura said. His hair was gray, so was his moustache, it was gray. 

He had a brown eyes with small lips that looked like it was twisted to the side. He moved closer till he felt he could look Timmy in the eyes and maintain a contact. 

"You gave me Jimmy and you came back to deliver him. I knew this was the trait in the cash family. Fraud. Can't you guys just keep to your words for a second. For goodness sake, you signed a warrant I have the right to kill you now without facing no jail term..." 

"I came here to talk." Timmy blotted,  preventing Dura from ranting any further. He tightened his fist in anger and when he made a release, his boys descended on Timmy and they kept flinging fist at him till he yelled "Stop."

The young boy smiled, with blood surging off his lips and blood dripping off his nose.

"I would make things easy for you with me if you give me the woman you hold captive and you tell me what you want." Timmy said firmly. That word drew a smile on Dura's face. He felt interested all of a sudden and soon he was spilling his heart.  

"I want the whole of your family dead. Everyone of you... I want all of you dead. Yes! I want you all dead. You know that kind of joy." Dura raised his hands in demonstration. 

"Wish granted if you can try. But first, I would like you to free... " The punch came for his stomach at the gesture of Dura and not long after Dura's phone rang. 

He picked it up and he frowned after he had gotten the message. 

"I guess you thought you could be faster. You delivered those flowers to her so when you come knocking with my name it would be easier for her to open. You want her save right? I moved way too fast. I got her before you." Timmy explained. 

"Where the hell did you keep her." Dura yelled. It was glaring that he was on a rage. 

That was the right nail Timmy made a hit over. He caught Dura on the throat and he watched the old man pace the room with a confused mind. That was his cousin missing. His ego won't let him go and he was ready to bow to no one. It came in later that the guy who walked away from the apartment minutes before this man came in was Timmy. Dura doubted until he received a picture later via mail. His jaw dropped and he walked back to Timmy. He touched him on his shoulder and he smiled. 

"How smart can you play the game."

"Smarter than you can ever imagine." Timmy said looking up. 

"Boss! You need to check this out." A man walked in with a Laptop whose lid was slightly inclined. 

It was a video of Shade (Dura's cousin) held behind a knife. He was hit on the head and she was hunted with a gun. 

"Where do you have her." Dura asked, a change in his tone. The look on Timmy face wasn't the easy one. 

"Talk to them." Timmy replied. 

Dura laid the Laptop on a table nearby and he called for an earphone.

He asked for a chair and one was brought close. 

He looked at the led screen. He smiled as he managed to shield his fear. 

"Let her go." He said. 

The masked guy who had the gun pointed at Shade and moved closer to the cam.

"Let him go first." The mask guy said. 

Dura frowned. He took his hands across his chest and he nodded negatively. 

"You want him." he pointed at Timmy, "and I want her." 

"Tell me your address and..." he stopped, looking up. 

The trick to distract him worked. 

Timmy was out of bond and with his foot off the ground he flipped himself on his back, crashing into the floor with the wooden chair. 

The first guy who came close was sent off into the ground in panic. 

Timmy had done a quick count and his main focus was on the men who had the gun. He took off the broken chair and he flung it at the guy at the door who already had his gun pointed. 

He moved swiftly across the room and he threw himself at Dura. His goal was to get close and prevent Dura's man from taking him out easily. 

He reached Dura's gun. One attempt to pull it out went null and he had his face slammed into the ground. He got up quickly grabbing Dura on the feet. He pulled him and he shielded his face against the punch coming from Dura, and in a flick he stole Dura's gun. 

"Let's stop the joke." Timmy said, pointing the gun at Dura, blood on the corner of his lips as he managed to get up to his feet. 

"Smart one." Dura said with a smile. 

"I want all your men out so we can talk." 

Dura motioned his men to use the elevator and once it began it's jerky ascent, Timmy had the Elevator locked. 

"Don't kill my Niece." Dura begged as Timmy made him go on his knees. He had been searched and everything on himself had been collected. 

"I might be the perfect scammer but I only spill blood by mistake." Timmy raised his gun, he pointed it at first and he shot him on the arm. He watched the old man wallow in pain then he went for the phone and he dialed a line. 

"Shoot her left arm." He said and he placed the phone on loud speaker. It was hard for him but he had to move this way to get result. 

The gun shot came off from the other side like with an echo and the thin voice of a girl came off from the background. 

"Stop!!!" Dura yelled. 

Timmy looked down at him with a deadly smile. 

"I will tell you where she is. Just tell me where my niece is." Dura tried leading a negotiation.

"Shoot her right arm." Timmy said with his lips close to the phone's mouth piece. 

Gun shot came off again and Dura closed his eyes in pain. 

"She is in my bunker." Dura finally said. Timmy nodded and he dropped the gun. 

"Let her go." Timmy said to the phone and he smiled, ending the call. 

"Thanks for telling me where she is," he said to Dura.

"Your niece is fine and untouched. The whole sound was staged. But it would be real if I reach the bunker you speak of and I don't meet my mother in there. Get up" 


Martin led the prayers for the family union. and with a full house of loved ones no one would have planned for anything to go wrong. 

They all were happy on seeing each other and the noise couldn't have been killed. 

Jimmy and Mary were missing. Both having special time away to themselves. That apart, they had not fully recovered from the injury they had incurred. 

Martin dropped his glass with his wife and he made it away for the young boy who now had every right to be called a man. He was right beside Anita who looked like a girl who just finished fourth grade. 

Timmy spotted his grandfather and he left all that he was doing. 

They walked away like where no one would be able to eavesdrop like they had a talk no one must hear.  

"I would really have to say thank you for saving this family." Martin said. He ran his tongue quickly across his lips and he beamed. 

"Yeah I know." Timmy replied. His eyes was blot shot from less sleep and he looked like he wasn't ready to give up on working hard. 

"You said you were clearing all scam records. That's a huge thing for making Seaside a better house hold name, it would also be a plus for the reputation." 

"I know!" Timmy replied with a sheepish smile. He let out of his funky leather jacket a folded document and he entrusted it to Martin. 

"What's that?" Martin asked. 

"From Dura. This would stop him from touching anyone of us. It's a signed oath." 

Martin sighed as he studied the documents. 

"Your father must be so proud of you."

"Yes Mr father. How is he." Timmy sighed. 

"He didn't tell you heis away to India for surgeries. He has to fix his face." 

"The bills wasn't on me so I don't know."

"It's a good one. All this you did. I never expected the whole scamming thing to go down without holding sea side." Martin said. 

Timmy looked away and he smiled. 

He looked back and his eyes caught the people in the hall. 

"You invited some commissioners?"

" Yes I did. Anything worth doing is worth doing well. Clean the records and let everyone know it's over." 

"Thanks." Timmy said. He left Martin and moved over to the podium. The lady there was ready to hand over the mic. He took it from her and he faced the people in the hall. 

The commissioners, Judges and High Profile Individuals who had been friends and foe of seaside were in there amidst family and  associates. They were all present. 

He summoned up his courage, and he whisked into the mic. 

"I really want to thank you all for coming out here. I appreciate the spare time. Thanks you." 

The crowd cheered him and he nodded. 

"Thank you. This is the dawn for a new Seaside." He added as he touched his chin with his finger and his eyes searched for Anita.